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The birth of the TSA +! – Project 002 Watches

marzo 30, 2020


Hello, how are you? Romuals Fons of Romutv here. In this episode we return to the series of watches.

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  • 1 Webdesign
  • 2 items
  • 3 ‘home’
  • 4 What kind categories? 4.1 Marcas4.2 Hombre4.3 Why would a URL only?
  • Brands
  • 4.1 4.2 4.3
  • Man Why a unique URL?

  • Brands
  • 4.1 4.2 4.3
  • Man Why a unique URL?


First I’ll show the new website and because we have done so.

This site must convey confidence and I found a website that transmits to me. Because it is not the same, which is a bit casual, this project watches.

Here we discuss watches worth 500 to 25,000 euros. Not worth a crappy web, which does not give confidence when paying.

I searched a website that I really believe me, you do that others are also created. We found

web Rabat.

SEO course 100% free.

  • Create an optimized web SEO
  • Increase your traffic with secure passive strategies
  • Earn money with it

These people do it right. This website is nice, simple, minimalist . Has gray, black good pictures, has everything well thought out, I believe me. And the copy.

I’ve told our hacker Pauhackanellas, – take the tools and copy -. And he has done and has done well.

can see the logo, – and made a mess of how to make a quick and free logo and copy.

Basically we have not yet finished, are in the process, we are making progress. Come on track. With a web with some text above that I believe it.


Before starting the project did a study keywords.

As keywords are transactional , the first thing we will do is categories.

‘ve gone, searched the competition, searched on Google brands of watches, I got the list more extensive than I could and I have gone through the AdWords Keyword Tool Planner.

For transactional words is perfect, because it is based on what customers pay AdWords and almost always pay for transactional words. For inbound words not – we’ll get there. For perfect transaction.

I made the typical Excel with keywords, and join using formulas to have keyword variations. Each of the vertical raisins by the Keyword Planner Tool and see which are the most important.

I will not expand because there are many tutorials on how to do keyword research.

The ‘home’

This ‘home’ is not like, here’s has to be a navigation menu, will be many more.

Not applicable TSA whole concept of a large store, but if you can apply certain things.

For example, here we will apply a interlinking chain for each of the vertical , almost certainly.

I have seen many comments that if you put a menu many loops are generated in the store. Nothing happens, I never said to be negative, I said that the more controls linkjuice the best, but it’s impossible not to have loops.

think there is a video in which I said this does not apply to web content. And a web when bigger is not applicable, but if it can apply to different verticals. I will go and see.

In the menu will be putting the keywords or navigation we see that it is more useful facing conversion or face to transmit more linkjuice .

In the ‘home’ will be a navigation menu.

Right now there are brands, man, woman, offers and lookbook, you’ll see that is the lookbook – inbound -.

will be a little description which will put a keyword, of course h1, h2 optimized. After a small strip that will -wrist woman, which will show 8-10 items, to see that here sell watches good.

Let people think – «wow, these people going strong» and see a nice web.

Another band that is -wrist man, it is also important that keyword, you remember that explains in the video above.

-Marcas-, is also an important keyword, and it is a keyword that allows us to launch linkjuice buenisimas keywords like – casio watches a 22,200 keyword searches.

Basically the ‘home’ will put the most important to the people and help navigate that position. Or for the linkjuice of all links coming to the ‘home’ better distribution between these categories.

Below is a universe of brands and text that is now ugly and not optimized – and go forward, he did not give us time to do more. The ‘home’ is this, and optimize text.

good thing that I think can add value. I’ll post an email to send to the editor that has made the texts of the categories, explaining how I wanted these texts to the subject of amplification semantic key words, I think this can add value. Some have asked me about it and is useful. –

Here we have the ‘home’, no more, sencillito.

Then add more things- talk about CRO, we will put things that convey confidence, which incites the click, where the view goes. All this and touch it for now is an overview.

Now let a category.

How are the categories?

very similar.


The logo , which always looks good and attracts attention.

also some text that will SEO and to create some engagement and then the entire list of «casio» watches. All we have.

And of course more text below to amplify the register keyword, both as transactional semantics because this is a category.

important thing about this – Look at the URL – what a blast!

The URL perfect for keyword, casio watches, 22,200 monthly searches and this applies to all categories that will generate on this website.

not going to be,

going to be, or

And then it will be,

you’ll see how and why.

The good news is that these URLs are almost impossible to get with a CMS store but with WordPress and a little imagination and WooCommerce, you can make these wonders, these categories Super perfect level control of everything, h1, h2, of content, level calls …

Look this filter and it works.

This is not like a TSA, this is a TSA + because SEO is still a Turbo Affiliate but has more chicha. It is also applicable for something other than membership.

Here you can filter by what you want, – price, popularity, punctuation … it is a shop. A super store SEO optimized.

is a transactional category.


As I said the theme of man, also have the perfect URL for the keyword, man watches.

will be placed image and text, and leave the whole list of men’s watches also you may be filtered by price, etc.

And when cliquen not be, of the product

nor of the product will

, of the product

I do this because these product listings will have original content , expensive watches deserve text, if sold me take a good commission. There will be a data sheet with features, a text.

Why a unique URL?

But what if we put the tab in the product index and hang from the root with an original content and have rolex above the h1.

be generating some cannibalization with rolex category and I do not want that to happen. Therefore, this unique URL , because all I want is is positioned for watches rolex category.

And look that although will agree to the same product from different sites URL is unique, model

already have the ‘home’ optimized for the keywords that interests us most distributing traffic and linkjuice to where we want. Categories perfectly transactional and optimized. Products index will be safe and will have longtail traffic, because they are well nested, they will not conflict with the categories.

everything perfect.

A TSA + .

In the next video we’ll talk a little more about the issue of putting products in the cart, because expensive products, I think and I prefer to stay in your shopping amazon, because I have more chances that the sale occurs. It is made with a plugin.

also see how these products are linked to Amazon.

probably next week and see if uploaded any keyword or not, if we have any description of a product … this goes for long. It is a one year project view is not as fast as the TSA.

Question: How do you think you have to make inbound for a web like this? As we combine, we do something kind based on pictures or to see that you think of, or throw for social?

See you!


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