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I am a lawyer and seek customers: Help!

marzo 30, 2020

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law and finding gainful employment as a lawyer you seems almost an impossible mission? Have you decided to exercise on your own and exploit the potential of the Internet to let you know but do not know where to start? Do you have a law firm but customers do not quite get there? Whatever your case, you have clear is that should keep you going, your customers are out there and Online Marketing can help you reach them.

How? Keep reading, because in this post I’ll tell you what you can do and how you do to make yourself known through the Internet and get to capture those customers that really interest you and as surely as you may have noticed, not you will fall from the sky just because you open a web page with a logo very molón.

can do many things, but here I’ll tell you that in my experience perform better and give you a higher return.

said … Let’s start!

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  • 1 1.- Know and analyze your strengths to differentiate
  • 2 2. Specialize as an advocate of a
  • 3 3. Analyze your competition niche and attack their weaknesses
  • 4 4. Analyzes and elaborates on the needs of your customers
  • 5 5. website: focus, content and calls to the acción5.1 Tip number 1: Work with foco5.2 Council No. 2: calls to action persuasivas5 .3 Tip number 3: a single message in the Home5.4 Tip number 4: Pages with strategic content that add value
  • 5.1 Tip number 1: Work with focus
  • 5.2

  • Tip number 2: Calls to action
  • persuasive 5.3 Tip number 3: a single message in the Home
  • 5.4 Tip number 4: Pages with strategic content that add value
  • 6 6. SEO
  • 7 7. PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • 8 8. testimonies and cases
  • successful

  • 9 9. Social networks?
  • 10 10. Extra tips
  • 5.1 Tip number 1: Work with focus
  • 5.2 Tip No. 2: Calls to the persuasive action
  • 5.3 Tip number 3: A single message in the Home
  • 5.4 Tip number 4: Pages with strategic content that add value

1. Know and analyze your strengths to differentiate

Perhaps you believed that first of all was hop a webpage. Error! If you want really is getting clients as a lawyer, you must first make a field on which you will have to base after all your online strategy.

That is precisely the most common error: before anything launch the website. Please no! If you do so, as normal it is that you end up taking you hands to the head because you’re not getting anything you had in mind. Maybe it’s something that has already happened to you. Internet talk, but we are talking about a business, whether personal or corporate.

think we live in a world in which there is an oversaturation of professionals doing the same. Look at the center of Barcelona for generic search «Lawyers Barcelona». There are thousands of lawyers. Therefore, one of the first things you should do is separate yourself.

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To do this, you must know and be aware of what your strengths are. What do you do exactly what you do best, what can become a reference point, where you have more experience, what types have cases been more successful … Do not make the mistake of wanting too much, because we still do not know you and the only thing you’ll get is «eaten alive» who already take you years ahead.

Be realistic. Honestly, do you think that if you just landed and still do not know you can get to compete with firms like I do not know, for example Garrigues? It would be like a small fashion shop would stand up to the first change to Inditex or Zalando. Yes, the Internet opens up a world of possibilities for success, but above all be realistic.

You can not compete hit with those already some established players have a brand strong and take you years ahead, but you can be the best or can become a better reference than any of these giants if you play your cards right in a specific niche. For that matter just then.

2. Specialize as a lawyer

niche When you have «autoauditado» and have managed to define yourself, determines your expertise as a lawyer niche to develop from there all your dissemination strategy and customer acquisition. The more vertical niche is this much better because people are looking for more concrete specializations each time when they need to hire a lawyer.

Online Marketing will help push as attorney in your niche, but for this you must do your homework beforehand and define yourself. Analyzes well what will that niche from your strengths and market share you can get affordable attacking that sector or micro sector must always act as your main differentiating factor.

need to be a lawyer niche, you have to be a lawyer. no longer worth being a specialized lawyer in civil, criminal or commercial … You have to be a lawyer … conflicts inherited in data protection law to oblivion in resolving mortgage disputes, patents and trademarks … I That! There are countless examples and you will find that many of these niches are perfectly affordable level competition for its verticality.

Specialize and guide your strategy around this specialization will be key to make your hole instead of trying to cover more and get to compete with the giants who already have brand and generic searches hoard.

Your expertise should be the epicenter, the hallmark of yourself as a lawyer and your business, and you must pass it in everything you do. Never lose sight of him.

3. Scan your competition and attack their weaknesses

To differentiate yourself, to highlight, to attack your niche with the best guarantees you know who you face. Or yes, you have to look at your direct competitors, identify, analyze how they are doing and attack their weaknesses.

With a simple search on Google for your niche will identify your main competitors:

Make a list of lawyers or law firms that dominate the top of your niche and stand investigator or detective mode. Prioritises those who occupy the top organic positions (ie, they are not ads), but not lose sight of those who are advertising in the search with the keywords that you also interest you.

  • Analyzes his career: what they do, what stand out and how they are doing
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Research keywords that are bringing you the traffic that you also want to capture. You can do this with tools like SEMrush
  • examines their social networks to see what they do and if they have engagement
  • Investigate everything they do online

Knowing your competition is what will allow you to make a composition of place to play your cards and note.

