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How to increase your CTR with fragments Featured Highlights or Google Snippets

marzo 30, 2020


‘ve ever heard of them and may not have given them important. Let’s parrot! Because Highlights fragments can be a great ally for traffic and rank your website. You want to know how? I’ll tell you everything. You’ll be surprised!

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  • 1 1.- What are the Featured or Featured Snippets Snippets
  • 2 2. Types of Rich Snippets2.1 2.1. The Rich Snippet destacado2.2 2.2. Rich Snippets of eventos2.3 2.3. Rich Snippets business or organización2.4 2.4. Rich Snippets of música2.5 2.5. Rich Snippets of cine2.6 2.6. Rich Snippets of producto2.7 2.7. Rich Snippets of recetas2.8 2.8. Rich Snippets for reviews or opiniones2.9 2.9. Rich Snippets of vídeo2.10 2.10. Snippets of geolocalización2.11 2.11. Snippets of tabla2.12 2.12. Snippets of breadcrumb or crumb pan2.13 2.13. Snippets of noticias2.14 2.14. Snippets professional or contact
  • 2.1 2.1. The Rich Snippet outstanding
  • 2.2 2.2. Rich Snippets of events
  • 2.3 2.3. Rich Snippets business or organization
  • 2.4 2.4. Rich Snippets music
  • 2.5 2.5. Rich Snippets film
  • 2.6 2.6. Rich Snippets Product 2.7 2.7
  • . Rich Snippets for recipes
  • 2.8 2.8

  • . Rich Snippets for reviews or opinions
  • 2.9 2.9

  • . Rich Snippets video
  • 2.10 2.10

  • . Snippets geolocation 2.11 2.11
  • . Snippets table
  • 2.12 2.12

  • . Snippets of breadcrumb or breadcrumb
  • 2.13 2.13

  • . Snippets of news
  • 2.14 2.14

  • . Snippets professional or contact
  • 3 3. What benefits have Rich Snippets
  • 4 4. What disadvantages or problems may lead to the Rich Snippets
  • 5 5. How to compete with Google in Google
  • 6 5.- How implementarlos6.1 how to implement rich snippets in WordPress.6.2 Create fields personalizados6.3 Where to place the code?
  • 6.1 Implementing the rich snippets in WordPress.
  • 6.2 Creating custom fields
  • 6.3 Where to place the code?
  • 7 6. How to verify that they are well implemented
  • 2.1 2.1. The Rich Snippet outstanding
  • 2.2 2.2. Rich Snippets of events
  • 2.3 2.3. Rich Snippets business or organization
  • 2.4 2.4. Rich Snippets music
  • 2.5 2.5. Rich Snippets film
  • 2.6 2.6. Rich Snippets Product 2.7 2.7
  • . Rich Snippets for recipes
  • 2.8 2.8

  • . Rich Snippets for reviews or opinions
  • 2.9 2.9

  • . Rich Snippets video
  • 2.10 2.10

  • . Snippets geolocation 2.11 2.11
  • . Snippets table
  • 2.12 2.12

  • . Snippets of breadcrumb or breadcrumb
  • 2.13 2.13

  • . Snippets of news
  • 2.14 2.14

  • . Snippets professional or contact
  • 6.1 Implementing the rich snippets in WordPress.
  • 6.2 Creating custom fields
  • 6.3 Where to place the code?

1. What are the Featured or Featured Snippets Snippets

The Rich Snippets are those that have seen additional lines that appear under some Internet search results and enrich the information given to the user on the content of the page in question. These fragments, which may include diverse data we shall see, are articulated through and are valid for all three major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The snippet that show the searchers series includes the title, description and URL. The Rich Snippets, which began operating in 2009 in Google offer more data on the page. If you implement this type of microformats in your posts, search results will be more striking, so they stand out above the rest and increase your CTR, among other benefits.

For example, which of these three results more catches your eye?

Logically, stars, assessment and indication that there is a review of the article make the second of the results stand out from the rest.

The effect of Rich Snippets is similar to that provide links site, internal links on your site that sometimes is associated with a result, as seen in the following two examples:

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The flow of information peeks at a glance, both with links site as with Rich Snippets, it makes us understand that the page that shows is much more complete than not have them, but then it may not be true in all cases necessarily. Anyway, in order to stand out from the rest it is done.

2. Types of Rich Snippets

Let’s see what types of Rich Snippets exist today and how to optimize your publications to promote appear in search engine results.

Keep in mind that is not something eternal and unchanging, since Google is introducing or removing snippets types with the passage of time depending on their interests or trends of the moment.

