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How to increase visits 15K day with Content Marketing

marzo 31, 2020


Hello. How furious marketing? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here, and in this episode I will explain how the project have won only 15,000 daily visits by content marketing. Marketing content! This mola.

For SEOs, enjoy it and if you have any questions, me let here and answer and for those who understand not one iota of what I’m saying, it’s okay, you can do this course SEO and going to understand everything in few months. After the course, stopping by my section of Digital Marketing, where you will learn many more techniques to increase your traffic and online visibility effectively.


Today’s video is going to be a bit advanced in some points. But let me make an introduction for all new marketing furious that we have on this channel. is a project that originated from a fusion peak 200 and webs. Those who want to look at history, go to see the show from the beginning. But what matters is that it is now an important site within the sector of prescriptions, has enough traffic and we are working to get even more traffic.

What we do with this site? We amplify your traffic. And why do we do this? Because it gives us money. Let

teach you something.

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What do we want? For example, the following words when people search for recipes such as seafood paella happen:

the first result to appear on the search engines is our web. When people enter this site, the content will appear recipes and some Google Adsense ads. If they clicked on ads (graphics or within the video), we make money.

And that’s the basis of how to make money with Google Adsense liability. what you have already learned.

How do we get this? This is where the issue gets interesting.

Let the Analytics.

You can see when this web did not visit anybody. A web sad, very lonely with just 80 people a day.

Then came the moment when we perform redirections, traffic exploded and doubled the URLs for redirects. Things that happen in SEO.

Note for those new to SEO: When you do 301 redirects the URLs that appear in the SERPs are doubled. That result makes MUHC traffic tripping times, as happened Chemical. But then Google when you make a recrawl, clean those SERPs and leaves only the final URL, those of the new domain and then the traffic returns to its natural state. Which it is what happened in (Do not you fear this, as you will understand from here to a time when you have done the SEO course).

We see a large increase in traffic which must not pay attention because it is a negative SEO attack, which they sent a lot of poor quality traffic to try to lie down. Traffic greatly increased the rebound and coming down much the site in time. But had no effect and because they have not repeated again, for which I am grateful.

Here we see two other traffic peaks that are natural. Typical peaks are occurring in a web of recipes on 24 and 31 December, when everyone wants to be like a pig eating and get to look to look good with the family.

said that. Right now we are stabilized in sesisones 30,000 daily.

have gone from 14,000 to 30,000 content creating social strategies and videos. But basically it is by optimizing existing content and creating new content.

How do we do that optimization of existing content?

In each project you can do differently.

The first thing we must do if we want to optimize old items to increase by traffic of our website is to decide which URLs preferred deserve such treatment. Because we are interested not optimize all URLs of the website, which would be nice. But as in this life limited resources we have to decide what to URLs must be attacked. Because they should be those that provide us with increased traffic.

And how can we do this?

There are different ways. In this case we used Analytcs, is a very direct, very simple. You’ll

behavior, all the pages and put a date range that is at least one month, month and a half, so there are no peaks you distort these URLs, these data. And choose the pages that have more traffic.

We here are deciding to attack, optimize, only the URLs that already have traffic because when you make a change to these URLs with traffic, the results of these changes are noticed before. Traffic up sooner than if you have to finish positioning keywords that still have traction. What also it is important! But now, as we are in the first phase, we do this.

What we have done?

We get a list of these keywords and put a margin (eg. From 10,000 visits). The we catch and export to Excel.

This is our Excel.

The team begins by placing the URLs they find most interesting or have more traction possible to amplify traffic and perform the following actions.

. I find keywords and push opportunity

What you have explained in this post. I’m not going to re-explain, but the keywords of opportunity is one of the best ways for an old content increase your traffic.

. revise and replace if the same image is pixelated, ugly or unacceptable

This MBN I made it and the contents were not really all the good that maybe we could wish, and images either. All these things are cleaning up now.

. put two links in the introduction with content related to interlinking

For example, if we want to position the URL chicken category to the oven, which is one of the most important thing right now is this website and I think still is not in the position 1. One of the best things you can do is empower all recipes chicken oven, which actually are keywords derived from chicken to the oven to catch traffic from those recipes keyword derived support the main category chicken is the URL to the oven.

And how can you do this?

With interlinking. You get these URLs of keywords derived are positioned well in Google, catch traffic from that URL put a link «If you want to find more recipes chicken oven can visit our category» and you put the link to a category of chicken to the oven , is helping very much to that category of chicken oven is positioned. And this is what this interlinking is used.

. Review the content, correct mistakes or typos

very important too.

. make sure the recipe is adequately explained, if not rewrite

quality content. It is very important when you are already fighting for the top positions. To get up there fast or appear on the front page, no, but if you want to be the leader of something you have to bring a lot of value. Quality content, which is what they are doing here.

. correct preparation time, it is added automatically and can be wrong

This I have to confess. It is automatically added preparation time for many recipes is not real, but it is changing times actual preparation. This was done to complete the schema and leave the rich snipets and all this history, but now we’re getting good.

. Once you have reviewed and improved the content, pass it to Noelia for programming on social networks, so we move and drive.

Here the content we’ve improved, we took advantage to put it on a social network (Facebook), and urge him if we see that you have enough social shares. Maybe spending one or two euros (and you will see it in another video), we get that article take much traction and that also helps to position a bit more. It gives social actions. Directly does not have to help but we have noticed that if you upgrade an article and give more quality and above what social traffic and push off days, usually up in the SERPs. And that’s what we were looking for.

All these actions are intended to raise organic traffic. Never forget. The passage from 12,000 to 30,000 has occurred for things like this. By constant work, harassing, using this type of optimization strategies existing content and creating new content based on trends or keywords derived.

. revise and rewrite, if necessary, open recipe

This is when categories. If you look, categories in a recipe entry, have an open recipe. And that we have put it because we have seen that the engagement of the user is much better if you see ingredients and how to prepare a recipe and then put a list of recipes that if only we put the list. In addition, conversion with Adsense is better too. Why in the categories we have put an open recipe. Revise and rewrite to attract more traffic and better positioned.

. Dates reorder category tickets for the most popular or powerful pop up

Why do we do this?

Because if we use Hotjar, we see that most clicks categories, which are the URLs of our website that are trying to position themselves for keywords with more traffic, keywords toughest take (but then in another video will teach a new strategy we are doing to position other high traffic keywords is fucking). What we are doing is putting the recipes that have keywords derived more searches, highest in the categories because they are receiving more clicks, therefore, they receive more users and so we give Google more signals to these URLs are positioned. And are what we most want to position themselves because they are more traffic organically can attract to the web, and also because the more traffic attract through Google searches helps the category to position itself, which is the keyword that has more searches for such recipes.

This is the work that is being done to increase that occurs naturally organic traffic using the old optimization strategy content.

And that is as much as the creation of new content. It’s constant. We are constantly detecting worthwhile content to be improved, in the same way that we are constantly creating new content. For us it is just as important as the other thing. 50-50.

Metéroslo head. It is very mportant optimize existing content. In addition, the return is faster than in creating new content.

I’m going to say I’ll keep uploading videos like RomuTV of the principle in which answering questions directly. The only thing I am going to ask is that you go to this URL and let the question here.

for two reasons. First, because it is impossible to try to organize all this with hasthags, it is much better to have an Excel with all emails we receive, and second because I like your email dais. I have your email that is one thing that makes me happy and in return I will teach you what you do with your emails. The type of lead nurturing I’ll do. I also say, and the undersigned you know, I should be the marketer sends emails least the world because I have not sent any. So ye not afraid to spam.

Thank you for your attention. See you at the next RomuTV.

the Chao!