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The CTR works!

marzo 30, 2020


Hello furious!

In this RomuTV Let’s do a ‘ blast to the past’. Let’s see the Romu last season, to analyze things like what CTR really works, how is it to position keywords in categories that we have done well us, what has he done wrong Cookpad, let’s see … let’s have fun! You do not know the project?

And specifically, what we talk about today?

Let’s talk about SEO, traffic, SERPs and we’ll see how I was a few months ago and what he said Romuald in the past and how we are now and why we are so. And why Cookpad spent a little bit. Because I know? Because I also happened to me some time ago in a project.

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  • 1 Retaking the project recetas1.1 What was our strategy? 1.2 Drawbacks of Cookpad Cookpad1.3 strategy dominated the sector
  • recipes

  • 1.1 What was our strategy?
  • 1.2 Drawbacks strategy Cookpad
  • 1.3 Cookpad dominated the sector
  • recipes

  • 2 Current position unareceta.com2.1 seek ‘light dinner’ in Google2.2 Where is Cookpad?
  • 2.1

  • seek ‘light dinner’ in Google
  • 2.2 Where is Cookpad?
  • 3 Aspects that have worked in Unareceta3.1 What happens to Cookpad?
  • 3.1 What happens to Cookpad?
  • 4 Concluding we can sacar4.1 What do you mean?
  • 4.1 What do you mean?
  • 5 Who occupies the first position and why? CTR5.1 Why does it work?
  • 5.1 Why does it work?
  • 6 Summarizing
  • 1.1 What was our strategy?
  • 1.2 Drawbacks strategy Cookpad
  • 1.3 Cookpad dominated the sector



  • seek ‘light dinner’ in Google
  • 2.2 Where is Cookpad?
  • 3.1 What happens to Cookpad?
  • 4.1 What do you mean?
  • 5.1 Why does it work?

Retaking the project


Let’s watch a video of the past. (Min. 7:14)

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In this we had just time to the fusion of recipes MBN.

What was our strategy?

Here was talking about how to get traffic positioning categories. In first position was the MBN, second Cookpad with its category and third was with its category as well. In addition, he was explaining that in anything were to merge the two URLs.

was explaining that we had done to try to locate and gain traffic categories, tried to bring you more value to the user. We left one of the open recipes so that when you enter, not just a list of recipes you find as had Cookpad but had a text content so that the retention rise , they were reading it, we could put the Adsense, etc.

And of Cookpad?

Also in this video explained that the strategy that made Cookpad, who had great strength domains starters, I do not know if you’ve seen 10,000 or so, and tens of thousands of recipes, could allow for the fact create many categories in which only show list of recipes that had to do with that category. Drawbacks

strategy Cookpad

That’s fine, but as you pass you can load the link equity and you’ll get the sack. What does that mean?

That, if you create hit many, many new URLs that attack such keywords (this happened years ago in real estate), which became fashionable optimize user searches to show listings in which it was intended keyword position, which was the search for the user.

What happens when you do something so stupid? that all the link juice and all crawleo will have to divide you for many more URLs .

What can happen?

lot can happen. If you do it in stages, planned and if you bring a little more value to the user, it works very well. If you do like beasts, you can pass what is happening now and will teach you in a while. Before

see a little video. (Min. 8:00)

Cookpad dominated the sector


At that time, Cookpad with that strategy of creating new URLs with categories without adding any content, was dominating the sector. They had just made this strategy had two, three weeks. I was attentive and made us copy some things. How work the title to appear as follows:

Obviously we copied everything that I saw that were doing well and then added what I think it had to be done to make it work better.

also adapt a little to what was our project, without inbound links, but with redirected domains, based on my experience, making stepwise .

Returning to the video. (Min. 9:45)

Here are several things. Look at this:

Here still had not implemented the improvements in the title. And first there was the web of my MBN second Cookpad, dominating the sector sack with this strategy of creating new URLs and third place was

current position

Let’s see how we are now, to see what happened. In addition, there have been very interesting updates the algorithm in recent months.

First, let’s see how we are and then discuss why we are so. Seo will draw good conclusions to apply to your projects.

seek ‘light dinner’ in Google

The first is I do not know who you are but great and makes sense to be there for something I’ll explain in a moment.


In that video (10:04 min):

« do not really know what can happen, we will surely below Cookpad if we were in third place would be the host, it is normal that we stay in fifth or so. »

We have been in second place!

can see that yes we copy the improved titles. Then add the Rich Snippets , we have shown the image, another listed recipes …

Where is Cookpad?


With that URL that was in first position dominating its strategy of creating massive URLs.

