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How to make money online with a TSA (2/5)

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons here. Let the RomuTV 14.

time to talk about TSA, Interlinking, to the best of linkbuilding, traffic, positioning it seems that things can not be done but they work … Video TSA

Index number 2. [ Show]

  • 1 What I have to make my TSA work?
  • 2 Categories of the TSA2.1 How to Write for the user so SEO orientada2.2 where we have put links to categories and why
  • 2.1 How to Write for the user so
  • 2.2 oriented SEO Where have put links to the categories and why
  • 3 Inspecting the categories of our TSA3.1 Why «buy blouses skulls»? 3.2 How to insert a shortcode to become products in our TSA
  • 3.1 Why «buy blouses skulls» ?
  • 3.2 How to insert a shortcode to become products in our TSA
  • 4 Productos4.1 Uploading products to your store TSA4.2 How to modify the product page in WordPress to be noindex
  • 4.1 Uploading products Store your TSA
  • 4.2 How to modify the product page in WordPress to be noindex
  • 5 Interlinking5.1 How the link is passed juice to the «cluster links» with the Interlinking Chain (INC)
  • 5.1 How

  • passes the link you juice to the «cluster links» with the Interlinking Chain (INC)
  • 6 VACILEO: Positions and sales achieved without links
  • 7 nO lINKS
  • 8 How is it possible that this web is positioned if not It has links?
  • 2.1 How to Write for the user so
  • 2.2 oriented SEO Where have put links to the categories and why
  • 3.1 Why «buy blouses skulls»?
  • 3.2 How to insert a shortcode to become products in our TSA
  • 4.1 Uploading products to your store TSA
  • 4.2 How to change the product page in WordPress to be noindex
  • 5.1 How it happens the link juice to the «cluster links» with the Interlinking Chain (INC)

what I have to make my TSA work?

is the second video in which I explain how goes a TSA. What you need to do to make it work, you do not need to copy what we have done in the home, in the pages of categories, products. How to set up the little things and what we have achieved.

A the end there is a special section to be called «vacileando» with the TSA, which I’ll explain a little bit what we obtained in a single week.

not know if you’ve seen the video SEMRush, but for those who have not seen and do not believe what links:

Well, we started.

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TSA Let’s

First thing I have to say, «Thank you for the logo, man. »

am very grateful and I put the largest logo in the history of the web. It goes from side to side. Just to say «thank you» for this logo cojonudo so I have sent, I do not remember your name, but you’re a fucking guy.

What we have done on this site?

I wanted a super-controlled web: there are no menus, no sidebars, there is nothing to be superficial. All that is worth its weight in skulls, okay?

To ubicaros a little in the history of this site if going to not going to find anything because there has almost a year of life, has two and a half weeks.

The first week we put a text on the home and nothing else, I forgot about the subject because I have many things to do. But one of vosotro told me «But Uncle what are you doing? We’re all here watching the web, a TwentyForteen with a text that sucks. »

And you’re right. So I put my batteries.

And last week wrote the text and cover and change a little bit the web. Now it is more decent.

How to Write for the user so

Important SEO oriented. Speaking of home. What I’ve done here? First, a text that is not SEO optimized, say it is SEO oriented.

As good of the TSA is that the cover does not have to be positioned, which is just positioning, but is not the main goal, I wrote this: Shop online articles with skulls.

Here I have many variables:

Shop with skulls or skull, skulls online store, goods store skulls, items with skulls, skulls articles online …. Many variations to the end, well, we can get some traffic.

The most important thing is that the text has to connect with the user .

If someone enters this site organically, you have to feel identified.

not have to see a text that says: «In our shop skulls are getting the best articles that have skulls rings, we tights, leggings and we have everything.» No, that gives a stick balls.

try to connect with people, the text says: «Here you are and are one of us, do not want in your shirt logo of a horse playing polo or a crocodile or a swallow, nor want to charge you 10 times its value just for that. »

right, because we are saying that things are not going to be very expensive and we parted a little of all designer clothes. We say «we like you.»

After much more text, below. I take the opportunity later on to other things.

where we have put links to the categories and why

Most importantly, I decided that in the only home I’ll have right now are links to categories, okay?

Do you remember that I told you those pages scarves skulls, pictures of skulls, all of skulls, masks …? That’s all I want to have.

Why? Why I want to control everything, am very controlling in this topic .

