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Hotjar, OnPage SEO and SEO Negativjaja !! – Recipes Project 7

marzo 31, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here and today we will talk about recipes. It is the RomuTV number 41.

And we can talk about the draft recipes. As one of the first things that come to mind is negative SEO attack we are doing. Let’s see what’s brewing in

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Effects of negative SEO

Look. Referring we have 1,450 domains, ie 1,450 websites we are linking is not bad and we have almost 8,000 links. Hit Very well, in two weeks.

Fantastic, looks that did not sit well daring him to put links. Still getting into, no Uncle problem.

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And look, we have many from Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, the United States .. is doing a good segmentation , geographic location.

This smells a little fever. Cojonudo And most of all is the keyword density of the word ‘xxx porn video’ … 12%, not bad. And he has given much also the ‘chicken nuggets’.

Dude, this is very batillero. Sorry to tell you but it’s a … True blackhateros are probably looking at this and saying «this guy has no idea knock down websites». Sorry, but you have no idea, you could make things much good, that does not mean that you know me have to knock down.

failed attack

What happens is that I feel tell you that is not serving anything , boy.

Traffic Traffic

Because the web rose much the beginning by the issue of double indexing and redirections 301 which was indexed as both MBNS, as we saw in No. 5 of recipes video .

had that rush to the beginning, then under a little bit and now it shows the upward trend we are doing with the creation of new content with videos and all the SEO Onpage we are putting.

is still much room for improvement, I do not think that not much left.

Let me teach you a little:

At this time, right now is exactly 15.40, there are 109 active people.

not the time when there are more people connected, much less, people are eating, but 109 is pretty good.

And we’ll see traffic. Sidebar Left «Acquisition», select «All traffic» and skewer in «Source / Medium». I will teach users because Nacho Mascort told me that he did not show page views. But I’m more interested in page views on the issue of AdSense, is a more important to me KPI. Although I teach users, Nacho.

As you can see in this chart are:

So I’m happy, your negative SEO is not affecting me.

In the video of the challenge I have not 100 negatives, I have 200 votes against automated, you see that stung a little but I do not. I’re kidding a little bit, so the least I can do is laugh a little, right? While this lasts. Then if graves and I regret it.

  • organic

Traffic Traffic organic

Basically everything is organic:

Right now round about 20,000 sessions.

As for page views:

are between 37-38,000 visits to pages and weekends this niche up a little more. Anyway, it goes well.

This gives me a lot because I thought the fact merge a MBN itself was somewhat high risk. He had not managed to see any examples of something so big time, with so much traffic, with many redirections, many mergers, categories and have been doing everything you have seen in other videos of this project.

The fact is that after the merger the web is so healthy, because this is organic growth cool and above we are doing SEO negative, you want not even a little batillero, will be giving signals to Google that something is doing …

Because this is what you see in Ahrefs but if you teach Search Console, which is detecting junk many more links, forums, porn, Chinese and all this history.

It shows me that this story of merge many websites with so much traffic is a sure thing , which has not been lying and say that indexing … That shows me that this project was not as grave as well, which is good.

Positioning Positioning

I do it in real time. Within the SerpBook:

Okay, we continue with a few top positions, other up, many 2, 3 … Maybe the 80% of all main keyword of this website and are first page, which is really cool.


To make this video a bit more useful, I’ll talk a little Hotjar and the possibilities it offers.

is a tool that, to be honest, I have not playing until recently. And she left me blown away.

is milk to see what the user is doing on your web . It gives information level heatmaps (heat maps), real-time recording what people do both desktop and mobile or tablet where they clicked … is the host.

‘ll teach you a little we can draw conclusions taking a quick look at what would be a Hotjar analysis.

lets you see the differences how people act when in desktop or mobile , which is totally different.


Let’s do an analysis of heatmaps (Select ‘Heatmaps’ on the left bar)

Selecionamos ‘Click’ on the top bar, not ‘move’ (then we can see the ‘move’ )

can make small studies on different URLs.

I’ll show you a study in one of the categories because categories if you remember (005 recipes) have a recipe, then list and then have interlinking. Are pages that have more information and also have more direct organic traffic because they are the homepage of the above websites. say it is the hottest point I want to study .

In this example we have seen put things very interesting:

The cluck people much in the picture.

right. Right now when you click on the image becomes large, but maybe we could put social search above the image with a mouse over, we’ll see.

something super important, there is not Christ who click on the ad.

I thought clicaría here a lot.

What I discovered, for example, is that in settings where there is no web image above, but is the h1, the announcement and then images and text quite click. But in settings where there is image, h1 and AdSense, at the least in this industry no one click.

guess because they have not yet seen the content they want or because the content they wanted was the picture, there have clicked have said «oh this is appetizing » and have already jumped directly.

Where there is many clicks in the ingredients and here we have no AdSense.

What is this telling us?

Romuald, you have to remove the AdSense above and put it here on ingredients. I do not know why the people cluck here, there is nothing. But if they’re clicking here because, in an empty space, it’s better we put an ad and bring us money.

