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Do dofollow outgoing links positioned?

marzo 31, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here and in this ASCO will answer the question: Are outbound links from my website have to be dofollow or nofollow?

dofollow or nofollow links

This question has crumb and this question has been repeated in a long time on this in the SEO.

And the truth is that there are many SEOs who defend the fact that outbound links to other websites should be nofollow to concentrate all the link juice. And there will be many people who will tell you – « I did well and positioned » – …

Not to do so is very difficult to isolate.

But if there is enough interesting studies. One did Moz, which demonstrated some empirically, that theories are many but you have to prove it empirically, but should not be beyond belief, in which outbound links if you are considered as a sign of authority or positioning, if those links add value to the user or content help.

In this theory there are many other theories, if they have to be «blank» so that the tab is not closed and so no bounce … nonsense.

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to the end you have to do is natural being . If one of the outbound links will give value to your user put nofollow is not natural, let it follow. This also applies to the inmates of the own website. The internal links also have to be nofollow … no, forget it. And we talked in the interview with Rand Fishkin.

The follow links have to be in 98% of cases and yes, you have to link to external sources .

in MBNS I do. In MBNS recipe below I was always outgoing links to sources of authority contributing value to the user but they were no competition I was content in that web.

TIP : not smart if you’re trying to position a keyword within your website that links to an article on a website that has much more authority than yours, which is positioning itself for that same keyword .

have to be or derived words or words that have nothing to do but help the subject what your content. But never keywords that are positioning and competition are yours because then what you’ll be doing is to be positioned above the other you.

In short, yes, dofollow outgoing links. Do not worry about those things that SEO is no longer there. We see


the Chao!

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