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How I can attract more customers to my florist

marzo 31, 2020


Do you have a flower shop and want to expand your business by opening an online store? These tips will help you get started in this new stage, give wings to your business, attracting new buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

  • Create a web that provides colored

What is the first thing that stands out when you walk into a florist? A pleasant smell and vitality that is defined by the range of colors present. It is difficult to translate these features to a website, but do not give up. Focus on good design that brings that same sense of elation.

  • Know your competition

is important to know the industry in which you move and what are your main competitors.

  • Make a Difference

Sell exotic plants or offer a 24hour service, anything that differentiates you consider that can make a big difference to your competition.

  • Dale importance to the local sale

If you already have a physical florist it is important to take part of your marketing efforts to local sale. Studies show that when people perform a search for a particular area are more willing to make the purchase in the physical store.

So optimize your website for local search results on Google.

  • Make Claims

Being a florist can always offer deals or discounts on certain dates of the year like Valentine or San Jordi if you live in Barcelona.

  • commitment to social and Anúnciate
  • collaborates with other business networks wedding planner, home services serve breakfast at special moments, art departments of film production or series … You have a wide opportunity for networking.

A good way to expand your business and diversify your customers to get more traffic is to collaborate with other businesses like

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  • Create an optimized web SEO
  • Increase your traffic with safe strategies
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  • Create workshops

Engage your customers by creating workshops care of plants or how to make a floral arrangement .

  • Write a blog

is a good way to build trust and authority on the subject. Introduces people in the floral world, or caring for bonsai. The important thing is to offer added value.