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How to position NO and NO CONTENT LINKS 2018

marzo 30, 2020


Want to know how you can position quickly without content and without links in 2018? Well, do not go, that I tell you!

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  • 1 How to position a web
  • fast

  • 2 Factors OnPage of posicionamiento2.1 Architecture web2.2 WPO or Optimization2.3 Optimization WordPress Metas2.4 Exact Match Domain2.5 satisfaction User2 .6 Contenido2.7 Rich Snippets Freshness2.8
  • 2.1 web architecture
  • 2.2 WPO or WordPress Optimization 2.3 Optimizing
  • 2.4 Goals Exact Match Domain
  • 2.5 User Satisfaction
  • 2.7 2.6 Content Freshness
  • Rich Snippets 2.8

  • 3 Factors Offpage of posicionamiento3.1 Competencia3.2 Vertical3.3 Enlaces3.4 SEO Traffic induced
  • 3.1 3.2
  • SEO Competition Vertical

  • 3.3 3.4
  • links induced traffic

  • web 2.1 Architecture
  • Optimization WordPress 2.2 WPO or
  • 2.3 Optimization Goals
  • 2.4 Exact Match Domain
  • 2.5 Satisfaction User
  • 2.6 Content
  • 2.7 Freshness
  • 2.8 Rich Snippets
  • 3.1 Competition
  • 3.2 SEO Vertical
  • 3.3 Links
  • 3.4 induced traffic

How to position fast one web

in less than two months, the website of the project I am creating shows for my SEO course is ranked for the keyword «exotic birds» and this has happened quickly, without a text of 2,000 words in the Home without related links or strong. How has it happened then?

That’s just what I’ll tell you here: we will thresh what happened with

OnPage Factors positioning

Let’s start by OnPage factors.


architecture started with Web architecture. Something that I explained in one of the videos of the SEO course and, of course, has had an impact on positioning.

Why? For many reasons.

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First, by the SILO arquitetura, which makes Google understands each of the vertical and what they have to position .

Second, because we have created a good structure Hierarchies.

Third, because there are no cannibalizations keyword.

Each of the pages of this website has useful content, does not have thin content, it is well structured.

WPO or WordPress Optimization

Here influence several factors, but mostly has to do with the charging time.

As you can see, this site loads very fast because it has a good theme (Orbital) and a very clean code.

the web loads fast is a very important factor in positioning. Studies show that if a website takes 3 seconds to load can lose up to 40% of traffic.

Optimization Goals

Another factor are the goals. On this website, the goals are properly optimized. And when I say I mean goals H1 tags, H2, etc. It seems like very basic, but there are many websites that have this so badly done.

Exact Match Domain

Yes, the domain matching the keyword is also a factor that has helped position quickly.

Although that alone would not get much. Much less, medium and long term.

User Satisfaction

This is a VERY VERY VERY important factor today. Much more than other factors hitherto considered the kings of mambo. And it is not so.

What really matters is that the user is satisfied with the landing on the web and navigate.

What we have to achieve is that when the user searches for something on Google, see our result and access to our website, feel you have successful with search, we are giving what I wanted and be encouraged to continue browsing.

In the latter, another important factor in this web browsing clusters, which improves the user experience and makes it easier to have more page views, less bounce, etc.


For here have to tell you that this level Home content sucks. It has virtually no content.

Just two lines, but they are enough to tell people what they can find on the web to, from there, to navigate the clusters and the mobile Orbital menu.

Thus, we get that without content satisfying the user is good and, with that, the web is positioned.

More and more websites that are positioned without texts from 2,000 to 3,000 words in the Home. Why? Because they give the user what you want and what you need, especially if we talk about mobile.

In a next step, and yes we are going to put more text to position the Home key for more words but for now, with a couple of lines has positioned itself for the main keyword: «exotic birds». Freshness

Another important factor in this website is the freshness. Is, we have published articles constantly.

practically daily have gone up articles 200, 300, 400 words. Why?

Because of this, Google spiders detect that there are often new content and increases the budget crawl, ie the time dedicated web spiders crawl the pages of a web to position.

Rich Snippets

Finally, a proper implementation of the basic rich snippets on the web is also a factor that has added.

In short: a level of SEO Onpage this site is PM.

But now come the offpage factors. Let’s see.

Offpage positioning factors

What has this level of SEO web Offpage to have positioned fast?


competition Does the keyword «exotic birds»? Yes, it does. In fact, there are competitors of great authority, but the difference is that their sites are not as well optimized SEO like this.

If these sites so powerful had a good SEO Onpage, would be over, but … they are not. And that’s the difference. SEO matters and makes their work, this does not happen by magic.

SEO Vertical

This web is vertical, that is, is a very specific topic with a high degree of depth and specialization.

Google detects that specialization or verticality through factors such as architecture web, content, user satisfaction, etc. And, in this way, it is easier to position above much authority websites competing for the same keyword but they are not so specialized in the subject, as in this case happens to Mil ads.


This site does not have any link building work.

The links in this case have nothing to do. What he has is totally natural or from this website, to mentioning the project to explain things as in the case of this article. But there is nothing no link building.

induced traffic

By this I mean that traffic has ended on this site because there are people who follow me and follow the development of the project.

Has this had to do with the rapid positioning of the web? For half. Why?

On the one hand, we would direct traffic, accessed through the browser bar bypassing Google. This traffic is not positioned specifically, although it is a factor that accelerates the consideration of Google to the web. It ie as if it were a warning signal to accelerate the processing of the other factors of the web.

On the other hand, we would have traffic from search engines amending CTR. If you position this traffic.

Therefore, induced traffic does have an impact. While I can also tell you that this level of impact will decline over time, as we could see in the case of, another of my projects.

is, the induced traffic is a factor but not positioning which will ensure that the website is kept up.

is a factor that helps to speed up the process, but all the other factors we have seen are not good, especially when it has to do with the satisfaction of the user, the caes end. And this is so.

Well, we have seen what those factors OnPage that are well optimized and have enabled the web is positioned and that can be maintained long term and those factors that have helped accelerate the process are.

continue talking about this in more depth in the following lessons SEO course.

Any questions or comments?

I’m waiting down here!