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How to put a counter products in the titles of the categories of products WooCommerce

marzo 31, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here, and at this ASCO will explain how to put a counter products in the titles of the categories of your WooCommerce. Asco

And this I do because yesterday Juanma we made a very good question after posting the Asco how to put counters dynamic in categories or labels from a web, and

and I wondered if it could be applied to a store with WooCommerce.

Counters for your WooCommerce

«Juanma’s uncle has nailed».

really really cool to put that inside a store because sure amending CTR. Surely rather than a web of recipes.

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Because if I’m looking for t-shirts and see somewhere that puts me in Google -78 different types of shirts I say « few cool t have these people » and CLICO there.

How this is done. Very easy.

Disclaimer: This does not work with TSAs because they use pages to create categories, so have the so pretty URLs.


Adelanto we are working on a plugin for WooCommerce directly that these URLs are so beautiful in their categories. As will be explained later.

Here you have the code needed:

code to put a counter in product titles WooCommerce product categories:

The copies and the same as in the Asco yesterday. You go to «Appearance» – «editor».

Pinchas «functions php» and copies to the end. You give update file and you’re done.

Here if you do this, you will only -27 shirts calaveras-. You can then tune a little more.


can put different types of skull-shirts This can be done in by Yoast SEO.

If you want to do overall SEO by Yoast going to «titles and goals» – «taxonomies».

And product categories. There you can tune.

And if you want to make all be different. For example 27 original trousers. O -27 rings-type (whatever). You have to modify each.

can go to page within your WooCommerce category. Ie, «Products», «Categories» on the left bar.

And here to the end can be modifying each.

Tunearlas to be super customized but the front counter.

far this disgust. Thank you.

the Chao!

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