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Arrive watches! – Project 001 Watches

marzo 30, 2020


Hello, how are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTv here. Today is a great day. We started a new series, web series watches.

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  • 1 Draft watches
  • 2 Define the domain
  • 3 Creating architecture web3.1 What are items 3.2 First level: the most important level of this site will be Second level transaccionales3.3 categories. When these categorías3.4 entrecruzamos Third level: The productos3.5 Let’s see where the shots go
  • 3.1 What are items?
  • 3.2 First level: the most important level of this site will be transactional categories
  • 3.3 Second level. When entrecruzamos these categories
  • 3.4 Third level: 3.5
  • products
  • Let’s see where the shots


  • 3.1 What are items?
  • 3.2 First level: the most important level of this site will be transactional categories
  • 3.3 Second level. When entrecruzamos these categories
  • 3.4 Third level: 3.5
  • products
  • Let’s see where the shots go



In this first video we will make an introduction of the project.

This eCommerce will not be like a TSA, but it will take some things from it. This eCommerce will be to the Nth degree. We will optimize everything that can be optimized and more.

Define the domain

Here I wanted to kill two or three birds with one stone. I took the domain


  • domain is an exact match domain EMD for watches. It allows me to do a combination of words first level, second incredible level.

SEO course 100% free.

  • Create an optimized web SEO
  • Increase your traffic with secure passive strategies
  • Earn money with it
  • Because I want to make sure that the .fit and any other domain of geolocated of new TLDs positioned as a. com.
  • watches fit is that it is a one keyword. Club was looking clocks, watches pro, everything, but it has to fit watches searching, I think they are 400-odd, so watches fit is a keyword itself.

If you get links, if generated or created, we can use the exact URL and if we use the keyword, I may be the home position for that keyword.

architecting the web

In this project I will explain many things at the level of architecture and logic web URLs.

The first step we always take is define the items on the web. Because if we know the items, you can assign an importance within the project. From there we articulate them to be in the best possible configuration, to attract more traffic, so you can make better, etc.

This is something that not many people have in mind when starting a project.

What are items?

are the different configurations of each of the elements that has this web .

For example,

‘home’ would be a single item, the categories are another item, a product is another sheet item, the post of inbound to attract a different type of item, the ‘home’ of the blog would be another item. O static pages, contact type, etc. surely end up being thin content, and we’ll see if we index or capamos by robots.

As you have already asked me a few times on the budget crawl, touch it surely here.

Once the items have clear, create a hierarchy.

That hierarchy is allowing us according to the importance of these items, assign a position or another, optimization or another, configuration or another.

The importance can be assigned to an item is summarized in:

  • traffic: the items that more traffic we can bring
  • conversion: the pages that will give us more money because they are going to sell.

As I see better store items are positioned today to conversion level are the categories.

already did in the TSA- commerce, that the strategy was based on position categories.

Why? Because

categories today, with the theme of WordPress and WooCommerce, the can be configured as if they were a post and give them a pseudofantástica configuration with h1, h2, content.

also have interaction with users and convert, because you have a list of products, you click, strips forward, back back to look at another product …

are pages that have a lot of power when position.

First level: the most important level of this site will be transactional categories

As we have a cheap Premium domain because it was on sale, we can get great keywords. is a perfect keyword, URL perfect to position the keyword «watches man» or «woman watches» which is one of the most important you can have this project.

How to use 99.9% of the stores that are well made of eCommerce these URLs to put man or brand if …? How to organize the categories?

make them like Concentric.

The first would include all products, the following subcategory included within that and so on.

What do you mean?

For example: first level – man.

Zalando what it does is put / man / because all watches are male or female or unisex or whatever. And then put the mark. It would:

/ man / lotus /

This is the landing that may have Zalando or any other web SEO keyword optimized for man watches lotus.

This is fine, but not the best, is not the Olympus of URLs for this keyword position. – We’ll get to the second nivel.-

Something I want to show is that in this sector in particular brands have many searches .

Lotus Watches: Casio 22KRelojes: 22K

A hierarchy level this is super important .

I do not want to hang followed by man – / male / lotus / -, I want you to hang from the root –

To do this we will create categories which will be Lotus. And with this we will have a better page for Lotus watches Zalando because theirs is .- / man / lotus / – and in our case – -.

Keyword exact – «watches lotus» -.

Buenísimo, yes. But this has some problems, and for that we are here to solve them.

second level. When entrecruzamos these categories

Stores like Zalando have it easy, – / male / lotus / -, there you have the perfect URL for this but we want to go a little further.

problem we encountered.

That WooCommerce – this is WordPress + WooComerce- you create a pretty bad URL. What would you subcategories creates a – /categoría-producto/…./…

And this (category-product) bothers me a lot.

There is a small hack, you have discovered our hacker Pauhackanellas, which in permalinks , where it says / category-product / if put a point Your eliminates ,

/ category-product (.) /

So now we would only URL typical Zalando if we had done its structure – / male / lotus /

But it turns out, things of life, the keyword that has more searches for that keyword is not » man watches lotus «, which would make sense with that of concentric categories, if not» man watches lotus «. And there we have already complicated the picture.

What can we do with this?

apply the technique of the TSA me explain in the video. Create a page with the URL – / lotus-man /

Here we have also the best combination for second-level keywords because it would

Perfect, is the keyword that more searches have, is the combination that more searches have and what you need to do is 301 redirect url – / category-product / … to – / lotus-man /

and that’s it. We have solved the second level. We have a fantastic URLs.

Third level: Products

is, watches.

and how we sell watches that are worth a lot, this time we are not going to put index no, we will generate content. Each of these watches 10,000, 20,000 euros … sell it as one we’re going to take a good commission, a text deserve.

We will create SEO optimized texts . I repeat that this video is introductory, I’m not going into detail. This is the ‘overall scope’. You’ll see in depth that is what we will do.

Let’s see where the shots go


Most stores what it does is it puts you products at the first level.

but what if we – / male / lotus-model …

would have many URLS with content that are trying to position for a keyword which is very similar to Lotus watches and would enter cannibalizations.

best thing that could happen in this case is that the lotus clocks are hung index of….

Because hierarchy level are already at a level back, they will not make the same competition as if they were in the transactional category.

Problems, WooCommerce you can not do that, in terms of SEO as I already said is not good. That’s what we are.

will generate a unique URL hanging all of this URI, / product / (item name) and all watches shop would end up with a URL that would….

And that is not cool. I do not want to hang me this unique URLs of different brands of the same URI. what I want is to hang the Lotus of the lotus , the Casio of the casio, and are second level, not behind the product.

We do the same as before. You’re going to permalinks product and where it says you stick the symbol :

% product_cat% and then the URI remaining to put the name of the title.

In this way these items will have a unique URL that hang from – / lotus /. And will like’re in, and transactional category that you click on a lotus redirects you to watch because – / lotus / … In man will watch all brands.

In this way we will have a unique URL and web architecture level will be perfect . Lotus hang from the folder Lotus, combinations of second-tier keyword are perfect, the content is hierarchical.

Perfect everything!

This is the general idea of ​​the project we will do. is now online and as go watching will be nicer.

the Chao!

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