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¡¡¡Tidal wave of recipes !!! – Project 005 Recipes

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTv here. Today we talk about recipes .

This weekend is when have merged all websites in a single, 200-odd sites in

First, thank Raul for making that piece of importation, to make the file, the script, take the Wp All Import, to schedule everything.

And thanks to Sered because they have also helped us, on the subject of creating a script him to take the file redirections, which split in different htacces and you go up on different servers that have the URLs of each of redirreciones, tremendous.

Thank you both.

Thank you all also because in fact this has been like a special moment, this was the first MBN MBN as I did, and the first 100 websites I was up there like a cocoon and all. It has been intense, in terms of results and level the evolution of everything.

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And also, because I wanted to tell you, wanted you to know everything that has been happening.

Now I’ll explain some of the processes. I try to be organized and divide into parts.

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  • 1 Importing
  • 2 categoría2.2 Optimización2.1 A level A level of 2.1
  • recipe category


  • 2.2
  • recipe level 3 Income
  • Monetization with AdSense3.1

  • 3.1 Income
  • 4 Analytical
  • 2.1 a level category
  • 2.2 level recipe
  • 3.1 Income


to import generate a dynamic file in which they were creating all redirects we had to do from the different domains to the website

This is already a part refined but really this was perhaps more about 3000 URLs. It was generating dynamic.


To import all the WordPress importer falls short not following, so we used the plugin WP All Import, which is very good and pay but has saved our lives.

first job we had to do:

  • Export Export

webs webs

Export all one by one, all websites, export everything.

  • Collect and debug

Collect and debug

Take all exports, and debug them together to sack because all those sites were published manually and when there are many people posting things create errors. Some errors you may already know them.

For example:

When you copy and paste text to WordPress from a .doc for example, often happens to you code, because the code broke us the web everywhere in the lists let you open div, the images are not displayed, problems programmers.

What we had to do? Depuration.

Import Import

import. Once we had imported had the problem of the interlinking because MBN has an interlinking very varied between them, and most bonds is true ranging from home to home but also had links from home to internal pages.

So we changed the architecture what was a web before.

Because before, the home of the web was the domain and items hung from the home, that domain.

For example:,

and the equivalent of that in unareceta is different:, this would be the domain .

But we decided that recipes also hang on the domain, not the subfolder , ie, other than:, but

that is, home: and recipe:

This caused us many problems when making the interlinking. And I mean that there were links that were because we remove the slug through the Search and Replace.

were broken on all sides. Everything that could automate everything was automated and non Screaming Frog and «man power», come to change it manually.

also removed all slugs URLs beginning with recipes such as:, this recipe I do not like. We remove it from the web as we do we will debug everything and going to be,, so we had to remove the slug of [recipe -of-slash-chicken-on-oven-with-potatoes], that will only be chicken with oven potatoes.

What happened?

Let us again destroy the entire interlinking, other manual debugging. So much for importation.

In short : csv export of all, unification into a single csv, code-level debugging, goals, everything. After debugging and then import all the bugs we were finding us. A tremendous task.


Optimizing web we have done to empower the maximum both the satisfaction of the user as image and seaworthiness that will have this website because here everything matters, we want everything to be fantastic .

  • A level category

A level category

If the home of the websites of the MBN had to be the web categories, those categories had to keep up a cover of a home. Why?

Because doing redirections will happen that they will be many people who will go directly to those categories. And those categories were the home of a website that had a pretty nice picture, but the default WordPress categories are a bit mierdosillas, a list with a description and point.

had to modify the archive.php , file category WordPress to make it presentable. What we decide to do? We decided to create

up, as if a recipe is, when you go to what you find is what people expect to find when you do a search for hummus or hummus recipe. There is a list, what you really like to find them is a recipe.

So what we did is put a recipe up the whole. You walk into a category and is a prescription but must continue to function as a category.

Here is the entire schema since both image highlighted as imaging recipe, the preparation of the author, ingredients, steps, the entire schema is tucked into this recipe is high in the categories.

And below is the list, is all calculated, H1, H2, descriptions … All to be as close as possible to what we had but in the new format and responds mostly to what the user expects find. If you see a level of mobile works well, it is pimp.

In the late category must appear the interlinking we had before on the websites of yesteryear, you can see it in

had a recipe, a list of recipes and menus that were down about the interlinking . For here we put the menus too, with the same goals, the same dishes, the same links, but links and debucleados that I have explained above.

So that the categories of this web, and respond to the user, respond to what they had, have excellent seaworthiness, are integrated with the web and allow us to climb later because then come the phases two and three.

the problems that appeared to do this

Many, too many to count without getting depressed, but one of the most typical was that the categories and list pages have .

saw how far we had to leave the number of different recipes on the same page load time, which incidentally is optimized butt better than the sites of old, and from already passed a second or so, we put a page, typical 1,2,3,4.

What? A

going to page 2, we reappeared above the description of the first prescription and interlinking, all these things had to change course. We also put in not index pages, although they had the rel = «prev», «next», we saw that Google was indexing the outside so no index, to have everything under control.

There are still some problems indexing but we’re working on them.

  • A level recipe

A level recipe

entered a any recipe: Hummus with paprika,

You’ll see that level tags, metatags, H1, titles, alt, everything is played to the maximum.

Now we have to recover the social search we had in the 200 websites on this unique web, we know how to do but take your job. And I will explain when it’s done how it works.

Basically what we’ve done is create a category for each of the recipes and import have done all these recipes are within the category for under each of the recipes the same recipes only show that showed on the web.

