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Chat online stores: increase the commitment of your users

febrero 2, 2020


Have a live chat ( «Live Chat») in an online store provides a additional means of communication to the users who visit and want to resolve any questions about the store, the product or the conditions of purchase and shipping.

Surely enable an online chat opens a way to increase sales online store and get the satisfied stay user not only for the product or services purchased, but a good general impression is carried to the treatment received and want to return to buy in the future.

However, install and activate a chat in online stores, by itself, it is not enough to improve the dynamics of the online store, but we must adopt a set of guidelines to optimize its operation, with the greatest possible impact on Store benefits.

A online chat is a tool and as such, we must use it properly to get the most out. Not only that using it incorrectly can even get the opposite effect to the one desired.

In this sense, the live chat can become a very useful tool to increase commitment (engagement) of users with our online store; ie not only purchase our products or services, but to create an emotional bond to repeat purchase and become repeat customers.

In this article, we focus on this aspect of the engagement of users, what it is, how we can intervene in it and, specifically, how to use chat online stores to increase and transform users regulars and loyal customers.

Table of Contents

  • What is engagement (commitment) users? Factors affecting the engagement of users Is it effective to use live chat to increase engagement?
  • Factors affecting the engagement of users
  • Is it effective to use live chat to increase engagement?
  • How to increase the engagement of an online store with live chat Make (very) visible banner live chat be available 24 hours a day actively involved to provide assistance to the user
  • Make (very) visible the banner of the live chat
  • be available 24 hours a day
  • actively involved to provide assistance to the user
  • directly contact the recurring users to predict when more staff needed
  • Predicting will be when more staff needed
  • Conclusions
  • be factors affecting the engagement of users
  • is it effective to use live chat to increase engagement?
  • Make (very) visible banner live chat
  • be available 24 hours a day
  • actively involved to provide assistance to the user
  • Predicting when more staff needed

be What is the engagement (commitment) users?

The engagement or commitment of users measures if they find value in a product or service. The engagement can be measured by a variety or combination of activities such as downloads, clicks, purchases made, etc.

In general, engaged users with a high rate of engagement, provide greater benefits, provided that their actions are linked to tangible results such as purchases, repeat purchases, recurring visits or clicks that can be measured objectively.

‘s commitment to users is directly related to the overall profitability of the website. Users spend their time and turn their attention to that, whether a product, service or website in particular, they consider that can give them value.

Increase time commitment and dedication of users allows websites and online stores increase their profits, either selling products, services or subscriptions.

The benefit is not only direct. Users engaged are more likely to buy and share the product or service to friends, acquaintances and through social networks, so that online or website store gets a broadcast that otherwise would have been very difficult and costly do.

Factors affecting the engagement of users

There is no single definition or analysis of the commitment of the user of a web site or online store. Although we have specific metrics, such as daily active users, bounce rate, time spent or even comments from a post, ultimately the commitment always depends on the business model of the web site or online store.

Thus, a commitment to high user through visits or clicks might be good for a news website, but not for an online store, where a high number of visits would suggest that reach many users, but if not materialize a purchase, means that come expecting to find something that is not what actually provides the online store.

So first of all we must assess what factors directly involved in the commitment to the user are, and act in this regard to improve the supply of our website or online store:

Discover what brings value to users.

What we users find valuable? Is it a product, a certain variation of the product? We must meet users track their movements within the website and analyze their behavior, in what is called as the customer experience or «customer journey».

Each type of website will have different aspects to be evaluated. Thus, for a news site, users can find value in feeling informed at the same time. For an online store, the products meet certain characteristics (such as price, materials, durability, etc.).

We must identify these key moments and make timely changes to the website to provide the product or service that users love.

Improved usability of the website.

We’ve mentioned several times: the basis of all good compromise is a good product or service. To this must be added the usability of the website, as perhaps the most important factor to increase user engagement.

Users want to find simple and effective web pages, and often seek alternatives until they find one that meets your needs and demands. A

analyzing the user navigation through the website and identify why users leave prematurely, we find and solve usability problems.

