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Links EDU, GOV and media with and without force

marzo 30, 2020


Hello. How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In this ASCO I’ll talk about how good can be media links within , depending on where they are located.

think it’s something that many people do not have clear.

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  • 1 Websites / blogs in media (high authority)
  • 2 Three possible cases: 2.1 Hangs from the dominio2.2 hanging from a subdomain without fuerza2.3 hanging from a subdomain hard
  • 2.1 dangles from the domain
  • 2.2 dangles from a subdomain without force
  • 2.3 dangles from a subdomain hard
  • 2.1 dangles from the domain
  • 2.2 dangles from a subdomain without force
  • 2.3 dangles from a subdomain hard

links / media blogs (high authority)

Why Asco want to do this?

because I think many people are mistaken when saying ‘I have put a link in a college, what strength I – No, most times not have as much strength.

There are about three configurations in which the force is distributed very differently. I want you to have it clear so you do not pig in a poke. Or so you have clear that this will have little strength or too much force or a certain link is really cool.

Three possible cases:

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Hangs from the domain

The best case is when the blog or hanging link the domain .

is, if we…

or any other configuration like this that hangs from the root domain .

is the best position that you can find because folder (blog) is sucking force of the domain . The authority of the domain, one way or another, is passing power to the (blog) folder.

And there are many ways that you can pass force, are links, whatever it is. Although there is almost no direct connection, this configuration implies that the (blog) folder will suck force the domain.

And then can be there with sitemaps can be linked through categories, you can have the landing which is linked from the domain and then blogs, links to your blog. There are many combinations with this configuration.

which is going to suck harder than the domain. This is the good. Whenever and follow index, nofollow if you know what I thought in the last video I made of the links.

Example: has a lot of authority and have a folder inside that where your blog is located. With what your blog is hanging that all links and entering that give strength to your blog.

This is a fucking. Any link in a newspaper that hang from the root domain or a web of high authority that hang from the root domain or a subfolder of the root domain or wherever but hang of the domain. Fucking.

hanging from a subdomain without force

second option, and this is the bad news is that many people in the wrong. Links universities and such that are believed to be the host. If you have, say the blog where it will be your link or your link is located in a subdomain of the domain, this has no force. It’s like a new domain. And this was said Google does an egg time when a lot to be spameo interlinking between subdomains and all fishing. This, if you pass by Ahrefs, but Moz tell you have an authority that Shizz because you are showing the authority of the domain not your subdomain.

A clear example is People create a new WordPress and although the authority of the domain authority is 90, because wordpress has that authority, your blog has a strength of shit. Is a new domain, you have nothing. Another thing is you had a link from to whatever. There are cases, press in Europe saw a case like this, where if you can spend force. But either way this is a new domain and you have to do is look at Ahrefs, is whether this subdomain is strong. Here it is where most people go wrong. Because many universities you can generate your blog in a subdomain that has no strength. If the university you can generate the blog within the domain, then yes, it would be the first case, but it does not. This has strength, it would be like a new domain.

hanging from a subdomain hard

Third and last case. It’s a bit more complicated but you have to know.

is like the case two, but then hangs your blog subdomain (which is exactly the same) but many of these cases, the subdomain is strong. But not because the domain is sucking. It has it because it has old, because just getting a lot of links. That’s why you have to go through Ahrefs, because he certainly pass it around here you’ll find you have a lot of inbound links, which has authority in itself.

What’s going on? The blog is sucking the authority of the subdomain, not of the domain. But this subdomain longer has authority. So it is very different from the is a new domain that has nothing. A because this url is fixed and eventually taking just links. In the second case, each is new and starts with zero. And in this third case many end up acting as a domain of high authority as time passes. Put the url within Ahrefs and you’ll have a lot of authority. We see


the Chao!

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