I know what happened here because I happened to me on a project that I almost over.

were gone too, have created too many URLs .

has been watered them too full force of the link juice from too many new URLs, the crawleo will be gone to take the sack, the contents of those URLs is not really new content, the response of the user will be good because a list provided it works well, but they have failed to do some things that we have done.

aspects that have worked in Unareceta

Let’s see the factors that have marked these small differences. Enter on the web.

light dinners – 13 easy recipes –

First, we put a video . That’s fine, it makes the retention is greater . It’s bad to make money, but the video helps people stay.

In addition, we open recipe that I said, optimized, with H1 light dinner. And what you are doing is creating content unique, new and different to the web in each category. It is a small text. It could really be better, longer, but with this we’re second … And surely the time will end up to first position. I’m coming for you,!

This could be improved, but creating this unique content here, we’re lowering the percentage of duplicate content, thin content or brings nothing new to this URL.

In addition, we have the interlinking coming from the sites to MBN also has unique content. And that’s all this content is more content on the web.

What happens to Cookpad?

What has all this under the aspects that bring new content. And unifying it with the amount of new URLs, you will be screwed up the crawl Budget.

Look you! They are pure clones.

A level design is the same , the H1 also has optimized … But all the content that you are seeing in Cookpad is no unique content. The ratio of unique content with duplicate content is really wrong.

We have balanced with that recipe open , which also improves engagement and create new content.

But they have created thousands of URLs like this, no longer cast this. Cookpad poorly done, I have spent three villages. You ought to have done gradually, not all at once. And besides, you should’ve created unique for each content, albeit a small description or text within the body. Whatever but create some content.

conclusions we can draw

That there is no duplicate content penalty, but the crawl Budget is going to hell if you spend creating URLs that are thin content.

I thought you could balance with capacity this domain had spread the link juice among many URLs by the number of domains entrees we had, but not really.

Before the upgrade seems to work, now with the latest update seems not because they have fallen eight positions. Instead, we have maintained in the second position.

What do you mean?

First, we have not loaded the Budget crawl because all URLs that we are creating within Unareceta are not thin content, but are unique and original content . And the content type list we are creating, we also add a prescription, which are also adding unique content on these new URLs that we are creating to amplify much traffic.

Unareceta is going up and will continue. In fact, Unareceta is a rare project.

In fact, in ‘chicken oven’ had gone down, but now we are in first position and Cookpad is third, which was above us before this URL.

We have put above, and in addition, here are also using rich snippets, just because we have an open recipe.

We are doing better SEO On-Page!

As much as they have thousands of inbound links is not enough that Google values ​​your URLs recipe type ‘chicken oven’ better than our URL category recipe chicken oven. Hence

can learn a lot ..

And now, to Caesar what is Caesar.

Who occupies the first position and why? CTR

Let’s see who comes first and what comes first.

If you are a person who is looking for light dinners. Watching our description:


The meta descriptions not positioned directly but that modify the CTR and this description is sketchy.

Instead, look those in first position:

This is a good title, this is certainly modify the CTR of organic and naturally , and this does work.

This is the CTR that works!

The modified, nonpayment.

Why does it work?

This is the CTR that you want to do all that is SEO On-Page and this is what works. Here you have it clearly.

Description: «Discover 10 rich and light meals, low in calories with high nutritional value …»

If you are looking for dinners light, not looking because you have loaded stomach, looking surely, because you want to lose weight, keep

fit … third place: ’14 light dinners to lose weight without hunger’ .

Again slimming.

What is happening? these titles respond much better to search intent of the user .


You did well. And this proves that no longer need to be a great web to dominate the SERPs but do it right. Summarizing

  • ‘m happy because we are working well, we are doing well.

You have seen that the growth of Unareceta is cojonudo, in 4 months more than 15,000 daily users we have won, and will continue to rise because we are doing other strategies that will tell in another video.

  • Cookpad, we have shown that it is not right to create thousands of URLs automated searches by user or by category, even if you have tens of thousands of different content and listings have different content between them. Although this is so, the content you’re showing is in other parts of the web.

not enough to have only many URLs and many inbound domains. That gigs there a little more. The crawl budget matters.

and repeat. Although there is no penalty for duplicate content, when you create many URLs that have no unique content, the crawl Budget is going to hell.

Cookpad, I copied you. Copiaos me now! Put a recipe unique content open and you will see that things change.

I am not going to say what I would do, but I’m going to take another example. As I told you I did the same shit and I want to recover a domain, so will open another series explaining how screwed up and how they recovered.

See you in the next episode. And as always, I hope you enjoyed and Well for SEO On-Page and modifying the actual CTR!

Chao. Do you remember? You want to learn more about SEO? Do you know Marketing Today? … Do not miss the S ecret Track .

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