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Hosting, security and updates for WooCommerce

febrero 2, 2020


Life is full of choices; some are easier and more difficult.

If you have a project designed for a shop online , and you want to create a WordPress shop with your plugin WooCommerce to sell your products or services, but you know nothing of servers , security Basic to your website, and you lose with updates, read on.

Throughout this article I will mention basics you need to know in order to have the ability to choose you mism @ hosting (web server) that best suits your needs.

prefer to do so, and not directly give you a list of hostings that I think are worthwhile (like Webempresa for example).

What I want is to have your own judgment, and for that you need to basics and / or both advanced to understand what you are going to buy, and basically teach you to fish (instead of giving fish directly).

The first thing you’ll see will be the keys to choose a good hosting , which is responsible for displaying your WooCommerce shop to the world.

Then let me give you a basic understanding of security your store online, you must take into account both internally (on your website) and externally (in your hosting). Finally

speak to you of updates (updates) of WooCommerce and plugins in general, so you understand why sometimes it is necessary to update and sometimes not.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing a good hosting for WooCommerce needs of your online store Understanding technical concepts Disks SSD
  • needs of your online store
  • Understanding technical concepts
  • The SSDs
  • Understanding the onsite security and Offsite your online store
  • to update or WooCommerce plugins?
  • Conclusions
  • needs of your online store
  • Understanding technical concepts
  • The SSDs

Choosing a good hosting for WooCommerce

Now you’ve probably noticed that I use the word hosting and no server, but is the same .

Those who have already read my other articles in Webempresa will know that I like to use the «jargon» English because then when looking for support or information, it is easier to do it in English. If you do not speak any English, you will be good to know these words.

But go with the theme of the article, that if I do not go out on a limb right away!

needs of your online store

wish it were easier, if you do not have much idea of ​​technology, choosing the best hosting for your WooCommerce project.

Ironically, many people without any idea of ​​»Internet» ventures into projects like online shopping, themselves, and pretendiéndolo do everything right from the beginning to the end.

is why I recommend first of all, answer these questions mentally

  • What kind of need web?
  • What kind of product or service you sell?
  • What audience will visit your online store?
  • Will you need some specific functionality to your online store?

hope you have clear answers to these questions, because it will help a lot when it comes to understand and take into account the following aspects to choose a good hosting for your project:

speed and reliability

One of the key aspects to choose a good hosting for your online shop WooCommerce is the fast loading web .

There are many factors influencing this burden, but one of the most important is the response of the server.

This means that when someone visits your website, is «calling» to files that are hosted on your hosting, and hosting «seeks» and the content «responds» to your visitors by showing those files. It is this ability to «answer» you have to consider.

Another important aspect in this section is the time that your server is «available» to show your website visits you have.

Today, it is normal that a server offers a «availability» at least 95% . Ie almost 24 hours a day (imagine your website was available only less than 50%, ie 8 hours a day). Scalability

Faced with choosing a hosting, it is very important that you can «start small «and go» growing «.

This means that there is no need to hire a super computer for your web project, you do not even know whether it will work or not.

My recommendation is that you hire the most basic plan (which does not mean bad), and you go expanding the features of your hosting as what you need them. You can take a look at the plans Hosting Elastic Webempresa

The good news is that today the vast majority of hostings offer this possibility , and you can gradually increase you mism @ in the corresponding control panel to your account.


The issue of security of your server is vital.

Eye, do not talk about the security of your web itself (which also, as we shall see below), if not the security offered by the hosting company you hire .

Normally this topic is very careful for the sector companies, but you always have to verify that good security measures offered against attacks, hacking, etc.

is why you have to think that if you find a cheap hosting super (maybe it costs a sandwich), be careful because what they offer is not usually of high quality.

Customer Care / Support

For me it is one of the key points to hiring a hosting especially for WordPress, and especially for WooCommerce.

As much as I know about «Internet», there always comes a moment when something happens to your website, and do not know what .

is why having a customer care and support exquisite (fast, friendly and efficient), is most important to keep in mind on your part.

‘ve always said that my experience with Webempresa has been fantastic in this regard, and the hiring them (and keep them) has been and is the main factor decantarme forever for them.


The price influences a lot. But here we do not speak of «expensive» or «cheap». I like to talk about «low» and «high price».

A hosting «cheap» will offer some very poor quality, without support, which is not safe, not work most of the time.

However, a hosting «low price», will offer the highest quality, but with a configuration consistent with what contrasts.

This means that if you hire a «basic» package whose price is low (about 100 euros a year), you’ll have a quality server, but with limited space, or perhaps a limited bandwidth.

And, as mentioned above, if your project is «basic» at the beginning, no need to hire a high priced hosting. It would be like driving a Ferrari for a city!

Understanding technical concepts

Then I’ll describe in words hyper- mega-simple why each of these elements means that your hosting will physically, and which come a time when you have to «choose» or less understand what they are, to see if a hosting makes up over another.

for haters Disclaimer: The description for each item use is very homespun, I will not give anything technical!

RAM RAM is the adrenalin of a server. Is pumping blood flow causes the speed per centimeter cable from your computer hosting.

