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How to position with viral

marzo 30, 2020


Hello furious! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In this episode I number 46 I’ll talk about you have to do if one day conseguis a viral to get full advantage. So that you are positioned many other keywords and to not miss anything of what you’ve already got.

How to position a viral

In this RomuTV going to do something a little different from the rest. I receive many emails thanking me. By the way, thank you very much for your emails, thanking what I’m doing and especially those who tell me that aplicáis things that I tell you and work and give me thanks. Thank you for listening and applying it.

These emails do not public because I understand that it is the people who say it to me for him to stay there, so use the mail. But yesterday I received one that I liked a lot and then I saw they were commenting on Twitter, the author himself.

is Alvaro Sanchez. And I asked: « Alvaro, I speak a little of your email and your case and make an example of him? «And I said,» Of course, Romu «.

And here we are.

received an email from Alvaro. (Capture)

short: «I applied your viral video, how to make a viral within 30 minutes, my blog and has petado much «.

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made a clickbait title …

And the scumbag Alvaro has managed to put in second place yesterday was already in third the word ‘infojobs’ which has two million plus searches. Alvaro, mother fucker!

This has succeeded in creating a viral content motherfuckers very linkbait title.

do not know if you’ve done something on social networks, if you’ve pushed as I explained a little bit of Facebook Ads, making a good segmentation. I do not know.

The thing is that the guy has petado and has positioned him for a word organically high traffic. And that gives money, that’s good.

and Alvaro said: « And now, what do

Alvaro, I’ve been through this before and I’ll tell you all you have to do to take full advantage of this currada you’ve stuck.

Look, if you seek ‘infojobs’, you see the results. First and second is InfoJobs. Visist this article, it is worth. He has been pimped.

also talking about a subject is very topical, the issue of finding work. It has much social pull.

This is the article Alvaro.

can see that has a considerable amount of searchs. 5,000 social searchs achieved in two days.

What happened? That Google has put up. Why? Social interaction, because people have begun to leave comments. For surely, I have no access to your consol search, but look, sure you’re getting natural links from different websites. Insurance. All these things happen when you get a viral.

What happens in networks when you get a virus? An adrenaline hit. While so doing, Alvaro, do not touch anything. Let everything take its course, flowing things. The

you see the typical shark fin, when after the crest of the rush is losing already generated. That’s where you have to act. And what do you have to do?

I’ll tell you what I did and it worked me fucking.

Getting traffic from a viral article

Look, this is an article we did, which also went viral. ‘Grants for single mothers, separated or divorced 2016’. Is an article that is very carefully worked, he did here Veronica that she controls all of these issues. This is an article that brings much value. As usual. And adds value, it went viral and did so in a brutal way. It has 270,000 social search.

You can imagine the traffic cucumber brought us this. What we did? While the curve was up, we did nothing. Obviously, we also positioned organic form. Social interaction, for all that was making people within this website.

But what we did when things began to fall? Something very much like this keywords derived.

try to transfer all that traffic, the crowds, the rush of people wanting to know about how to get help for single mothers, distribute it to other articles of the web of the same subject, aid.

did this index, which actually is a distributor of keywords derived.

Each of these sentences is a link that goes to another article on our website, where we explain how to get you help if you are unemployed, most are aged 45 or 55, if you are a released from prison, the farm subsidy … These are all items that are on the same subject. And we put up everything, not down as it is now. Above.

While you are in the second part of shark’s fin, set it up so that all people can be distributed between different parts to the web. And what will happen? Those interactions that you have positioned this article will occur in many other articles of your website and increase overall traffic of your website.

This is what happened to us and because of what we did we were positioned many other keywords of this website. And that’s what you have to do.

need to take advantage of this viral you’ve created to distribute people. To give more weight to your entire web, not just to this article.


When the wave is gone and you’re at the bottom, remove the distributor of keywords derived above and lay it down. If you put Hotjar, you will see that organically, people entering read the article because you are positioned organically, and down will be distributed to the other items. This way you keep a little flow.

And this is the best you can do when viralizas. So now you know, if you manage to create a viral, do not stay happy because cool looking Analytics stop. No. Take action. And then do this to get that moment of happiness perpetuated forever in your web.

That’s all. Thank you.

If you liked or if you have any questions, leave me a comment. And notice that the Secret Track will answer another question because we are crazy to. Do not miss it!

the Chao!