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How to make money online with a TSA (3/5)

marzo 30, 2020


Hello. How are you? Romuald Fons here. RomuTV is number 19 and today speak of the TSA and inbound.

I also want to say that we have started a new series of videos called cortitos ASCOseries, meaning Gee Learn Seo Cagando to answer questions very cortitas. I will try to get YouTube traffic.

At the end of the video will talk about the linkbuilding in the TSA, do not miss it.

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  • 1 by Inbound DeCalaveras
  • 2 TRADITIONAL Inbound
  • 3 Another example of Article Inbound: gallery coloring
  • 4 Inbound social attraction
  • 5 Article inbound: voting lists
  • 6 Termination: traffic interested in your topic attracts your website

Making Inbound DeCalaveras

Basically I mean Decalaveras experiment is going well, I’m having a great and tracking is fucking great.

I have friends who are in the business of domain registration and me are saying that buying those beginning with «de» have soared crazy. You’re like a fucking goat, my mother, is all taken. All.

Today I want to talk a bit about the inbound, which is the way we get much traffic expand our web.

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want you to understand that there is no single way to make inbound, as there are many different types of users that you can visit, there are many different ways to get them to come to your web.

Imagine, though actually not, but imagine it’s like honey will attract flies.

Traditional Inbound

We will explain various types of inbound.

I’m going to give an example of traditional inbound, which is the inbound by which you create a content type Wikipedia to explain or respond well some kind of question that many people look .

For example, here in decalaveras have made one called Calaveras Mexicanas . Mexican skulls molan an egg.

are skulls, but in Mexico beyond the subject of death treat him very well. It’s like fun, have a Day of the Dead is a tremendous feast, take heed to Youtube because it is a past riding things seem Fallas here.

Anyway, molan much Mexican skulls and what we’ve done is create a very cool content, content the best there is on the Internet, or have tried, on «Mexican calaveras» explaining a little origin . We

cool photos, how to make Mexican skulls and put a YouTube video (which gives a little scary). We talk about the subject of the dead that I have explained the meaning of Mexican skulls …

All these H2 are keyword variations. yep within the text will see that we have talked a lot of skulls, skulls, catrinas, Mexican skulls, Mexican skulls. There are many variations of keywords, why?

Because we tried to extend much the record by which people can end here.

Do you remember those words of opportunity that I said?

As this text is done so that occur many of these keywords.

Wikipedia type is a text explaining something cool, better than most sites out there outside, with many images and that has to do with skulls.

So Google understands that if this site will only skulls, if you speak of Mexican calaveras, which can be interesting and tell gain traffic. I think is now in the position veintipico is a keyword that has 40 . 500 searches or 45 . 000, fucking crazy.

is there, we have created and we have left.

The idea is to create ten or fifteen of these texts, but they have to be just texts as well.

Another example of Article Inbound: gallery coloring

«Calaveras coloring» is another very cool keyword that many people are looking for. But here it would make sense to make a super long text in Wikipedia plan because looking skulls coloring coloring they want skulls, tocho not read a half-hour history of life.

So I made an article, this I did. I went to Google, searched coloring skulls, skulls took coloring and made a gallery of WordPress.

A each of the skulls they put a name change keyword : skull coloring, nice skulls coloring, humorous skulls coloring skulls for chidas coloring, which is kind of cool in Mexico, Mexican skulls coloring , sugar skulls …

A bunch of keywords, images also have such termination, calaveras-Mexican-para-colorear.jpg.

A text cortito and down a video explaining how Mexican skulls are colored. Remember, we have to respond to what people want to find, okay?

This item is perfect for answer what people want to find when looking skulls coloring.

There, no more is needed.

Many coloring pictures, that can open big, download, print. Calaveras coloring and printing is another keyword and I think it’s around here.

I put in the little text, H2 and H3 in there, all variations I could, descriptions of my images are H3. I have done so expressly and video to be more SEO onpage, to see how color and because it is useful.

This is another example of inbound that position can be reached by creating a content that will attract people who would be interested in a site like ours that goes skulls.

Another example of content: viral.

Inbound social attraction

«These skulls with bonsai back life to the dead»

is an article that went viral long in the United States and we found it with Buzzsumo, a really cool tool that is great to find articles in other languages ​​that have viralizado a lot. The

can take and translate to Spanish.

So you believe an article, usually items have many more images than text, headers have enough, enough H2, subtitles so people do not waste time reading.

This I take it, you put it on Facebook, looking for some Fanpages of the subject and ask administrator to publish it. then you can viralizar and bring traffic cojón .

And hence the same, with shortcodes we can drift into our shop, to what we want.

These are three examples of items I’ve done.

But now I am going to put another.

inbound Article: voting lists

I have a relative who is making a TSA (Xavi Hello !, how are you?).

has made a TSA called «» that’s a little fucked up because there is much Youtube, much video there.

When you are looking cartoon anything out YouTube videos because people usually want to see, but a good niche because there are cartoon backpacks and much to go to the school.

And we’ve seen an article that could work for inbound issue are the cartoon series of the 80s quite Wanted and also has enough social share.

But that article does not have to be neither a super article 2,000 words, not a social article, or a gallery with pictures to paint or anything, but it has to be a list vote.

You put there Dragon Ball, Knights of the Zodiac, Arare … whatever (hell, my childhood … Dogtanian I is that I am a little longer viejete) and let’s go people voting A list with feedback.

Then people start to vote and that can bring you a lot of organic traffic . I think the one that’s first 20 minutes with the best drawings of 80 or so.

Conclusion: traffic interested in your topic attracts your website

The idea is that you can do many different things to bring to you organic traffic without the your store.

is how to use the blog to your shop, which is just that, to attract people without competition to make your articles.

People to rough, a lot of organic traffic, this is the inbound. After a science behind the inbound, okay? Traffic segmentation, how they amplify, how it converts more, how we can expand this.

There are whole websites engaged viral only do companies engage only the inbound, but you have to stay with this idea.

the Chao!

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