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How to make money online with a TSA (4/5)

marzo 30, 2020


Hello, how are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. Today we will talk about gains the TSA and what it means to be an online entrepreneur.

Why started with the TSA?

I’m going to explain a little bit how I lived the issue of TSA, what I think is brewing around, what I like and what not, and obviously income is giving and conclusions I think you should draw from it.

First, I started doing these videos explaining how one of the forms, one of the strategies that I use to start generating money online passive . I said, «If I screw up, if I send everything to hell in a month and a half or two months’m earning money again.»

Obviously this, and thanks to the title clickbait we created «How to make money online in a month and a half» has exploded.

comments I’m seeing are leaving quite blown away in the sense as if making a TSA, as if making a web, and people could live internet . I mean, I amount TSA me, I make a web, I do what this guy tells me that here tells how to make money online and I live this.

This seems unthinkable.

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is, if you look at all the videos I’ve done before, explaining everything I’ve done and what you think to do; and for live Internet must be a special kind of person , and you have to work like crazy …

really the fact that you can come to think that making a TSA you live this, I think inconceivable. Absolutely inconceivable.

If I were to start, would not make a TSA. The TSA is precisely because it is done quickly. Would 20/20 TSAs, 10 microniches. If one does not work another would pick up, and make another and more. This would contact with him. So, dedicate my life to earn money through Internet.

What happens is I see a lot, more and more people have the idea that there is some magic formula without making efforts. The effort it takes to make a TSA, which is an effort shit, let’s face it. What it costs to do this?

You can do either.

Cojo a website, I put some content, do what this guy tells me, Woocomerce, this and that and bam!

is impossible to live this.

This will may give you money, but you have to climb have to work, we must react, you have to be an entrepreneur, must give everything .

You have to take all the strength that you have inside and what motivates you to make money: either economic freedom, able to support your family, whatever.

earnings TSA

I’m going to say the money generated by this TSA in a month. Exactly one month. From day 20 to day 21.

4532. Visits

Keep in mind that many of these visitors come because you are quite direct you who are watching this video.


All traffic -> Source / Medium -> Organic

This has been the growth. No links in one month, starting from scratch. We made the change Theme of the Twenty Twenty Fourteen to Sixteen, the first peak corresponds to a video posted here has been growing and growing and we have had 1557 visits.

In 4600 overall were about organically. And this has generated money Amazon 2 €. This is the money it has generated. What a fucking failure! Truth?

All this because a guy tells us that making a web we will live internet, and in a month has given 2 euro with the eight hours that I spent here. Yes, uncle. 2 euros.

But I’ll also explain one thing that has happened to me and that’s what makes me happy.

Receiving emails

During this month I’ve been giving it hit you that of the TSA, which was a web first nothing, then we got the transactional pages, then you got the longer end items the inbound (here yet is reflected from the inbound).

During this time I started to receive increasingly emails now are an average 10-20 emails a day. Many of them, the vast majority that a TSA believes you live. Well, no. You see today I’m not so funny nor do many jokes.

But of those 600 emails I have received in 30 days there have been 3 people who have taken the right path.

The first, at the end of a week, I sent a mail saying, «Uncle, I have seen that this is a way that is scalable, and bought 20 domains».

If you’re watching, leave a message to see that is true.

This guy bought 20 domains and started creating.

I sent an email and we’ve responded. I said: «Instead of clothes, try to go for something that has no size because it turns a little better as may be other products like cups.» I’ve been responding.

Another thing: many thank everyone for the emails you send me that. Many are supportive, many are like «Uncle’re inspiring me.» I feel great, okay, but inspire you on the right track, on the way to work.

Other same thing: «Hey, I had left the job because I wanted to take and I’ll start with this, I’ll make TSAs …»

Also, I have been following.

Another is my family, that his life had taken anything from the Internet and has learned to make a WordPress, put a WooCommerce, create content, optimize and was until half past mensajitos sending me, and I responding.

Of the 600 emails, three people think they’re on the right track.

Then there is perhaps 10% of people, or 15%, which I think are people who follow me from the beginning that no longer are taking to the letter. They’re seeing what I’m doing and are drawing positive conclusions: «Ostia, this keyword opportunity, I find it interesting, I’m going to apply to …»

«Ostia, how to increase CTR, I’ll put in … «

Then there is a 80-85% which is what worries me , it believed that only by the TSA will live this.

No, no, no.

If you see someone who tells you how to live internet making little effort, out.

Another mail I received and I liked a lot was a guy who told me: «Uncle, I learned more doing a TSA and what you are commenting me on a course of 500 €. I have returned the money, what do I do now? »

And I said, «With these 500 € do 10 more sites, do 10 TSAs, Do 5 microniches, do whatever, but reversed out there that really is like going to follow the path of living the internet.»

As I said, that 10% you are learning.

And a large block that I think are wrong, blame on me, I do not care. Tell me I’m an optimist or what will. I do not care, but the reality is this and to live in peace, I have to tell the truth.

not have cost me anything, myself, buy things on Amazon and say: «Look! 20 euros this week. The TSA is the cock and now I sell a course on how to make them. »

No, this is not the way.

I want to make a very clear line, sincerity. The TSA has 2 euros on 20 to 21 in a month and this is what you get and this is what I wanted to explain. Here are the two sales that were made at Amazon.

Boys, below. See you.

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