As if it’s any help, here I leave a video where I talk about how to spy on your competition on Google:

4. Analyzes and elaborates on the needs of your customers

If you know your competition I is important, do not tell and potential customers. With this you also have to do their homework thoroughly. Record yourself that a fire is not about you and what a good lawyer you are, is your customers, problems and needs of your customers and what can you do to help them and offer them the best solution in each case.

said, looks good all problems or situations that can lead a person to need the services you offer as a specialized attorney in your niche. All this information will not only help you to better understand your potential customers, it will be essential to develop content strategy and SEO OnPage your website focused on your niche. 5.

Website: Focus, content and calls to action

Now we come to the website. And notice that it was not but point 1 5. Had task ahead, huh? XD

The first thing to be clear. If you are a law firm, you have to have a corporate website while working on your account should have a personal web because people buy people when they need a service. Promotions sells much you yourself if you’re a self-employed.

Take the case of a law firm with several professionals in its workforce. Should follow the following tips when creating your website:

Tip number 1: Work with focus

Do not go crazy choosing the template, colors and details of the design of your website. First of all, commitment to a clear and clean web that puts focus on your specialty and value for potential customers. The design does not make you waste time and, above all, that does not distract your users what they should interpret just landed on your website.

Along the way, you’ll have time to go adapting template themes and design. Here the main thing is the message. And that message is where you must concentrate all your efforts when it comes to your website and, especially, your Home.

Tip number 2: Calls to action

A persuasive, positive, bright picture that transmit confidence, and a couple of calls to action. There’s no need for much more. Just do not call the typical action of «Contact». Nothing of that. Copywritting all must go hand in hand with what you’re doing, playing in their favor, enhance the message and, whenever possible, try to also help the positioning of that keyword that defines you.

Tip number 3: A single message in the Home

The first thing you need to know the people who land on your website is: What can you do for me?

In answering this key question is where you have to put the focus of the message in your Home. Works a single message on your homepage for cale and it perfectly clear once someone enters your web. That message obviously has to revolve around your expertise.

Here you have an example of a web with a clear and concise message:

Tip number 4: Pages with strategic content that add value

If that niche that you feel strongly about having too much competition, you have to segment a little more and create internal content pages solutions that address very specific problems.

For example, if you’re a lawyer specializing in Internet, you could focus on one of those pages attorney specializing in e-commerce, or in breach of data protection on the Internet, or in cases of phishing on social networks …

This is offer free content value and answering questions users. We seek engagement.

When we have all this, and we have a platform that clearly states that niche are a lawyer and you have a very defined audience. Now is the time to attract customers.

There are two ways to do this: through the strategy of PPC (pay per click) or organic SEO traffic. Let’s see them:

6. SEO

These specific pages you’ve created a must optimize SEO on page very basic. For example, try to address each of those pages containing the keyword; that keyword appears in a H2; including text semantic variations of the main keyword, etc …

If you want more details on how to write these texts optimized you can read an article where I explain everything step by step.

Each of these pages should contain a call to action for the contact, which also has to be optimized. The contact is very important because you have to capture leads and connect those mails with MailChimp or emailing program you want.

Another way to find potential customers is traced in forums where people have questions related to your industry. To locate can draw on the footprints of Google. For example, putting inurl: «forum» me being copied content. That brings us back results of forums where the issue is.

Hence we can draw many ideas to create these texts. Then back to the forum and offer the answer putting the link to your page. Always providing value, not doing spam, okay? This way so simple’re carrying traffic to your website from people who have the problem that you’re able to solve.

Another way to push your organic traffic is through link building. Get links to help positioning your internal pages. In this article I show up to 44 ways to get links to test Google penalties.

7. PPC (Pay Per Click)

now what works best and have more return once offered to invest in online advertising our business, is directed to Facebook Ads and start targetear groups with those needs or problems that we know from our experience or seeing them in forums, and those who can solve the.

There are Facebook groups and interests for all. It is segmenting and you spend, for 5 euros a day, no more is needed. With that you can get 1,000 people a day, which is not bad. In addition, you are creating brand image.

can do several campaigns, each targeted to your specific pages where’ve included calls for quick action in order to capture leads. For example: «Do you have any questions? Call «or» Our expert answers you free «and ask them your email. 8.

Testimonials and success stories

is important to show your testimonials web to help conversion. Talk to people who you helped and are willing to tell you how good he was telling them your services. It is appropriate to make their success stories support your niche strategy questions.

explains two or three case studies that address issues that are specialist, one of them as a hook in the Home, style «This person had this problem and solved it through this. Read the full story. » And once inside, to the end, you put something like «You also have this problem? Contact us and we help «.

is also very interesting offer some sort of free content, although a priori it may seem counterproductive.

They can explain that if they have a certain problem may well fix it, blah, blah, detailing it all thoroughly, or invite you to hire you for you to do work for them esses. That would be the call to action that should be added to the end of these free content.

To all the people you contact, and a list of leads that list, continue to offer value, making a lead nurturing.

9. Social networks?

not need to create a Facebook page or Youtube about your business because we want to have all our email, because in the future will become much more than on those platforms.

must concentrate efforts, works more your site and your newsletter, in order to optimize conversions. Will return more do that than spend time on a Facebook page or other social network.

10. Extra tips

-Ofrécete the media as attorney reference for certain matters (your niche) and make them digital encounters with readers, interviews, statements on controversial legal issues, etc. -Includes

Skype as a way to communicate with your customers. You will save on travel and you will choose to markets away from your workplace.