For example, years ago had an impact on the use of snippets of copyright, including photo, but withdrew in mid-2014 shortly after those images and names also disappeared.

2.1. The Rich Snippet prominent

the Rich Snippet prominent, relatively recent, is the largest of the functional considerations that Google can grant one of your content as it will be showing in a top box as the answer most appropriate and relevant to search a particular user.

Before the ideal position for an article was to appear at number 1 of the SERPs. Now there is a zero position, which is to highlight the Rich snippet showing directly part of the contents of your publication as hook and right under your link. This generates more clicks, more visibility and higher conversion rate for the lucky ones who occupy that space.

2.1.1. How to achieve the Rich Snippet highlighted?

Well, Google itself does not officially given any parameters to ensure getting as quoted placed on the results, which only look above to paid advertising, if any. What we can do is optimize our content to be a serious candidate to become prominent Rich snippet.

is simply thinking about key Google. Ie if the seeker what he wants is to give quids things as possible to its users, do the same and asks questions that can give the best answer. Then prepares your texts with semantic richness, using your keywords and keywords long-tails and derivatives, and have a promising ballots to fill coveted space.

A report by Search Engine Land points out that getting put an issue on Rich Snippet highlighted grown in sessions 51.65% while conversions soared from 2% to 8%.

2.1.2. Optimize content to be highlighted Rich Snippet

Here the key is to know what people ask and the type of answer you are looking to find. Nothing more and nothing less. Google does all this looking to the future and with an eye to the increasing use of voice search through the smartphone.

The web Stone Temple did an experiment: 850.000 formulated questions to Google and 19.5% of them obtained a Rich Snippet outstanding response.

In other words, Google displays content featured in this space so noble for one out of five questions will formulate its users. Main analysis show that the optimal length of a paragraph Rich Snippet is about 40 to 50 words.

A good way to «propose» our content is title them and / or joint key our words around questions of style «What is …», «How to …», «How», «How to …», » Why … «, etc. Moz collected in a study of 1.4 million Rich Snippets major questions formulas (in the graph, in English):

That would enter either directly in the usual process of finding keywords, the tool with which you feel most comfortable: Ahrefs, SEMRush,, planner Google Adwords keywords, etc.

If you are looking for a free option in this case is ideal, you can use that from a keyword offers the same related questions most people usually do. It also makes it quick and with a very attractive interface. Cojonuda quite a tool that is not all worth it should and that also includes the Spanish market keywords among its functions.

And after the question, the other crucial part: the answer. It should be comprehensive, detailed and reasoned as possible. That does not necessarily mean it is a Bible long. Be more or less long your article, the fewer traces of doubt about the issue in question leave the reader more likely you are to be chosen as the best.

Moral: Write your reader thinking and not on Google. One will take you by the hand to the other.

It helps to include graphics, screenshots examples, videos … The more sugar, sweeter. Make an exercise in abstraction, read your article as if you know nothing about the subject and ask if you have understood everything and if you have any doubts. You can also ask someone outside the subject that do for you and then ask me to explain.

2.1.3. Does it affect your position in SERPS?

Yes, because Google select the best answer logically positioned between the best pages for that search. Otherwise it would be a paradox, a contradiction.

Moz A study of nearly a thousand featured snippets revealed that 70% correspond to results located between the first or third. The remaining 30% lay hold underperformed arriving even the post 71.

For example, the snippet highlight for «how to make popcorn» is as follows:

That page appears in fourth place. But what if we test the interrogative adverb removing?

If we simply «Popcorn» without the «how» we see that the page starring the Rich Snippet highlight appears in fifth place on the first page:

Since increasingly Google includes in its first page different types of content for a consultation (videos, post blogs, news, websites …) we conclude that any result shown on the first page of the SERPS is likely to be chosen as a featured snippet.

In addition, the constant desire to Google for showing the most judicious result, the snippet may highlight for a question change over time if the algorithm detects no better than originally chose. So do not put down your arms if yours has not been chosen. You will always have options if you are among the top ten. In fact, it often happens that for the same search returns the highlighted snippet sometimes yes, sometimes no.

According to the study cited above de Moz, there are other factors that come into play in the algorithm chooses the Snippets Rich such as the time of the user, the social engagement and the format or number of words in the articles.

2.2. Rich Snippets of events

Especially useful for websites that work with calendars and events scheduled, they allow display in search results date and / or time and the place where will take place the same. Google enabled a program called Data Highlighter to implement them.

2.3. Rich Snippets business or organization

Google began displaying the data associated with businesses or organizations (address, phone number, opening hours and attention to the public, etc.) under the usual snippets, but evolved and now shows you all of that and more (reviews social networking, its own platform, photos, related businesses, etc …), in a section on the right of the search page (when you come from the computer) and first results when you do by phone.

