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Multi-language SEO: Is it better to create subdomains or folders?

marzo 31, 2020


Hello, how are you?

Here Romuald Fons, of RomuTV, and in this ASCO will answer the question:

For a multi-language website, is it better to create subdomains or folders?

In any case, I am a strong supporter of the folders, for many reasons:

1. Any link that will attract those folders will help the domain , the authority of the domain and that domain can position themselves in words long best tail.

2. All traffic runs in those folders will also help all Google captures signals that domain. time on page, that if the bounce rate … However, if you put in a subdomain all these metrics, those links, that linkjuice it is the domain.

3. Do not use the folder typical ES for Spanish, IT for Italian or FR for French.

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If you have an online store and is in different languages, the folder for Spanish call her «store» to french «boutique «and Italian» negozio «.

Why? because we will be putting a key word in the URL.

Why will call ES? How does it help us? In nothing. Let us shop and maybe someone looking store articles store … You have the URL. Okay?

Until the next ASCO!

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