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Do EMD domains with the word SEO exact position themselves?

marzo 30, 2020


Hello, how are you? Romuald am Fons of RomuTV. Welcome to another ASCO!

This will give an answer to the question of whether exact match domains positioned.

¿position the domains with the keyword?

Jo, what good this question!

And the answer is … yes , position.

not have as much force as before, but still have not competed strongly in words or with a medium-low competition.

So if you can, Gather domains having the exact keyword.

And if you are already taken, which happens almost always (because there are a lot of SEOs there looking and saying, «I will make money with Adsense») can put you a tagline at the end. better end than to the beginning.

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For example, better «Venezuelan shoes web» that «Venezuelan shoes web».

I explain why.

basically have the exact keyword in the domain. When you put links to your web, you’re likely to use your key word and that is a sign for a natural position.

is, if you do linkbuilding with your URL, ye shall abide key using your word and not be as spam.

have answered more than we played, but it is this: Yes, positions.

And eye with the new global TLDs which are cinnamon, work like .com. But that’s another ASCO.

It’s all for today.

the Chao!