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Customizing the Homepage (Home) in WordPress

marzo 31, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In this episode, number 40, will continue the saga of how to exploit putting a static page in WordPress. How to customize a homepage.

has been so successful and we have received many questions that we will answer here. In addition, we will teach you how to put it as homepage and we will tune a little to give the trick.

static Page as homepage

What needs to customize a homepage and you’re fucking?

first thing we have to do is see how to put a WordPress page as homepage.

We must go to «Settings» on the left sidebar and click on «Read».

select «A static page», you choose the page you created (in this case It’s Halloween !!) and keep changes. With this the home of your website and is the static page you’ve created.

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In the video you can see that if I go to, the homepage of this website is a static page.

It has nothing to do with WordPress that page we created in the RomuTV 39.

Now we will teach you different things that will make the site work better.

This applies to all pages of the w3schools you got the other day, because they all follow the same pattern.

We will see how to put a cool menu, a background image, we’ll play a little H1, H2 so that the goals are better and something very important you should have any homepage is a list of the last post or last pages in this case we have done with posts. And look how beautiful it is down here.

These cards whose styles are already in the w3schools. So it’s super easy to implement.

Let’s «Appearance» in the left sidebar and you click on «Editor»

On the right sidebar you click on the page you’ve created (ours of the other day is «test»)

now I will teach you four small codes that will make the page look good. And then if you want to change the colors or put in more things, and you espabilas or ask me and make

version 3.


1. For the title of the home page is the same as that of the page WordPress created

This is very useful. Do you remember that call or test hello? We have now put ‘Now is halloween’ and the title is ‘It’s Halloween’. Thus, it is dynamic and makes a call to the title of WordPress. The first code is a sencillita line:

2. To put the outstanding image of a WordPress page as an image of the back of the head

With this code we do is put the image prominent on the page, is ie static page that we created we put an outstanding image and we’ll see in the header. That can put whatever you want. The outstanding and automatically choose how this code so nice here, you see with background, background appear:

3. To customize the links on the menu for desktop and mobile

is very simple. It is a basic code in which you have to put the link to which you want to go the menu button and what you want to appear in that menu. In this case, it is separated from both desktop and mobile.

can put it differently, I advise you to be the same, but in w3schools do. There are other ways to do this, in fact Pau prefer another, only one, but this fact well and do not want to roll over.

Ves putting costumes and link. If you go to the home and cliques in costumes, takes you to the page costume. And it is this code here. You can copy and paste as often as possible and go put lashes one side to the other. Just change the link and the name of the tab:

4. For the page title is h1

This is what I told you we changed the page because it had two h1. Thus, with this code here, both the title and the h1 it is the same and is dynamic:

5. To display the last 9 items

Here you have the call to the last 9 posts, the last entries . Are cards that already have the default styles in w3schools and code-level are pretty good. Just copy this code here:

With this we are saying that if there are posts, showing the last 9 and is making a call to the cards of the w3schools, with the style that looks so cool.

We have a cool homepage, a static homepage.

He told me to tell you that Pau has 0 errors because he is proud. A code level is kidding.

And pagespeed level, speed is 95 in mobile and 96 in desktop. Load super good.


seen how to customize a homepage. You control the top menu, how the header image is, to put the text you want in the middle SEO optimized to display recent posts and is a static page that loads super fast. And you see it.

See you at the next RomuTV

the Chao!

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