As before all websites were thematic, if you walked into a web of hummus hummus had just recipes, here when you walk into a hummus recipe you come down only hummus recipes.

This will change in the next step. But now for the reindexing it is what most interests us. And a little more I’ll explain here. The site is online for what you want to know, look at her.

AdSense Monetization

We’ve basically done the same thing we had on the websites but we have optimized a bit, as the web does not have sidebar (that explain on video how to improve miCPC with AdSense).

Increasingly, thanks to the web browsing our brain is ‘deprecando’ right and left of the webs as navigation, every time we passed us by lining mentally sidebars, so I wanted concentrate all in a single body, in the main, and that we’ve gotten advertisements are becoming well.

We left right fixed ad, before it was left, I’ve tried on the right to see how it works, and then the body we put a responsive, responsive to a desktop.

have also put in Mobile Responsive shown little ones, but as the image is above, meets the TOS of Google , as that announcement does not come out completely on the first page and we accept it. Usually leaves the 300 x 250, which converts better than the crap out of little children put Google ads.

already put down’ve tried something not if it meets the Google TOS or not, I have to talk to my contact AdSense. Do not try it because we still do not know if it works or not, or if you can not do, but I got down here three AdSense blocks together that someone has told me recipes that seem related. I seem. Because at the moment I leave the links shown are closely related.

In this sector especially much ad that works well, so I leave and are becoming. If there are any problems I’ll tell you in the next video. Do not try it because things like this, Google can stick a stick. I am here to try things.

Income I’ll talk about how they are going income. I have little right now, are two days only two days and I can tell you that AdSense is rising, this unified web is giving me more revenue than 220 separate but not sing victory.

Why can this be happening?

First, what may be happening is that the web itself is becoming more because these AdSense ads are better placed, is working better right than the left, link units are better, no sidebar , for whatever reason.

because it generates more navigation within the web as there are many more recipes, maybe a person is seeing one, then sees a recipe for something else, go to the home, browse and such. On websites that before could not, you could only with interlinking.

No motive yet, at the least incomes are rising and so I’m very happy. Let us be careful, things going well but we’ll see, and clearer later will give data.

A level of no more ads. At home I have made only one, as has Cookpad.

Other of the reasons why the AdSense also is rising is that when doing redirections 301 is a impass a few days, usually between two or three days, sometimes more if there are many redirections, which is two results in Google, the original and redirected. In this case it is happening.

For example:

If you are looking brownie, now the third result is that we had in the MBN,, and the fifth is to, so we have two slots.

So maybe we are having more clicks, more traffic, more money. When we unify this and more reliable data.


‘ll teach the positioning the web today.

strange things are happening very, Google does not understand anything and I’m trying to soften the strange things that are happening because this site you are entering a lot of traffic all through the categories.

And this is not very natural, that 99.9999% of the web traffic is coming through categories and not anything is entering the home. I would not just molar.

Because usually when a web comes this high traffic, brand searches are made and there is nobody to look, so that Facebook traffic, but got little, about 6.7 euros a day to make up a little.

So things are:

the garlic chicken was well placed and lowered 81,

but the brownie was super far and has appeared in 5. Of these data or case.

But what I can show you, now that you’re all if redirected, is the position they had before the webs of the MBN.

For example:

were first for all of these major key words and seconds for others.

had 147 sites on the first page for the main keywords, 206 websites, almost 75% was on the front page. We’ll see how just If you’re just so complete success.

do not know, probably with the passage of time to get something equal or better, if a penalty, which could be us not fall. But now this remains would be like a miracle.

traffic movement

  • can see the traffic that had before I started all this, zero, nothing, bad web with old but neither Christ visited.
  • These two piquitos are you when I made the video saying, «hey, we’re going to merge all in» and you went to see a few web.
  • These Piebald, which had a 55 and peak at 3,000 page views, it was us throwing newsletters.


Because I wanted to give signals to Google that something would happen, did not want all of a sudden the web and Google appeared not understand anything. Google still does not understand anything, but at the least give some signals will not if.

For two months we have been throwing newsletters (one or two per week) very cool.

with many images the entire list of subscribers that had been collecting the 200-odd sites. It was twelve of those who were free from blogspot, Wix, to give more variety but those we have not imported.


These translate into these peaks and Google has begun to rewire more this website. This was even before redirections.

  • First day of redirection, which was Friday. «Oh joy, more good data we have.»

of no have spent nearly 10,000 page views. 30 to 10,000 hours. He was a past and this was at night. At the next day, «boom», this peak had once seemed both 52,420 page views.

words have made this web of thirty-nothing will happen to 55-odd thousand in one day. I have no idea what will happen, all I can say is I’m taking all possible data, following what is the indexing, the crawleo, etc. because I will make a tremendous case study.

is indexing little at Google, look I’ve forced through the Search Consol, what with Google and see all fishing, have done many things but is taking his time.

What has happened: from nothing to Olympus of traffic. This be stabilized , here will be maintained.

Mobile ads have put these tikis, and have placed ads FullPage … more. We’ve also gone from http to https.

This is the video of unareceta, on Friday made the merger is reindexing all, I have no idea what will happen, not if I will fall a penalty or not.

If you have any questions, want to know what is going on or say, forewarned about this, or have seen this problem, because there are still problems, leave a comment.

This is an experiment, I am very glad I did. Not only because it is giving more money but because things happening here not never seen. How people are navigating between different recipes but there is almost no way to move from one to another.

And what we will see later.

See you in the next video!


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