With lots of RAM (Random Access Memory) will be do many tasks at the same time , for example, 100 people buy from the same time a product each in your online store.

Thus, none of those 100 people, with a good memory RAM (computer, not people) will suffer any errors, and complete payment for your products or services in a proper way.

The SSDs are

Your web files. Each file contains different information.

All these files are stored in different folders on your computer that you «rented» to your hosting. Storage on a computer that is on disks, which were formerly «HDD» (Hard Disk Drive) and is common nowadays that are SSD (Solid-State Drive).

To quickly understand the difference between the two, the HDD would be to listen to music with a CD that turns on a CD player device, and the SSD is equivalent to listening to music on your mobile with Spotify.

not necessary for explaining the advantages of SSD.

A SSD will allow that the data stored therein, are read by the hosting much faster . That is why one of the first items you have to have it or do your future hosting are SSDs.


The Bandwidth Bandwidth (or bandwidth) is what some comic TV programs called «El Gordo Cable».

Your Web is pure information (stored in files as seen above), and all that information has to come a few, a few hundred or a few thousand users, depending on how much or little visited it your website.

The more «Gordo» (the more bandwidth) is in your hosting configuration, more information will be interchangeable in a unit time .

This means that if you have little bandwidth, and your site’s visitors a million people to the same time, your server will not be able to distribute timely information to all, and your web «will fall» (not will be charged to many of those million views).

To make it more graphic mentally can not have a single pizza delivery in town, if that night you had 600 orders. The poor will not be able to give rough with everything in one night, and many people will run out of pizza.


Domains Pizza (sorry, bad joke by the example above). Domains I have quite clear that, without knowing you.

A domain is l to «easy» way to tell an Internet browser, what hosted physical computer somewhere on the planet must be connected to read files (a web) and display them on your screen.

For you see it visually:

  • https: // (rare numbers is the «name» of the computer where the web is of Mariano, whose data are housed in a folder inside that computer called «webmariano»).

Both directions go to the same web, but the former is easier to remember.

Many people think that a domain is a web itself, or must have a domain on the same hosting you have your web files, but no, this is not necessary. You can have a domain in a company of dominos in Australia, and your web files in another Spanish company, and the website will still work just as well.

also can have multiple domains showing the contents of your website at the same time, although in very rare occasion this is done, because it does not make much sense.

Regarding recruitment of hosting, what does that benefit you is that many plans come with a domain included in the price, as in Webempresa. You can also check here how to register your domain.

The emails

When I see an online store whose support is an email from the type, make me want to jump out the window (luckily I live in a low house).

If your site is accessed through a domain, please beam emails with your domain (easy to do from cPanel) , or because your hosting must have a very good support, ask them to do so for you.

If you like a lot Gmail, you can set it so that mail sent to your corporate email, reach Gmail, and you can answer them from Gmail itself (make a small search on Google, it’s easy to set it up).

The Uptime

We mentioned above reliability when hiring a hosting.

One of the important factors is the time that your website is available to users who have already said that no less than 95% in the vast majority of hosting providers.

Just so you know, that that «time» is called «uptime» in English .

SSL Certificates

A security level is very high (almost mandatory by Google) have an SSL certificate installed on your domain web.

A certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts information that is exchanged through the «Tube Gordo» between your hosting and user visiting you.

This certificate is essential if your online store accept credit card payments .

can read more about this in my article on SSL Certificates.


Remember the wacky antics that I mentioned in the section of the domain in this article?

All those numbers make up the IP (Internet Protocol) on your computer. This is nothing more than the «ID» of the computer that contains your web .

If your hosting plan is on a shared hosting, will be sharing the same IP with many other websites. If you have a «dedicated IP», only you have the power over such IP.

Understanding the onsite security and Offsite your shop online

As we have just seen in the previous section (and the most important thing in this article) is very necessary to understand the difference between security that offers a hosting and you have to manage mism @ on your website or online store. I

not going to expand on this point, but when you go to hire a hosting , look for these words between components of the plan you are going to choose:

  • Firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Protection Anti-hacking
  • Copies automatic safety
  • SSL Certificate

If the hosting service also has extras, do not think twice, because it means that much care about the safety of their customers.

Webempresa, for example, has its CiberProtector, which I use on my websites and it’s going great.

With the hosting already hired, and once installed your online shop with WooCommerce , you could use WordPress plugins related to security because there are some very specific to this content manager.

Here’s a blog article Webempresa very complete in terms of security in WordPress I recommend reading.

to update or WooCommerce plugins?

developers work hard plugins quality in each new version they get from their products.

A good company that sells a premium plugin for WordPress, keep in mind, generally, any vulnerability that endanger the websites of their clients and have a quick reaction to these vulnerabilities by sending updates its plugins.

One of the basic rules of WordPress for «fiddling» plugins and templates from others is not do it directly on the original files , because in future updates, they replaced with new versions .


Many aspects when hiring a project hosting for your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

It is recommended all technicalities, at the least above, to make your own inquiries, purchase prices, plans and choose the right.

The most important thing to consider is a combination that suits the size and scope of your project, taking into account safety aspects and being wary to update plugins and templates.

hope you have this article useful and see you at the next one!