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definiJAJA guide Search Keywords !!

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTv here. In this new article I will teach the process to follow to make a study keyword.

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  • 1 Introduction to the study of keywords
  • 2 Taking studying keywords Localizing keywords in Google2.2 relojes.fit2.1 Finding keywords on websites of combining words competencia2.3 key in Excel
  • 2.1 Localizing keywords in Google
  • 2.2 finding keywords on websites of competition
  • 2.3 Combining keywords in Excel
  • 3 Tools to find keywords keyword Planner perfectas3.1 of Google Adwords3.2 Answerthepublic3.3 Ranktank infinite suggest3.4 Ahrefs & SEMRush
  • 3.1

  • Planner Google Adwords keyword
  • 3.2 Answerthepublic
  • Ranktank 3.3 3.4
  • infinite Suggest
  • Ahrefs & SEMRush

  • 4 Methods
  • more creative to find new keywords4.1 eHow

  • 4.1 eHow
  • 2.1 Localizing keywords in Google
  • 2.2 Finding keywords on websites of competition
  • 2.3 Combining keywords in Excel
  • 3.1 Keyword Planner of Google Adwords
  • 3.2 Answerthepublic
  • 3.3 Ranktank infinite Suggest
  • 3.4 Ahrefs & SEMRush
  • 4.1 eHow

Introduction to the study of keywords

there are many guides of the type «the definitive guide to the study of words perfect key» or «the formula for the keywords» … to me all this I like it because, somehow, they put earmuffs like a donkey and for each project just doing the same.

I assure you I have never done two studies of equal words .

How do I? I have at my disposal a number of tools and procedures. In each case ask myself what I can do best and what is the fastest.

In my projects I like to print the maximum possible speed. I try to find the way I can get as quickly as possible to have everything I need to face this website or that project from a customer or that content.

The idea is to teach you a few tools with which you can make tactics to apply to your keyword research. But do not take this as the way to do a study keyword because every project is different.

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The study I am doing for, which is what we will look today, it has nothing to do with that of and it is different from the one we will for a client.

SEOs are artists online marketing, we need to be creative and do not have to follow a single way to do something. We have our tool palette then used to paint our picture.

Conducting the study keyword

‘ll explain how I faced the study keyword the project to see the steps I followed and because I know there bring forth some interesting ideas.


Localizing keywords in Google

The first thing I always do when I face a new project or when I want to create a new content, or if I want to optimize some content in general for all I go to Google.

going to Google and search the most important key words that come to mind naturally and that are important to the project.

going to Google and put «watches».

I reported here, I soaked, I look at the websites that are in first place, I enter them, I sail. They have already done preliminary work and learn from what they have done.

Another thing you can do with Google is use the commands, the footprints to view the information you can get from there.

can make a site: Google to teach us the URLs he considers most relevant.

Or we can do site: man to see the URLs that gives more importance to man watches keyword.

Another option is to go and see the end of Google searches related with watches. We can see men watches, watches women, watches … These special are keywords that Google is saying that he considers relevant for this sector, because people are looking for.

All these keywords, all this knowledge, I will put in a document with a few comments. This is fast, are 10 to 20 minutes.

Finding keywords on websites of competition

browse a few web, and one of them saw a drop with all brands. I liked the finding. I went to the code, I extracted this piece of code and then with a substitute, delete everything that was left only code and brands.

This is used in the following point:

Combining keywords in Excel

What I do with Excel?

is a mere tool for combining different keywords .

For example:

As a result gives me «cheap watches Alpina» and low down.

already have all combinations.

still do with many variations and each of them put it in a different tab in the Excel document.

and we can move on to the next step.

tools to find keywords perfect

Planner keywords Google Adwords

The Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool that allows us to find keywords, especially transactional because they are based on the results of google AdWords.

Usually, if you pay Google to bring you traffic, you do it with transactional words, which are those that bring you money.

In short, this tool is fantastic for everything that has to do with transactional key words .

I know that some time ago made a change and show you the broad match keywords, it does not show you the exact exact searches for each keyword, but there are ways to do it. Screaming Frog

published an article that was fine.

At this point I do is take the results of the combination of words and go to the planner, the stick and I give ideas.

I choose the searches by country, language … and as always. You can put up to two hundred words, if you no longer exceeds get suggestions.

If you have many words is always better to go by uploading them 50 in 50 so you get some.

