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The truth about keyword density on the links

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. In this disgust I’ll upload a myth keywords in the anchor links words of a backlink profile.

Keyword density on links

Sometimes I bristling hairs when I read somewhere that you have to maintain a density exact keyword 17% and 23 word and …

formulas that say, « Uncle , why do see that you know this when you have no way of knowing human . » NO. Myth.

Let’s talk seriously.

‘ve had many cases where keyword density was high and those sites have been years, and will remain, waited at the top of Google.

depends. Like everything, depends on a thousand things. depends on any aspect.

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is very different from a website that has a thousand domains different starters which there if 50% are of the same keyword Sings a lot.

As a web is very different from one sector to another.

In the field of s recipe is much more normal than keyword density of the word « recipe» is very high in terms of inbound links.

For example, for a web of micronicho just having 30, 40 or 50 incoming domains, which has half with exact keyword, absolutely nothing happens.

It depends on so many things that no one can say you have to be 10%, 20%, 15% … It’s all rough and I have taken to the limit.

For example, on the website of recipes, more than 50-60% exact keyword had in many sites that were new and that caught the top positions super fast and so were 2 or 3 years.


What? Doing

Natural .


What is that keywords opportunity to profit because posicionaréis faster .

And that positioning with lower competition keywords that Google is already saying that your content would have to be up there, help the main keyword is positioned.

But you can put links with exact keyword. Nothing happens. OK?

So we focus not so much in those minutiae and not ready to go ratios that nobody can know. we are a more natural little more logical. More sense.

the Chao!

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