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This no one can stand – Project 004 Recipes

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons here. In this episode of RomuTv we will resume the series of prescriptions.

have a chop here to the side because we have done so many things that it is impossible for me to remember them.

Let’s see what we have been moving in We have done the full import of the new web and categories and have optimized a lot.


Let’s start with the optimizations that we have applied to the theme, we’ve traced to that of Cookpad, to load fast and to be optimized. I’ll go one by one, I’ll talk generally and then you want me to go into the field and I said to Raul who is invited to speak code and stuff.

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If you look at the PageSpeed ​​the web, you can see we have a 91 on 100 speed mobile and 92 on 100 desktop computer. From 85 the difference you notice is little.

is important to note the speed of our website as it is one of the Google ranking factor. Getting these numbers is great when put AdSense will surely go down a little but it is a very good topic and I have to congratulate Raul on a fantastic job.

How do these numbers have gotten a theme made from 0 to WordPress?

have many been the reasons, but these have been the main ones:

  • have used the «thumbnails Regenerate» is a WordPress plugin that puts you images to the native size that they will see on the page. This way you’re not charging larger images of what you need.
  • After minified CSS and JavaScript have a plugin called Autoptimize.
  • Then we used a plugin to enhance images and weighing less. This plugin has many years, there are other plugins on the market, but we used this and has served us well.
  • Finally we used Async JS and CSS, a plugin that what you do is load asynchronously all the JavaScript in the footer. So that the page you fully charged before you start charging the entire JavaScript.

important work we have done in We have already applied for recipes. In this case would be: a recipe, ingredients, steps … For those who do not know, are these snippets that tell Google the items you have the page.

Basically we used the preparation time, the author, the prominent image (this is to show you the image in the SERPs of Google and help increase CTR), ingredients and preparation.

have prepared all 301 redirects to put them in different htacces of each of the domains. It is what we will put on all websites at the moment to say to Google: all these sites are only one. For now Google does not know.

After we made the Search and Replace for interlinking. This has led work.

I teach as an example the category of chicken oven:

Do you remember I said that the categories of the website will be the equivalent of the homepage of the websites of the MBN, and then the recipes are posts? For

categories have the interlinking in the footer using the recommended menus. What happens is that doing import all these links pointing to the websites of the MBNS.

If we redirection 301 to but outbound links point to the websites of the MBN then have the redirection are creating a infinite loop and could not to rank for anything. That’s why we used the Search & Replace plugin.

What it does is take a specific URL and replace it with another. Going all the database looking for that particular string is changing and you the other. The’ve been changing one by one.

I think we’ll use a HTTP2, the 2.0, which allows you a multi thread, you load things simultaneously to the subject of the server to accelerate further the subject.

And finally we will apply a https because we will do redirections 301 and is nothing lose link juice, we took advantage and had to https, giving you that little boost to position a little better. It all adds up.

problems I’ve seen. As the categories are now the equivalent of the old homepage of the websites before, the only difference between the homepages and a category is a category has page.

And what happens?

we had the page into categories and each time we changed page, the URL changed but still keeping the interlinking below.

is, if the category was 10 pages, we had 10 times all links. If we put this in index and do redirections, pifoste imagine the things that have happened.

would have been multiplied links and interlinking tenfold. Really crazy. Luckily we have detected early.

What I do in this RomuTv is ready, create hype train, I want you to know that you’re all set. Now what we do is collect all the SEO data for each of the webs (keywords for which rankean and positions …)

next week and we will put everything together. All ready.

You decide the next step

The next RomuTv be historic.

question today and do a little early because it is a bit long:

A web architecture level, as it is presented now is that the categories hang from the root. Here is an example:

But the recipes also hang from the root as tomato /

what round in my head these days is whether at the level of architecture, URLs should be:


for what is the category, which is a exact equivalent to what we had in the MBN and then

what we have now.

  • or should be

then : tomatoes /

that would be the exact equivalent to the websites of the MBNS. For if the category is the root domain, recipes hang from the root domain, which would be equivalent recipes hang from the subfolder.

In terms of SEO, is what is being done by what I see on all websites, and I think hanging prescriptions directly into the root you can position more long tail because it is closer to the root and get stronger .

All the webs of the sector are doing: Cookpad, RecetasGratis … But I really do not have clear and I’m thinking that hang from the subfolder at the least for this import.


Because I am much more interested that position the main keyword is in the category, ie «chicken oven» better than «chicken with oven potatoes with aioli Grandma.»

And I think if we, as we have so many recipes, so that we create a vertical web for each of the recipes, I have 50 recipes chicken oven.

If all hang from the root domain, do not you think there will be some cannibalization for the word «chicken oven»? There will be many first level URLs that have that keyword.

not have clear and have a week to make a decision. So until next week leave your comments and discuss it together.

See you!

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