Here and show us suggestions and average monthly searches. I ordered more smaller search to search. The result is exported in CSV and bring it to the Excel.

If we look watches man and I sorted through a filter highest to lowest marks. I do this for each page.

With this we have a general idea of ​​all keywords that can lead this project and what that interest me having greater importance in the hierarchy of the web. Both level architecture, interlinking or content.

This should be quick, I do not do Excels 50,000 columns skills, a thousand variations of keywords for each of the texts, we’ll delve further, but we are starting a project, you do not.

Only this and have clear each of the categories you have to have my store . I know all those interesting keywords watches, automatic watches, luxury, Swiss …

have also seen how brands have many searches, and I also know that appear combinandas searches.

already have everything you need to start generating content and just what I do. This is fantastic and great for the overall study of the project itself.

But when we have to create content that is interesting to see other keyword variations.


Answerthepublic is a tool that very few people know and that is fantastic to find keywords type inbound . Keywords such as «How to …» keywords that are a perfect H1.

You go on the web, put on the keyword you want to find suggestions and choose the country. You are looking for questions that contain that word.

Look how beautiful!

Not that they are variations, this might already be directly H1, a title inbound as: «Where Buy Watches?» or «What they are watches radiocontralados?».

is almost infinite.

This allows us to find the keywords or topics on which an article must speak inbound.

Now we have two fronts:


infinite Suggest

Let’s see what we do in each of the keywords to amplify registration.

This is going to start doing with Ranktank Infinite Suggest.

There are many tools that we seek and agglomerating the keywords that shows you when you do a Google search. That’s autocomplementar those keywords that people are looking for.

There are many: Übersuggest, KeywordShitter, Keyword Tool, but for me the best is to RankTank because I can get faster to the point where I have everything I need to point.

RankTank you explain how it works, although all are very similar.

do a search, for example, watches, and choose in Spain in and ask Him to show you the results. You out a list of 300 results.

We keywords that will allow us to then give a wider spectrum for that content that we create, either inbound or whether transactional.

key words that we can use in H2, within the text; instead of repeating the same word would another keyword.

Here he shows me many keywords, but imagine I want to delve into the category of «casio watches».

I give the «Save» link in the row, keep me in «View saved Keywords» keyword «watches casio» and when I give the «Fetch suggestions» button does is load the keywords derived from that keyword.

The result are 317 new words found for Casio watches and if you are going to the end, choose the most interesting keywords with the «Save» and when you’re done selecting the «view saved keywords» to see keywords I’ve been saving.

exported them and I give them to the editor.

There, all keywords have to compose a text rich semantic keywords.

But can we go further?

Yes, yes we can and yes, we will do.

Ahrefs & SEMRush

Another tactic I use when I want to amplify the register keyword or when I create a content, whether transactional or inbound, what I do is take the results from Google.

For example, if I seek watches, so I returned I take the first Google results. I think as I explained in the video keyword opportunity, and I’m going to Ahrefs.


the URL has given me Ahrefs Google and look for organic keywords, which are keywords that are positioning themselves with this URL .

by clicking on Organic Keywords will get information about the keywords that Google is positioning itself in the URL, ie the key words that Google considers relevant for an article that is to be positioned for the keyword «watches».

Here you will see that there are many words that are repeated with everything else we’ve said before: watches man watches gentleman.

If men want watches surely I will watch for men in the text. Here you can also sort by number search.

All this I have explained to you by Google, the planner keywords, or SEMRush Ahrefs, which does exactly the same, RankTank … all this can waste a lot of time or you can go fast.

have to go fast, why?

Because it is much more productive to do a study of post words knowing what Google is positioning your website to do a priori because we are working in the direction Google wants.

So do a quick study of words, apply these tools and then published, get going because the best tool of all is the head.

I want you to give coconut.

Before you put it to look like crazy how to do a word study want keywords that you think whether it is best to look at the competition to see what you are doing or search directly words transactional key or do different things to competition or attack with the theme of the inbound …

more creative methods to find new keywords

keywords for inbound opportunity, or if you want to find more keywords in longtail plan, look at what others are doing. EHow

For example, eHow. It is a website that has written about everything.

So you can make a site: space and add watches and see all these people have written about watches.

Returning to the theme: do not overdo it, because everything is infinite .

Choose the strategy and then we delve into how you can amplify that record keywords for content they already have published.

the Chao!

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