This change comes precisely from the unstoppable growth of smartphones and tablets as primary search appliances.

2.4. Rich Snippets of music

In this case happens the same, grouping the rich snippet under the result has been to deploy to the right with all the options available to a single click:

That was before …

… And now

2.5. Rich Snippets film

If looking for a movie, in some’ll still finding snippets results with additional information, but can do little to what Google offers. Example: look for «La La Land» and get this:

And right (desktop) and very similar in Mobile also found this:

against Arsenal this information, and I you tell how you can actually compete is the first organic search result, after Google itself, though in this case Filmaffinity remain bound in its megablock:

2.6. Rich Snippets Product


The product rich snippets showing photo, price, description, availability, etc, became better life with the advent of Google Shopping. The rule of the Mountain View giant is going monopolizing all, as we see:

2.7. Rich Snippets for recipes

to the kitchen has not yet entered Google. While choosing a highlight for searches for «recipe (whatever you want)» snippet, the rest of the results are including those who have them, their rich snippets:

2.8. Rich Snippets for reviews or opinions

The product reviews still retain the essence of the original snippet rich. Estrellitas include valuation, date and even the name of the author of the review or analysis. They are very important in the case of online stores, as buyers take full account of the views of other customers or Expert reviews about the products or services in which they are interested.

2.9. Rich Snippets video

More than a rich snippet is actually a format more than search result. Google includes videos as almost obligatory for any search fee, if they exist, and how difficult is it not. Youtube are, their property since more than ten years ago, and Dailymotion, and usually show a thumbnail with sobreimpresionada duration, upload date and the author:

2.10. Snippets geolocation

Thanks to Google Maps and Google Street View, the search giant is able to offer the geolocation of the sites. Those who have been placed on platforms above-mentioned, the tab includes photos and map, and even how busy these places are in real time:

2.11. Table snippets

A versatile example of rich snippet. Attaches the data you want to highlight. Usually usually two lines, two elements for each:

2.12. Snippets of breadcrumb or breadcrumb

not’ve probably come to realize, but the search results may include in the site for the url a bread crumb that tells the reader the exact location within your web occupying the page in question. At the end and Cape, while the url that is not linked, so if you have an almost better «ugly» url show your structure.

In the following example, the first is a normal result and the second with the rich snippet breadcrumb:

2.13. Snippets of news

If you have a news website, display them on Google News will bring you traffic. That creates a Google News sitemap:

2.14. Snippets professional or contact

as LinkedIn allow

Pages give visibility to your professional or personal information in the organic searches:

3. What benefits have Rich Snippets

The benefits of these rich content that can put free in our pages are obvious, as you could be seeing in the examples.

We will report more traffic to the achieve stand out from the rest of results that do not. Simply occupy more space makes our tab look more than the others and also more complete look.

But besides giving us greater visibility in the organic searches, will also help to generate an image of trust and credibility of our brand.

Another point to consider is that, seeing in advance what you offer your web, when the user decides to visit already know what you want, and know that it will find, so the bounce rate of your website will decrease the same time increasing your CTR.

If they were few reasons, remember that using these microdata are killing, because not only are valid for Google but also Bing and Yahoo for several birds with one stone.

can conclude that you have Rich Snippets helps position, albeit indirectly, so yes, you want to invest time and effort into them.

Therefore, paraphrasing Moz guys, do a favor to your site and start creating content geared to generate such prominent fragments.

4. What disadvantages or problems may lead to the Rich Snippets

The main drawback Rich Snippets can present is to reduce the CTR of your website. But, man, do not you just said a moment ago that it increase? Yes but not always.

The reason is simple. Especially in the case of the highlights snippets, you may fragment or summary of your article that Google shows headlining the first page of search resolve the question of how well the user will avoid having to go to your website.

According to the study of Stone Temple, Google attributes -enlazando- the information shown in snippets featured in 75% of cases.

That means one out of four times it does not, although it is for cases where the data provided in the public domain.

is true that since there has been no Internet pages that have benefited offering this type of content, but now, increasingly, are going to go see their traffic fall significantly. They are able to do little more than kicking since Google has the same right to show them these public information.

5. How to compete with Google on Google

Let’s see now a few examples showing that Google wants to be increasingly autonomous in the sense of not relying (on the whole) of the webs when responding questions from users. And different response formats (charts, graphs, Sliders …) that you are offering and that are changing every day the appearance of your searches.

