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¿Pagerank is lost with a 301 redirect?

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In this ASCO I will answer the question: How linkjuice

is lost doing a 301 redirect?

And the answer to this disgusting is that not lose any of linkjuice . And when I say nothing is nothing.

But this is a very rare mistake because of a very little, until February 2016, making a 301 redirect linkjuice a little was lost, the equivalent of linkjuice that was lost by a link.

But since February Google to encourage all websites pass from a http to https, because to make this change to do a 301 redirect said – let’s make 301 redirects do not lose positioning force .

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and makes sense. There were many people who thought: «Now I’m posiconado with my http, do you really’m going to move to a https and lose strength in my inbound links, etc.? Well I do not pass me. »

Thus nothing is lost .

Since we are, you might think that if positioning force is lost by a 301 redirect, maybe you are more interested to put you from a blog of authority, a 301 redirect from a URL link, right?

not do because it goes against the TOS of Google and you can drop a penalty that flipas. I mean it’s what I’ve seen.

See you!

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