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How to make your turn descriptions YouTube?

marzo 30, 2020


Hello furious! Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In this ASCO I’ll explain how it has to be your description of YouTube videos to become .

to convert


Like everything in SEO it is important to know why you are creating this video . Whether a video, a text, whatever it is, the important thing is knowing why you’re doing it. It is very different from a product designed to position video in YouTube and you will attract organic traffic, a video designed to convert.

If you want your video to be positioned better look at you this ASCO how to optimize your video description for that position.

But if your video is designed to convert , for whatever reason, as the case I’ll show you now, it is important that you do what I say.

What are we going to do?

We want in first 150 characters of the description of your video, view of people is fixed like crazy. And how do you get that? The idea is to put things there attract the attention. What attracts attention? The coloritos. To us they do not put something red and we will look to see who is there, or contrasts … An example:

SEO course 100% free.

  • Create an optimized web SEO
  • Increase your traffic with safe strategies
  • Earn passive with her money

See description of this video:

This is intended not so much to be positioned as for subscribers. But this is sosísimo, does not attract the eye and attracts anything. Here people do not look.

Instead, look at it another already I’ve carefully worked a little more because I want to attract many subscribers. Look what I’ve done:

Attention! This does not have to do if you want to position the video, this is to convert.

In the description I put the links that interest me because I’m doing a drawing, ‘m getting traffic through Facebook ads and I’ve put emoji. The the emoji can put a thousand ways, there are many extensions, you can search the tube, eat like.

and emoji usually already displayed in black and white, but there are still emoji colors, you have to use them.

  • Here’s what I’ve done is put a little heart, a phrase and corazoncito. Why? Because I want to make a statement and to read what’s in here «Subscribe to WIN PRIZE Puto» and a link.

The link is because I want to become, I explain in this ASCO. This is a link to my channel already shows them the subscribe button on a modal.

  • Same here «How to make money online». Why? Because it is the video that is attracting better people within my channel it is a video that has a lot clickbait in the title, etc.

  • and then «with TIPS NEWSLETTER». Link to my website. Why? Because I want to get emails from these people.

This here, in the first three lines in the first 150 characters, with links cut with emoji … Here you can use your imagination to where you want to. You can put an entire line of hearts, then «Hello such, press this button laugh,» and then another line of hearts that will set the view there.

Look at the difference between the two. It is abysmal.

In the second there are many more clicks. But do not do this if you want to position eh! Do not forget.

the Chao!

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