How did I do?

with a gallery of WordPress. I’ve seen enough people asking ourselves how we’ve done to put custom links in WordPress gallery.

We used a plugin: WP Gallery Custom Links.

important thing is that you do not need to copy them to sack.

This I have done so because I have wanted to do so. I could have done 50,000 other ways. All you need is to have all the categories in the home and a link to the categories.

What you can do as pleases, with galleries, another topic text, a link and a photo. It gives me absolutely equal. What I want is to have a link to there, okay?

want transmit traffic direct from the home , -and linkjuice -. I just want this as it is.

Have you caught the topic? We move on to the next thing are the categories. Inspecting

categories of our TSA

This is a category of the TSA. The URL in this case is

not pay too much attention to this because I’ve done tests on this website. I put blouses in another because I would be the equivalent blouses-de-calaveras, I blouses in another post-skulls. I’m offloading to know what positions better, because I like to tell me things basis.

The important thing is a link to the categories. These texts are the texts that told you of the categories.

And that’s down here is the interlinking. I show you below.

These texts have not written me, that of the cover itself. I wrote the cover to give a pattern to editors because wanted the entire web and not have that copy was super optimized .

In fact, when the drafters put here too often the word blouses skull I changed or changed the preposition and placed or removed blouses, put smock or any synonym that has to do with blouses.

Not SEO optimized.

Why «buy blouses skulls»?

Because I want to be a compromise text . want the word buy is in an H2 and then want a H3.

also wanted the word shop in a H3 or H2, because it’s all transactional shops, buy the product and said a thousand different ways. This I already explained it in the first video.

This is a category that is linked from the home which we then used to show items and make the interlinking.

‘ll show a category that already have products. OK? The masks.

How to insert a shortcode to become products in our TSA

«skull masks» the H1. Here’s products, this is a store!

How did we do? With that I told you shortcode. I have often wondered: «How does that of the shortcode? Are we what you teach? » Of course man.

We edit page.

This, friends, is the famous shortcode.

Two corchecitos «product category», this is the call to the mask category of skulls and three columns. You can put in three columns, two columns … it’s that simple.

This is what makes all items to be displayed anywhere in the store. In the categories, inbound posts, I have not had time to do, but we have already had results, that’s cool. Anywhere.

And this is what makes the dynamic call, what I said to If at any time you climb a product in WooCommerce, which is in no index. All pages, categories, post inbound, anything with this shortcode will display the updated results.

showing signs of freshness to Google, without having to edit any other page. They will all be updated so that easy.

You have seen as the home page, a page is actually a super category optimized because the URL is

‘s like a page-level URL is SEO optimized level.

also is a store that has the products, the text below and then the interlinking.

are now ready categories and let the TSA are the following products.

The Products

Uploading products to your store TSA

We are in the third part of the video and will teach the sheet which really give a damn because it is in noindex-.

But I’ll show you how to put in a little noindex and how to register a product in WooCommerce with membership, something super easy it is effortless. Let

a sheet so you can see how it is.

If you see the URL of the product (, can get an idea that is so cool.

also a fucking thin content because, as we go very fast, here’s just the same photo of Amazon.

What else is there? No text, nothing. Go shit page!

Right, so is noindex.

If the user clicks on both the mask and «buy now» go to Amazon. If you click on the related products will remain on the Web.

How did we get this?

is very easy. I’ll teach you how. I’ll show you how to register a product and I’ll show you how to put it into noindex.

WooCommerce In the menu, go to «Products», click «Add Product» and give it a title to your product.

modified «simple product» to «external product / affiliate».

In the «http», put the URL of the affiliate product that you have.

You put the price here.

left bar asignáis the product image.

Done. You give to publish. You already have the product that I have no mercy before running. That easy.

What does it take to do this? Nothing.

And every time you do this, what happens? All categories are updated with new look, with new content, with new story.

But what you have created which is a caca-, which is the page of the product is not indexed , nothing, that’s just to convert to Google does not need. And then how we put it to be indexed ?.

How to modify the product page in WordPress to be noindex

Go to the Yoast SEO plugin by. Click «Titles and meta tags» and in «Products» noindex lay it. Let him well and give to save. And that’s it. The products are in noindex.

That’s all. It is done. We spent the following.


To download Excel that we used to make our interlinking, click here.

The aim of this Excel is get no loops links between different categories and categories that are more difficult to position receive stronger links.

More links, more user signals, more of everything.

So what have we done?

