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I’m going to charge me 200 websites that give money, right? – Project 001 Recipes

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In today’s episode, # 24, we will start a new series, series of recipes.

recipes History of the project

I’m super excited about this project, why not sleep nights thinking about what will happen to the topic of web recipes.

For those who do not know me or know what are the MBNS visit this article to know what are the lattices MBNS and websites.

To get in history, I have just over 200 websites positioned in the sector recipes. And when I say positioned I mean the following:

If we look through the Serpbook , tool that shows you the position of your website on Google in relation to your main keyword , see appearing in the column URLs with posicones 1 , 1 , 1 , 2 , 2, … key words that have tens of thousands , in some cases , hundreds of thousands of monthly searches .

SEO course 100% free.

  • Create an optimized web SEO
  • Increase your traffic with secure passive strategies
  • Earn money with it

which generate passive money through AdSense, affiliate or advertising sales. Ie 200 sites giving money and having a lot of traffic. I’m going to take and will unite into a single web.

Fusion websites: recipes


Why? For many reasons.

One is because it is a pain to have 200 sites with WordPress, fifty thousand date plugins, resource-intensive server level.

Nor is it very funny having to pay 200 domains hit the year when you get the bill, but the most important thing is that I have a few theories that doing this the I’ll check.

  • I think that unifying all these sites that are already established, they have good user response, unifying them into a single web, I can increase traffic they have now.

think I can raise the level of long tail and hopefully maintain the positioning of the important keywords.

But so far this has never been done. So you and I we get into a crusade that do not know where it will end.

Hopefully here at once can say that it worked because if it is not «M ierda! I had 200 websites and now I no longer have «. We learn many things.

At the moment I have to make decisions really do not know how. I think it will be better procedure than another and merge want to start a web before others because if I will have less link juice.

  • The real problem here is that these sites are positioned because there is an interlinking between domains and that interlinking will happen to be an interlinking within a web. I will also allow themed tags, try to attack other key words.

Some asked me about the issue of tags and categories, here you’ll see it.

How to unification?

To do so had in mind two options:

  • Or make a web, not only recipes, but merge with a web of health and wellness as the website Better with health, which you’ve mentioned in some occasion because it makes things very well.

This site is actually a web of life style , diet, be healthy, recipes, and you create many interesting synergies, because you can make an article of the best home remedies has lots of traffic and stick a link to a recipe or stick a link to the ‘garlic’ because it has healing properties and also has recipes with garlic.

You create an attack that has a lot of link juice and can reach position. There are many synergies .

want merge in a domain other than new , because they’re going to ostias fall on all sides. When you first redirect you will get 50 domains, they will get a lot of users and traffic.

I think if the site has a certain age can absorb it much better. As you can see I have this website, Healthy Living, it is a similar web to which you said before if a little easier. Have traffic, positioned a few keywords, it is a strong candidate for the merger.

  • Another possibility I had in mind is to do something like Cookpad, something that you had mentioned earlier.

Cookpad is a recipe web supervertical focused on recipes and a way I like it: no sidebar, no menu, it is a body with recipes.

You go, you look and you start to cook, nothing more. They are doing very well and are taking a lot of organic traffic. Is another model.

I have a, domain that has the same age as but it’s like the ugly brother. No traffic, almost no links takes, but has that old.


What would you choose?

Asked by day for RomuTV:

What would you do? I already know.

Merge and do a website with such synergies. Or would you go to a vertical web of recipes and will give us cakes with the big boys.

can look domains, you can analyze your answers … they will be interesting. Maybe I do not see things I’ve seen. Finally: Healthy Living or unareceta?

Leave a comment and keep talking.

the Chao!

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