Say you want to know when is the birthday of the tennis player Rafa Nadal or how old. In both cases we get the following:

can try personality you want, in every case it goes like … And link to nowhere. In the tab on the right yeah, Wikipedia. But it is already. Pages devoted to biographies or ephemeris received from this so many fewer visits, undoubtedly.

Let’s see what happens if we ask how tall a building of world renown.

throws us the exact result as well as three other buildings related. In this case, very very discretito, it includes a link to the source.

What if we make the search more accurate? Let’s try «How tall is the Empire State Building in meters?»

In this case already provides a Rich Snippet highlighted with link, but the Wikipedia. Encyclopaedic website has benefited from the new way to show results in Google and appears frequently featured.

Let’s try putting it a little harder. Let a more arbitrary question. For example: what is larger, the Eiffel Tower or the Empire:

Now, finally, Google shows us a different result itself or Wikipedia. The conclusion is that if you want to position content in the public domain, you’ll have to give some twist. If the user asks generalities, you can not compete on Google with Google. So the only option you have left is to be extremely vertical, in order to appear and be chosen as the best result for more specific searches.

But the voracity or the autonomy of Google, whatever you want to call it, goes beyond generalities. If we want to know how unemployment in Spain, the browser saves us read any news to respect.

shows us what a graph where further compares with Greece and Italy and with previous years. Google’s weakness in this case are the latest results. Points out, therefore, that the data fresh from the oven can be a good asset for your publications.

Other sites affected by the latest Google practices are the websites that show lyrics.

Look what happens if someone searches for the lyrics of the song «When a man loves a woman». Google sample almost complete and submitted to Google Play Music.

not occur only in the British market. Seek, for example, a Spanish classic, «The Girl From Yesterday»:

There you have it. Why do that? Well, Google’s answer to that question, according to company spokespeople, is showing integrity lyrics for which they are authorized to do so. No need to be very clever to know that eventually showing them all, albeit to hit book.

with movies, we group them in a list in slide format if asked by the films of any actor or director. Again, the vast majority of links refer to Wikipedia.

If we are more specific in the question, things can change. This is true if we ask «Comedy Angelina Jolie»:

Another novelty is that Google included in its results «in Google made» to interactive applications.

If we ask «How many calories have a pizza», offers a form for us to tell what kind of pizza you want to know. Unsourced small, but honestly not going to need as your doubt will be well satisfied with your immediate response.

Another example of information that you will not use public have to look elsewhere:

Lists are the only format where there is still room for anyone who would work well. In these cases, theirs is to be long enough so that Google includes the «Read More» or «More items» and send them to your website. Otherwise, we may be in them: Rich Snippet teaches in prominent your list and saves the user’s visit to your website.

5. How to implement

First you must know what rich snippets are applicable to your website for the project and would realize we were going to search «recipes» that shows a list of all structured data applicable to a urls containing a recipe:

There are many ways to implement rich snippets, but we recommend is through JSON-LD, which will concentrate us all the information needed in a few lines code. We will continue with the example of recipes, but both how in can find the one that best suits your project.

In case your website is very basic and only have html, simply will have to change the values ​​of this example, for your data.

However, most websites have a content management system such as WordPress.

How to deploy the Rich Snippets WordPress.

IMPORTANT: We recommend to have FTP access to hand and make a backup of your subject before making any changes, since this way to implement the rich snippets require minimal programming skills.

The first step is to see all the variables we need to implement the code. Here is a list of the most típicas.Título: Link: Date: Author: Featured image:

With these variables can substitute its value to the page you visit. The problem is that depending on the type of structured data you need, wordpress default does not have those fields. However, there is a solution, custom fields.

Create custom fields

To apply these fields will edit any entry or page, above all in display options

activate the option of custom fields.

Once activated below to see that featured a box where we will put our fields. For example, if we need the field of ingredients to make a recipe, we press the option «New» and add the field, in this case called «ingredientes_recetas» with comma separated values.

and pressed «Add a custom field.»

We create all required fields for structured data:

Once created all required fields get_post_meta can use the function (); to obtain the values.

Then you have a small piece of code all the variables defined above:

As you can see we have created several fields like description, preparation times and some other more.

Furthermore, this line here:

is a special field to indicate that entry or page is a recipe and thus prevent non recipes show an error.

All multiple fields how the ingredients you need to use json_encode () function and separate them by commas with the Explode function to display them well.

Where to place the code?

This code should go anywhere HTML code, but we recommend it in just before the to improve the loading speed of the page. So we can put in the footer.php of our subject.

The final result in code is as follows:

6. Verifying

well implemented

you can check if implemented correctly through the checking tool Google structured data.

In our case this is the result:

In this case both the assessment would fail to add recipe as nutritional intake.