An ecommerce store, for example, might find that a significant number of users leave when they reach the payment page. A detailed analysis can clarify that users prefer not having to create a mandatory account.

In this case, as a possible solution could be to add an option to buy pay as a guest, and use other tactics to get that user signs up (and then continue the process of increasing its commitment).

Educate users, especially new.

users’ interests change and evolve over time. New users often are still forming their first impressions and try to find the value to the website and its offer.

can help both new users and veterans showing only the most relevant actions of the website in the foreground, so that additional options not intimidate new users, but allowing them available for advanced users.

For all new users, the time after logging is a major obstacle that can make them desist continue the visit or purchase on the website if you do not manage properly.

An example is those websites and online stores that, for new users, show small pop-pointing and explaining that you can do on the web site and suggestions how to navigate.

In this regard, chatting online shopping can also be a valuable tool, because being always available, the user feels wrapped knowing that if you have a question or lost among the options, there will be someone who solve it in a few minutes.

communicate with users

Instead of «guess» or «infer» what they want or seek users can also directly ask users what they want or how they want it. Often more advanced users have a number of recommendations and suggestions based on their experience and interests.

Whether through online surveys, contact them by email or by providing a means of interaction, we know much more through the contribution of a few users by analyzing the behavior and navigation of thousands of users.

Is effective use live chat to increase engagement?

are not really aware of how many customers leave to get an online store daily. And the main reason is their inability to provide real-time support to the user, becoming the key commitment as consumers seek effective and easy ways to get the answers they need.

The live chat is a great technology to gain an advantage in terms of commitment to the user remain competitive in the niche of the online store and convert into buyers to users interested in your product or service.

The following statistics reveal the clear, how can impact a live chat well managed in running an online store:

  • 68 percent of visitors to an online part store live chat and 63 percent of them will return to the website that offers live chat for a repeat purchase.
  • 38 percent of online users store e-commerce make their purchase during the live chat.
  • live chat increases conversions by more than 20%.

not deploy chat online stores we will lose all these benefits, especially the first, crucial factor of commitment of a user, and the last, sell more.

How to increase the engagement of an online store with live chat

We have seen that to get a good engagement of users, first of all is to have a product or products that add value to the user.

However, where necessary, is not sufficient in an online store, get a high number of sales. Here is where we introduce techniques, strategies, tactics and / or tools that, on the basis of a great product or service, increase engagement get an online store.

Factors that may affect the engagement, mentioned earlier education and communication with users, which need not necessarily be offline but also online through the website of the online store itself.

online chat or live chat provides a unique opportunity in both cases, since we can support the user during their purchase.

In addition, on the other hand, and more importantly, we strengthen our image for the user to hold us in memory and eventually get to become a recurring visitor and buyer of our online store.

For the advantages of live chats and how to install them in WooCommerce and WordPress, this article offers a detailed explanation, as well as a video demonstration of the installation, configuration and use of online chat plugin.

Then we will see five ways to increase user engagement in a shop online using an online chat.

Make (very) visible banner live chat

seems almost trivial and unimportant, but we must decide the position where we will place the banner live chat. So important is choosing the right location and attract the attention of the user’s eyes.

Otherwise, visitors to the online store may not understand or detect that can initiate a live chat with an agent whenever they need help or have a query.

The banner not only chat must match the appearance of your website, but must have a color and outstanding style, but consistent with the design of the website itself, to make it as much as possible professional to users.

The banner of the chat can be placed anywhere on the website, but we must ensure that the position suits users. There is no fixed standard idea, so let’s try possibly a first location and styles, which we will refine over time.

Users also want to talk to real people, not robots. It is very attractive to a user that the banner of the chat have a photograph of the agent who will treat you and his name gives greater confidence to know who is speaking.

Since the online chat intended to be available for any consultation of the user during navigation, banner activation must appear on each site to ensure that visitors to the website can get instant help when and where they need it.

