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Complete Guide to Creating a Landing Page to Make

marzo 30, 2020


Want to learn how to create a landing page that really become? In this guide you will find everything you need to get your landing pages stand out and help you achieve your goals. It includes examples!

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  • 1 1.- What is a Landing Page and what their misión1.1 types of landing pages and objectives
  • 1.1 Types of landing pages and objectives
  • 2 2. Identify, know and Buyer understands your People
  • 3 3. key elements of a landing page3.1 Título3.2 Imagen3.3 Text: Work the copy to the last coma3.4 Call to acción3.5 Call to urgencia3.6 testimonies, references and other guarantees of confianza3.7 Colors
  • Title
  • 3.1 3.2 3.3
  • image
  • Text: Work the copy to the last comma


  • Call to action
  • 3.5 Call for urgent
  • 3.6 Testimonials, references and other guarantees of confidence
  • 3.7 Colors
  • 4 4. Tips for creating a landing page efectiva4.1 Guide your users and eliminates distracciones4.2 Think móvil4.3 Make Test a / B4.4 Forms with fields and fair It includes necesarios4.5 a «prize» or direct compensation
  • 4.1 Guide your users and eliminates distractions
  • 4.2 Think Mobile
  • 4.3 Make Test A / B
  • 4.4 Forms with fair fields and necessary
  • 4.5 includes a «prize» or direct compensation
  • 5 5. Tools for creating WordPress Landing Landing Pages5.1 Pages5.2 Thrive Builder5.3 Content Visual Composer5.4 LeadPages5.5 Instapage5.6 Unbounce5.7 OptimizePress
  • Landing Pages WordPress 5.1
  • 5.2 Thrive Content Builder
  • 5.3 Visual Composer
  • 5.4 LeadPages
  • 5.5 Instapage
  • 5.6 Unbounce
  • 5.7 OptimizePress
  • 1.1 Types of landing pages and objectives
  • 3.1 Title
  • 3.2 image
  • 3.3 Text: Work the
  • copy to the last comma

  • 3.4 Call to action
  • 3.5 Call for urgent
  • 3.6 testimo children, references and other guarantees of confidence
  • 3.7 Colors
  • 4.1 Guide your users and eliminates distractions
  • 4.2 Think Mobile
  • 4.3 Make Test A / B
  • 4.4 Forms with fair fields and necessary
  • 4.5 includes a «prize» or direct compensation
  • Landing Pages WordPress 5.1
  • 5.2 Thrive Content Builder Visual Composer 5.3
  • 5.4 LeadPages
  • 5.5 Instapage
  • 5.7 5.6 Unbounce OptimizePress

1.- What is a Landing page and what their mission

a landing page is a page specifically oriented to conversion.

is, has a very specific target and each of its elements is focused on that goal, either get a lead (registration) or a direct sale.

Types of landing pages and objectives

Basically, we can talk about two types of landing pages:

A) preparing the ground for further action.

For example, if you go to make a pitch and want to start generating excitement, interest and collect test qualified emails when casting.

B) seeking a direct and immediate action.

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The product or service is already available and the goal is to get a sale or a direct registration.

2. Identify, know and understand your Buyer People

Never start creating a landing page without having clearly identified to the public where you go. This is your Buyer people. You must not only identify but know and understand. This is the main thing.

not avail you create a landing page with a design Super currado if you have not done this earlier work and therefore do not have clearly defined your message and you have not worked empathy for reaching people you care about.

Watch this: want to get conversions, so the important thing here is not the product or service you offer on your landing page, but what you can do that product or service for the people whom you go.

    • Who and how that person may be interested in what you have to offer
    • What motivates you is?
    • Why you be interested?
    • How will you help?
    • What problem or need will you solve?
    • What are your possible questions, concerns or resistance?
    • What you can roll back? 3.

    key to a landing page

    Let’s see now what those elements are elements that must work strategically when creating a landing page.


    The title of any page should be attractive, but even if we talk about a more strategic landing page.

    The title should be able to catch the attention itself and instantly, either because it is very direct and express a clear benefit or because it is suggestive and cause curiosity or expectation.

    Either way, what you should get something to provoke the user to retain his attention and wanting to know more.

    Its size should be highlighted to draw attention at first glance and the shorter is better, yes, if it can meet its goal. Abridging the extension is not the message, but not fall into being too detailed and that the end title being an impossible tirade to digest.

