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How to optimize tags your YouTube videos

marzo 30, 2020


furious Good day! Welcome to RomuTV channel. Romuald am Fons and today we will explain how to increase traffic using either the YouTube tags.

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  • 1 1. Tags with your name and channel
  • 2 2. Tags with the best positioned channels for your keyword
  • 3 3. Extension Tags for YouTube
  • 4 4. autocompletion Youtube. Related
  • 5 5. Google searches.
  • 6 6. The AutoComplete Google.
  • 7 7. Use common sense.

1. Tags with your name and channel

is a bit stupid, but there is still to do. You must create than two labels, one that is your name and another is the name of your channel.

because this way if all your videos have these same two labels, the more likely they leave yours in related videos on the right. Here you can see it.

And that’s good. Because if someone just organically in your video, there are more possibilities to visualize your other videos.

So the first point, the tags of your name and your channel.

2. Tags with the best positioned channels for your keyword

have to look within YouTube keyword. A keyword for new angry you do not know what it is, is like the main theme of your title of your video.

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In this case I will give an example: ‘ minecraft gameplay ‘.

Just go to YouTube and in the search platform, search ‘ minecraft gameplay ‘ keyword.

And I want you to use the first four names channels that appear here and do them as a label .

mean, I’ve searched for ‘ minecraft gameplay ‘.

The first two results, ads are not the contéis. But, for example, of MoreALIA, it would catch and put it as a tag, and those of GAMER224, franontiHD and TGN Minecraft Songs and Animations, too.


Because this way, as these videos have a lot of visits, chances are that your video appears in the results related of these.

is possible that the people who are watching these videos, finish watching a video yours. What’s cool?

3. Extension Tags for YouTube

instaléis want a Chrome extension, called Tags for YouTube.

Why I want the instaléis?

Because I want you to go to those videos that are in first position for your keyword, and when you may have installed and enabled. What does he do?

Displays YouTube tags. If the name is cojonudo, Tags for YouTube.

you are going to those videos that are in first position for your key word. And when you go to the description of the video and pinchéis to show more, I shows that video tags are using.

want utilicéis a few , of that video, the second and the third in your tags of your video.

Why? Therefore before.

Because there are more chances that your video position. Estaréis using tags that YouTube considers relevant for a video you want to position for that keyword.

increase the chances that your videos appear in related videos of those videos that are in top positions for keywords your word.

4. autocompletion YouTube.

you are going to YouTube and you write the keyword of your video, ‘ minecraft ‘. The search engine makes you an auto-fill. AutoComplete does is show you the words people are looking for in the search more YouTube .

If these words do them labels, do not do them all, you have more chances of your video is displayed in the results when someone does a search like ‘ minecraft vegetta 777 ‘. Although

minecraft vegetta 777 ‘ you’re not going out first because Vegetta surely will. But it may be that you leave on their related.

use some of these keywords may be of interest to your video has more scope organic . 5.

related Google searches.

You write ‘ minecraft ‘ in the search box.

You’ll the end of the whole and have what people more Google searches with that keyword which will treat your video.

Why do we do this?

Because we are also interested in your videos have more traffic , not from within YouTube that also, but from Google. Google often what puts you above all are the videos.

If You use these keywords that shows you when you do Google search for your keyword, chances are that when people search for something on Google, your video appears. And that’s good because we get more traffic.

6. The AutoComplete Google.

Just as we did with the AutoComplete the search YouTube, you can do it with the autofill with the Google search engine.

looking ‘ minecraft ‘ And look showing different results that showed in the search box on YouTube.

These tags are also interesting, the can use.

Why? For the same reason that I have said in paragraph 5, you can gain traffic from Google, not only from YouTube. And this is good.

7. Use common sense.

is interesting and do it forever.

There key words that might be interesting to not you going to say no tool.

There are tools like the Keyword Tool, which also make searches from the different options.

But the way I have taught you is the same. These are the same results. Probably better because I have taught more variety.

But there is always a part that they will not give you the tools, it’s your use your common sense in trends, you know that things can work.

On YouTube there are many ways viralizar content. Things that can attract organic traffic and that no one will say. And those little things that make the difference between a channel and another.

always let four or five tags to your common sense to what you define to you as youtubers.

you for what you do not do others. For something that is very trendy, something you’ve seen or you think he might like someone. Or for something that happened right in your video and it has not happened in another video. We see