The following video shows how you can set this with the free plugin «WP Live Chat Support»:

be available 24 hours a day

the best physical stores are known for their excellent service to the customer: attending an employee at any time you need help, you make sure you can find the products you need and answer your questions.

But in an online store, care during traditional business hours and availability on weekdays may not be sufficient and, in fact, are not.

When users shop has a problem, you have two options: contact the service to the client or go somewhere else. Almost no one likes to wait for answers phone calls or e-mail, so probably not go back.

Live chat offers a solution to this situation, since many users do their shopping at night or on weekends but, if chat is not available for «schedules», we lose a golden opportunity to capture them.

If you do not have infrastructure (ie enough that it implies internal agents or cost) to handle live chat outside business hours, the possibility of external agents to hire that can cater to users during all days and hours .

Be available all day every day of the week also allows shop cater to users coming from other parts of the world, with different schedules.

actively involved to provide assistance to the user

If we analyze usage statistics from our online store, we can see that some users:

  • Abandon the following website to stay on the pricing page for 20 seconds.
  • After adding a product in the shopping cart, suddenly out of the payment page.
  • After reaching the site, suddenly abandon website and many more.

Thus, good sales opportunities escape from our hands. How to seize these opportunities, not only to sell but to retain the user?

With proper care through online chat, we avoid leaving the website:

  • Send chat invitations to users who spend some time on a page or website.
  • Include links in responses to users to go directly to the website they are looking for.
  • Some chat applications have tracking features users. For example, to detect when stuck in a web page or navigate without definite direction. In this case, you can show them a notice to provide assistance.

speak directly to users recurring

A user becomes a customer who has previously purchased. If they return, it’s probably because they were satisfied with the purchase and now want to buy again.

A recurring user returns to an online store, knows what it offers, is familiar with the website and are happy with your previous purchase.

still be early to consider him a loyal customer, but if we can keep that positive experience with them, we can link it to the degree of fidelity.

personalized recommendations via live chat are especially beneficial for both the user and the online store. Querying the user’s profile, we can know what interests you and give only special offers for him, depending on the behavior that we recorded it.

In this way, the user does not have to browse the catalog to find products that interest you, then already are some, and feel motivated to continue buying thanks to this personalized and special treatment.

Predicting when necessary personnel will be more

physical stores have different business activity depending on the season or month of the year. In online stores, is exactly the same, though more time slots cut, of the order of days and weeks. The profile also influences the user, depending on your preference.

Thus, for some, the weekdays are better for sales, while for others, increase visits on weekends or afternoon in the same day.

We can not have the same personnel assigned to handle the online chat at all times: we must adjust to demand, both low (eg at night, but safe electronic commerce international) as high (eg, seasonal shopping for Christmas or summer).

Having the same staff at all hours, almost certainly result in improper cost (because it would be idle in hours / days of low demand) or services live chat low quality (because agents could not meet all the consultations peak hours).

If we know the trends of web traffic online store as well as the variability that may have throughout the year, we can adjust the number of agents live chat to on the one hand, ensure that each client receives care immediately and, secondly, that no idle agents.

Although you can increase the number of simultaneous chats that an agent can keep in handling sudden spikes, too many chat sessions may confuse the agent and can not provide good service.


While a help desk users through an online chat is an opportunity to get better the benefits of an online store is not enough to install and configure, they are also required to apply best practices to exploit it guarantee.

On the other hand, a live chat does not replace the deficiencies you may have a website, online store or its product / services, so we should always make sure to offer viable products through an e-commerce platform effective and usable.

Based on this premise, the online chat will serve primarily for two activities:

  • know better the interests of users, to expand our offer.
  • improve the usability of the website, to promote the process.

responsible use and adequate live chat in an online store can get two almost immediate effects: increase sales and increase user engagement (and become a recurring customer).

In this article we have seen five ways to increase the commitment of the user who ultimately seek the same purpose: to provide a service to the user that makes you follow supported during their buying process and feel as satisfied as to become a faithful and regular customer.