Proportionally this that seems silly to a page that maybe there are about 200 clicks, the ingredients are 30-40 clicks and AdSense none. If I take the ad above and put it where ‘ingredients’ I get clicks now I’m not having, for sure.

Surely not as much because we used to know what is an ad and what not, but certainly receive more clicks, which transforms into more money in a website with a lot of traffic can be enough money.

therefore Hotjar is a tool that is well worth if your site has traffic. It gives you a lot of very interesting information.

Another thing we have also seen is that people cluck much in steps.

What does this mean?

That here between steps will an announcement of these horizontal default also have a similar height to a step. That will draw AdSense clicks insurance.

‘ll tell you how much we increased revenue by these two small changes to desktop.

And then something interesting that you wanted to show. There were people who told me that of the interlinking passing traffic from one web to another is a lie because nobody reaches the end of the web, etc., and I told them no, that links a MBN work very well because people actually click on them. I saw it in Analytics.

Here you’ll see it very well. low percentage, but there are people who come to the bottom and click. It’s a helluva link to the following website because they are and have clicked to see what they wanted. That’s what makes MBNS rise so fast. And indeed, from 4.0 up faster.

They reach the menus and some people cluck. On a website that has 60,000 page views, because it’s a cool interlinking. In addition, I think here the categories are more items than those on pages itself. Anyway, the people cluck and that helps.


Now I show in mobile mode, changing things (select ‘Mobile’ on the top bar)

much they clicked on the photo and very little on ‘Subscribe’. We’ll have to do something.

The announcement also they clicked.

mode mobile itself that interests us leave this announcement here. This means that we have to Curran and desktop display ads settings and other mobile. They are not in the same place, anyway, we know how.

And we will. Why?

Because we have data. What I always say: analysis. way we can make correct decisions , if not try to prove.

Again, a lot of people click on the ingredients.

not understand why. But it gives us good signals because if people click on ‘calamares’ a lot, then this is what we will take to new categories that will attack tags but keywords like ‘chicken recipes’, and put the links here.

Why? Because this way we will make many people click on those links and end in a category.

Maybe go in the ‘chicken oven’, are watching this recipe, they clicked on ‘chicken’ and go to the page ‘chicken recipes’, which will be a new category. I explained a little video of how to position with categories. And this traffic will help those categories also rise because the optimize very well. This information is gold.

Look, in step 2 will put AdSense because it is where people click more.

In the first recipe also they clicked a lot, we have to get it to be more relevant than the others.

Surely what has to happen is that this first recipe is the recipe derived or long tail keyword, you name it, you have more searches. Because you will be more likely to position themselves because more people are entering it through this button.

See how everything has a logic? That’s SEO Onpage! This is what I’m always saying to do.

What mean these clicks? that we have to sort within categories search by numbers and I do not have it so and we will do.

For example, in mobile people do not click both the recipe mussels.

This is because it is faster desktop and mobile have to be down and not feel so much. Everything is valued.

Like most traffic is mobile, I will take decisions that if I have two different settings on desktop and mobile that are not compatible, surely always give priority to mobile because there are more people there, I have data . Analytics. This is basic analytical non-numeric, but is also very important.

The usability and the user doing here is very important .

Another interesting thing, the long click on the first ad unit and the third people, but the second one did not click.

In mobile people do not get so down and not they clicked on the interlinking.

The shares are down it is normal because they are stickys.

Let ‘Scroll’ on the top bar and see how far people come, because that also allows it Hotjar.

100% reaches the first page. The first recipe until the end reads almost 50% of people.

and then goes down, 30%, 25% … All this together with other data such as the load time of the page, with the amount of people coming up to a certain number of items within the same category, allows us to define the optimal number of paging, recipes that are to be displayed per page.

If we go down, we see that only 2% looks menus, very little.

also very important topic that can be made filters. Time, behavior, … we analyze people who have seen more than two pages, the people who have been less than a minute and know where to go or what they were looking at when they went, etc.

The amount of data that gives us Hotjar is milk.

Changes in

very quickie

One last thing. Let’s and seek hummus because I want to show you something we have launched.

are third, not bad, and the image appears, right. This 11 easy recipes will make an ASCO of the code to be put to the categories or tags appear in this, that helps CTR.

We replaced in a few recipes, I think they are 30-40 or so, the highlighted image (which remains to be displayed in SERPs) but here we are putting the video. Example: Hummus.

This is counterproductive for AdSense, and I tell you. Because people often stares video and AdSense ads come in a YouTube video are paid much less and gives you much less money than if people go by scrolling around the page and you’re getting different ads in places where you know, thanks to Hotjar, that there they clicked enough. Then

is unfavorable for our income, but say it would be something like bread today and hunger for tomorrow. Because I advocate enough for the YouTube channel. I want to see what growth rate would get on our YouTube channel only organic traffic that has here and see if a future that can have a positive return compared to what we’re missing now. For today it is enough.

Thank you for being here. See

the Chao!

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