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The merger of the webs! – Project 002 Recipes

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTv here. In this episode we return to the series of recipes and already with intense questions, those of redirections and all that.

started answering the question last week.

between vivirsanos And the winner is … and unareceta.

I am very uprighting things, to let it clear to Google what is this website. Especially because we are going to do so many things here to get answers to my questions I need seo-isolating elements.

If two hundred mix and pico websites recipes with a web of health and start looking for synergies, I will not have no fucking idea if the end of a month, traffic low, if it has been redirections, by the structure of the web, such synergies or tags. No idea.

So go for recipes Cookpad Tremble!

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things that will happen

‘ll have to analyze a recipe and find all the things that are wrong or they are not prepared for what comes up. If you have to delete items, if there are things that do not stick, if they have to migrate or not. I do not know if you have tags or have categories. I have no idea.

I’m going to look good and will also look at the links you have. will make a audit, we will spend the ScreamingFrog, Ahrefs … All that is missing. We will also look at the Analytics and Search Consol, but this will do another RomuTv.

Before all this, today will make the merger, I hope you’ve had coffee because it will be dense.

Another important things will be the migration . Ie how we will import all those thousands of recipes that have the MBN.

How to make the merger in

Returning to the subject of the merger will share my dilemmas for you to see what’s coming.

This is a typical example of an MBN Interlinking.

A doing the redirection and fusion can take three paths: 1.

started to merge the websites that are at the beginning of the MBN

has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantage: If we start with the first web, we will take the’ll get into, we will redirections 301 and nothing will happen. All right because that site has no inbound links.

When we go to the second, neither will happen, because this site had an inbound link from the previous website, number 1, so instead of having the link from the web, you will have the link from unareceta. com. Perfect! Google say «this is normal, nothing happens» .

  • Disadvantage: The disadvantage is that when we get in this case, the web number 6, you will see that has a web link from the number 1 and another from the web number 4. What happens here? That this website will only links from

MBNS You know how they work and who position because a linkbuilding between sites, between domains is created. A doing this type of fusion, from the top down, it disappears.

For example, the web 19 having inbound links from four domains, you only have incoming links from a domain, which will

All websites that are above and that they put links, are within the same web. This, as we go down, will make the websites that are down have fewer domains starters, less IPs from different subnets and positioning will come down.

When we import the websites that actually have traffic, which are those of half the MBN down, lose positioning and traffic. will have been a failure, and that is not cool , although it is a safe and Google we probably will not penalize option here.

2. Start with the underside of the table

  • Advantage: This is cool because when we catch the web 220 and the number put inside, 301 will redirect the inbound links 30-40 these different domains.

perfect as keep the ranking , we will take one of the strongest words of MBN, the’ll get into and positioning will be maintained. If we go the web following the same will happen, we forties inbound domains.

  • Disadvantage: The problem is that as we go up, if the web No. 3, maybe have outgoing incoming webs 198, 192 and 187, which were different websites with different subnets, now all these sites are within a single web.

web That sent three links to, not at three different sites. This will happen more and domains will have 27 links or 22 links to and we penalized. This option is not cool.

3. Option

random random

We love because is best .

  • Advantage: We can choose a web in position 190 and then a web in position 13 and another at 52. Totally random position.

In some cases a pattern, in which a web take two links to the same site would be generated. But below I would not receive anything because still many inbound links from other sites, and other than other websites would be, because we will have imported some of the sites above.

sounds like Chinese, but it is not. A positioning level might be OK, as it would be progressive.

  • Disadvantage: Problems? loops would be generated by all sides.

generate an loop is from to this site, and from this web link to another web, and thence to at 301. In conclusion, we would loop s with links, loop s with redirections and cocoa surely end in penalty.

Google project ¿lie down?

I know what I want to do, but want you to tell me what would you .

Please, we take all this week to decide what we will do and then I’ll tell you what I do. I have no idea what will happen but it will be fun.

Please rate all these things, if you want to analyze web because I help a lot, what would you change, what advice would you give me, great.

What I want you to answer is: how would you do this merger so that Google does not lie this project?

you already advance that there is a good chance that Google penalizes this project and I know. And if it happens we will have a case of lifting a massive redirections 301. penalty try that does not happen. Remember and tell me how do fusion:

See the following RomuTv.

the Chao!

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