    In any case, the title of the landing page may be accompanied by a caption support that complement and go in that direction. The title and subtitle should form a winning team. You can also use antetítulos.

    Do we see some more examples of winning titles that meet your mission?

    To suggestive titles, Apple. Here’s a clear example of how a user provoke feelings in just four words. Do they want to know more or not?

    Include a direct benefit in the title of a landing page is also a key factor for catching the attention and retain a user.

    If this benefit has now also implicit call to action directly, the better.


    image, video, interactive background … The visual approach is extremely important in a landing page because it is the first thing that enters the eye and first thing the brain processes . That is, it is the first to get the attention.

    Therefore, you must preserve the image on your landing page, considering that must be aligned with your message and your goal conversion. The image must be attractive, not out of tune and be able to transmit itself.

    Note in this example. If the principal value of Skype is that it allows to speak freely with people from anywhere in the world, would you say that this image of people of different races fits perfectly with the message? Yes right?

    If, on the other hand, we headed specifically and exclusively to a Spanish audience and get into our landing page image of a Nordic image of tune with the message and the target and disengage to the user.

    Images also be able to provoke emotions and, as I said, to convey themselves. Look at this example:

    Text: Work the copy to the last comma

    From the title to the last comma, the copy must be present in every element of your landing page, as it will be the way to go guiding the user to the conversion.

    The copy is persuasive writing technique that will help you convince your users to do exactly what you want to do without being aggressive or overly commercial.

    To do this, you attack their problems and needs, offer solutions, advantages and benefits, to combat possible resistance, speak their language and butt work the empathy. That is, always put yourself in their shoes.

    Each module of your landing page should be focused on work that persuasion and offer your users compelling reasons to bring them into action.

    There convince users that the first change, without even having to scroll the page, and others who need more convincing to finish.

    not take anything for granted and do not neglect those users who need more, but care information that each block has its raison d’etre. Do not fill for filling. attacks doubts and possible resistance to finish convincing.

    The best way to avoid falling into a «brick effect» with text if you need to include enough information is organize information block with their lower degrees and use lists or icons to express benefits, advantages , features, etc, which are collected and displayed attractively, direct, clear and clean.

    Call to Action

    A key element. That action button is where you are going to guide your users to perform the conversion. Therefore, it should be noted on the landing page should be clear and should be easily accessible.

    It is best to use only a call to action not to dilute the conversion lens.

    This call to action should be visible at first glance, without people have to make on your landing page scroll to find the call to action.

    In case you include several blocks of information to provide more reasons and persuade your users, be sure to re-include that call to action. Remember that it is easy to put it and make accessible the conversion.

    Netflix Look at this example: at the top of the landing page without having to scroll as you find the call button action.

    But if you scroll, you come across another block of information more persuasive arguments and, again, the call button action. No need to go back up to convert.

    Call the urgency

    Calls to the urgency work fabulously well and can be determining factors in driving the conversion rate of a landing page.

    is the deadline, the offer is limited, there are few units, etc.

    messages are removed to the user once we have caught your attention and help finish convince him to perform action we want without delay. If you think too much, it may be too late.

    testimonials, references and other guarantees of confidence

    The testimonies of other users who have already tried the product or service and references to the number of customers who have already placed their trust in the brand, are synonyms warranty for users who already have been attracted to what you offer but they need a push to finish convincing. They are signs of confidence.

    But keep in mind that not just any testimony. Like everything in the landing page, testimonials have to be strategic.

    is, is not the same as saying for example «this SEO tool is the best» that «this SEO tool got save time and improve my ranking 80% in 3 months», right?

    By this I mean that when you ask a testimony, do not leave it to chance . Direct it with strategic questions:

    • What do you value most about the product or service?
    • What do you think is its main advantage over others?
    • what way has helped you?

    If these testimonies also come from influencers or people related to your niche, you have a winner with this horse.

    Other guarantees of confidence are, for example, appearances in the media or include the name or logo of recognized brands that have already opted for the product or service, as in this example Hootsuite:


    colors evoke different kinds of emotions, feelings and motivations . That is why the right colors can improve your landing page conversion while a bad action can cause the opposite.

    color psychology tells us that, for example, red quickly attracts attention and evokes energy, passion and intensity.