An Excel with all category pages, which are the keywords that have sought: if pins skulls buttons skulls, skulls earrings …

All keywords have ordered the monthly searches. The more you have more searches are down. This has 150, 300, 1000, 1300, 9000, 40500, that is crazy. All keywords TSA have many searches if you know how to find.

So what is what we have done?

The web number one pin of skulls, is number two skulls panties.

What do you mean, for example, have a skull panties one here?

means having a link from page one. Means there will be a link from skulls pin skulls panties.

Why? On this page pin skull not seek or Christ and panties skull seek 10 people, therefore, as this is more difficult to position has a link inbound and this has none because it is very easy to position .

What else does this mean?

the page number one has a link to posters of skulls, a link to flags with skulls, a link to boots with skulls, a link to vinyls with skulls …

This page, the first, pin, it is very easy to position – so you do not get anything. gets nothing and gives everything, okay? Poor pin sacrifice for the Horde.

And as you see, panties page skulls, will have a link to pants skulls, an internal link halfway toward skulls, a link to ashtrays respectively skulls and so we move forward.

For example, the page number 14, has a link to bags skulls and a link to tissue skulls.

What we get with this? I never have a link to itself or to a less important link, do I explain me?

never got those pages have a link to themselves with that dark zone, this void. O that do not have links to pages less searches, less important . Pages that require less positioning force.

Say the interlinking, the link juice, the positioning force or wants you to call him, always going from strength to strength.

The skull tissue, for example, it is more difficult to position, and has five inbound links. The shirts already has six, see?

Increasingly, the more difficult it is to position the pages, get more links and getting this, we get that never generate any flow loops and always force to where we want.

How the link is passed juice to the «cluster links» with the Interlinking Chain (INC)

Let’s say first is the home of skulls and then we have all these pages are the same level, because they are categories, ¿ OK? The

have ordered that we have fewer searches more. And those who have less searches, always will link to pages that are down, okay? The same.

A the end what we will get is that many entrees have more links, another has only inbound links from one point.

As you can see, the more difficult to position more force can suck more sites and we have everything controladísimo.

here say that no loops, no menus, no sidebar, there is nothing uncle. Here everything goes where we want. This way all positions quickly, okay?

And this, ladies and gentlemen, SEOS of the world, is controlled interlinking I have taught. Pin, all the strength that comes into pins, everything that comes from the home to the pins then go to the panties, then to the flags towards the stickers or to masks, etc.


The simplest are the pages of positioning, outbound links are more difficult to position internal pages.

VACILEO: Positions and sales achieved without links

The vacileo of the nordo for those who do not believe this works.

Basically, you have to think that the first week on this website all we did was put a lousy text on the home and did nothing. In the second we publish texts and two days ago we finished the interlinking.

This site does not have links, huh?

This site does not have links.



Except for one, okay? which is to Romuald Fons – put it there long but Romuald Fons has an age of three months. That is, just a link from Romuald Fons. And look what’s here.

This is the Serpbook – I’m just traqueando the main keywords but no links have this. Position 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 … You see? It’s fucking great!

First have positioned the simplest, then they are more difficult to go up. And with that, this website has texts, right now this site has two weeks and two days already have traffic.

In fact, organically I think it is having a hundred and some organic daily visits and up. It also has quite referral because you are there every dale hit you looking skulls. I think it’s almost double, good brand direct search.

How is it possible that this website is positioned if no links?

Damn, because it is a very upright web , speaking of skulls, with skulls cool texts that lets you clear to Google for keyword and all its derivatives has to position each of your URLs.

Right now is a web that shows the user to find what you want, because you are looking mask skulls and lands on a web of skulls that have masks of skulls. That already gives enough good signs to Google as to position for keywords that, even without a competition Shizz, do have traffic.

Another thing I have to say, thank you, because I have respected and not have put me links, all ye that SEOs out there, you’re seeing me, I have not screwed up the experiment. Maybe you do it now, I do not know.

This will continue positioning and still have not begun to make inbound, I’ll leave it for the next video. That makes traffic inbound trips.

But only a web, a clear and you can position texts, can have organic traffic and you can sell.

If your website is also created with Orbital Theme, have a higher rate of sales since this template will favor the creation of your TSA and your ranking in Google. I recommend you try it as soon as possible and if you do not, your money will be refunded without having to give an explanation.

Come, see you in the next video in the TSA.

the Chao!

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