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How I got 1 million by 3000 Monthly Visits 301 Redirects

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTv here. In this episode we will do the next video in the series of recipes, the third.

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  • 5 Help us make a cool project
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websites have made tremendous progress in the project of the recipes. The first thing I say is how we will make that merger.

you remember I said tell me what you think about how we should do it. If we begin to merge by the webs above, below or by by means of the .

The answer is none of the three.

There are four of you than you guessed it!

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The will merge all at once . All the same day, I hope, because it’s a lot of work. All at once. Why?

Because it’s the only thing I see somehow that makes sense.

is, if Google seems right merging two websites that point to the same audience because they are not going to look good 3 or 4 or 5 or 220. It is dangerous, but I see you have no problems they have other forms of fusion.

I told you there are chances that penalize us, but if we penalize it and try out some form of the hole.

think it’s the best we can do, do it at once, and it has never done and I really want and curious to know what will happen.

will try, in a structured way, four points explain what we are doing that I think might be interesting.

The logo

Usually I’m a fan of doing things fast and cheap if possible. In fact watches for the project we have made a logo very fast and very cheap. I’ll explain how to do it in a mess.

But for this project, as is a project that is already generating money, important project I’ll do once in life, I thought give a nice logo. Let us not be rácanos .

The logo did with the company 99designs, if not know, is a startup. It is quite expensive, they charge 200 euros odd but you have more than 3000 million making it the logo designers. Going through phases of selection and the final logo that we liked most is this.

was almost unanimous. It resembles rather that of Cookpad but nothing happens because the web hardly remembers Cookpad, right? Well, no, it’s stuck, I told you: copy is good.

Importing sites

How we doing the import of these 200-odd sites into a single site?

What can not do is duplicate content between this website and the websites satellites MBN we already have.

are importing everything with a plugin is called WP all import, payment and is worth about 90-odd euros but you will save hours or days of work. We have imported all websites with all import plugin has default.

We processed the csv because all websites are the same with minor differences, which are those made Raul sweat and work. But we have already finished.

All the webs are imported into the web, but all those recipes index not be in until we do redirections until this all not perfect. And nofollow links should be but we have not yet set, and we will.

The new website:

The idea is to recreate exactly what we had on websites on this website. As we have done?

Basically MBN sites have two types items , which is the ‘home’ and what are the recipes. The ‘home’ in will become categories and recipes of each of these sites will become posts, articles.


‘ll teach you an item: banana fritters.

‘s like Cookpad, ingredients, preparation steps, Facebook comments are because we will also attack videos (we’ll see). I want a viral content because the recipes work well on social networks. And below we see some related.

IMPORTANT: Why we have made the issue of ‘home’ as categories and all that. Because I want to appear related to each of the recipes have to do with these recipes. Why?

For each of these sites had only its related, would make no sense to begin to appear recipes other things that were not donuts, because this was the web buñ or whatever. We have done so, creating categories and then putting recipes within those categories .

With this we have a perfect recipes putting the same content related .

Then I show an entry so you can see how they are. It is typical.

The title and description. For steps we have created some custom fields, each of the steps of the recipe is the ingredients separately and are in another field apart.

Why have we done this? Because we will add for recipes.

In schema can define ingredients, steps, diners, time of realization or outstanding image. And all this we want to take because somehow will help that results searches have that thumbnail and have a rich snippet better than maybe increase the CTR. We are planning well.

So much for recipes.


Now let’s see the ‘home’ that is the best we’ve done so far. Let

a category as an example:

Here you have different categories. Clams or rice to the furnace, which had a website about it. I’m showing all because surely when you see this video and be about to push the button of destruction. 220 301 redirects stroke.

Let’s see the category of black rice:

How strange not list appears! Exactly list does not appear because what we wanted is to recreate the home of the websites of the MBN

If you look closely, you analyze and compare it with the websites of the MBN, are calc. The H1 is black rice, short introduction, there is an open recipe that is the most typical recipe. You can also see that there are still some mistakes but we will solve them.

IMPORTANT: progress is working, you will see errors if you analyze it and see that it is not perfect, it’s normal, it is impossible to have all this good. I’ll refine and will help us in that.

can see the list of recipes with the same configuration, with a link to the recipe name, image link, a link to ‘read recipe’ Total calc. And at the end of the category we have menus that is where we do the interlinking.

I remember that this has no index. Why?

Because if you look closely the links go to the above websites. Now it’s up through the plugin search & replace, change and link to the various categories of the unified web. Ie:

This link goes to recetacocidomadrileñ /,

will go

Interlinking between categories , the interlinking between sites will be an interlinking between categories that will be a carbon copy of what was on the websites, and the websites will be redirected 301 into these categories. Everything is going to be a carbon copy.

Google not play me because everything is the same. Make it work, that we are working well. If you left me explain something, I’ll do in the next RomuTv. You can not imagine the work that goes into this.

Help us make a cool project

question, rather good help please. We are almost 2000 and 4000 eyes see more than 6, so let’s do one thing. The website is already online but not index the contents are there.

Please, if you find errors sure there are, as I have seen here sailing there is an image that should not be, anything, leave a comment, I’ll be helping a lot. You are helping out this project forward really. The we solve and next week we exploit everything already. Press the button of mass destruction, plutonic redirections.

Until the next one!

not hesitate to subscribe to RomuTv is to follow the recipes the current project.

Thank you all for being here.