    Blue conveys confidence, security and serenity. Yellow, joy and warmth. Green is associated with welfare, nature or health. Orange is synonymous with excitement. Fuchsia, fun and youth. The black conveys seriousness and sophistication.

    Of course, when in doubt, bet on the formula of «keep it simple» (single do). Choose neutral colors and avoid mixing too many colors. Better a clean landing page and more basic than one that can get to squeak by colors.

    4. Tips for creating an effective landing page

    Now that you know what the key elements of a landing page, we will see some tips that will help you get your landing pages more effective.

    Guide your users and eliminates distractions

    Always keep the process helps your users when lead them to conversion. Calibrates the justification for each item you include in your landing page. Everything must have its raison d’etre to guide the user through the funnel.

    Remember that less is more. Synthesizes and avoids unnecessary or filler elements. It also eliminates any possible distractions, such as links, social buttons, etc. Your landing page should have a unique focus.

    Think Mobile

    At this point, this may seem obvious but it is worth remembering. Make sure your landing page is displayed properly and is equally controlled from any device.

    With the Mobile Friendly Test tool Google Search Console can easily check if your page is optimized for mobile devices.

    With tools like MobileTest can see how your landing page is displayed on the various types of mobile devices.

    Make Test A / B

    Conversion is not an exact science. sometimes change a color, a couple of words or a button call to action can make a big difference . But this can not know if we did not try, we compare and we tested.

    What is not measured can not be improved, so do not miss the opportunity to make an A / B test your landing page to monitor data, see what works best and act accordingly to optimize and increase performance .

    fields Forms with the just and necessary

    is clear that the more information you can get from your users, much better, but Do not play with too many fields including forms and requesting a lot of data.

    include too many fields in the form of your landing page can scupper your conversion rate.

    Why? Because asking too many scares data, it causes distrust and also generates laziness on the investment of time required to complete the form.

    simply asks the just and necessary data and really appreciates if the information you request is justified .

    In some cases, it is justified to ask for the phone number. In others, it will suffice to apply email.

    includes a «prize» or compensation direct

    There are few things that work so well when getting conversions and include an incentive, in the form of prize, gift, reduced price, direct compensation, 2 × 1 or Free trial. Who does not like what free or bargains?

    course, as with everything, this compensation should be strategic and aligned with your goal. It’s not about giving a gift for getting records of the more better people, but engage qualified users.

    5. Tools for creating Landing Pages

    Do we see now some tools to create and design landing pages?

    WordPress Landing Pages

    started with a free and simple solution for creating landing pages. With this plugin, of which I told you about in this article of the best plugins for WordPress, you can create pages very worthy landing intuitively.

    is a fairly complete plugin that lets you choose between different templates and perform A / B test. You can easily install it from your own WordPress or download from repository.

    Content Builder

    Thrive Here is a payment plugin, but has very powerful features. With Thrive Content Builder you can create landing pages so simple and leaning on the more than 160 templates to choose from.

    also with this plugin can design your post in WordPress and integrate a variety of design elements.

    If you want to know more about this plugin, I recommend this comprehensive tutorial on Thrive Content Builder.

    Visual Composer plugin for WordPress design excellence. It is payment, but with Visual Composer you can create landing pages all you want and customize everything you need very quickly.


    LeadPages tool has different plans and pricing as needed to be taken, ranging from 25 to 199 dollars a month.

    Create landing pages fairly simple from more than 160 templates among which you can choose, to test A / B and no traffic limit and records. According to the plan, you will have more or less functionality.


    Instapage tool offers a free 14-day trial. From there, you can choose between different plans, ranging from 29 to 127 dollars.

    With this tool you can also create landing pages all you want, do test A / B, access templates, etc.

    Unbounce Unbounce integrates

    tool conversion tools to optimize your landing pages.

    can choose from over 125 templates 100% responsives or design your landing page from scratch, customize what you want, do test A / B, include dynamic texts, etc.

    Unbounce has different subscription plans from $ 79, and offers a free 30-day trial.


    Another alternative very powerful and professional to create and design optimized landing pages for conversion.

    With OptimizePress tool you can create sales pages, pages launch, membership sites, integrating areas of exclusive access, etc.

    have different packages that can be purchased with a single payment starting at $ 97.

    Ready to create a landing page that pete in conversions?

    Any questions or comments? I’m waiting down here!