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TSA: Show me the money!

marzo 30, 2020


Hello, how are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here. By popular vote, today we talk about again.

earnings decalaveras

Today I will speak a little about what it is that has been skulls this website.

is important to know that in the last two weeks have done absolutely nothing.

Because I’m so and because I’m already thinking about the issue of recipes,

and the issue of watches.

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have a lot of work here and I have left.

Since I know that the subject of SEO on page is well done I’ve been leaving. Overall, if you go following the project you will see that I have not published anything.

But the good thing of the passive money is that even if you do not do anything things are there doing their thing and as you can see in this month level affiliation with Amazon this website has given € 30,21.

Well, it’s not the bomb, but you can go make dinner.

A level of Adsense is cooler. To me I love Adsense.

In the last 22 days it takes 131.59 €, plus 30 € Amazon make € 162.

But here we consider we spent 13 € in the first viral. And then 46 € because I forgot to stop the campaign and had two days running. In total I spent 60 €, so this web these last 20 days has given me € 100.

Consider that I have done nothing in the last two weeks. Nothing. I have not published anything.

good thing about it, what to see from the positive point of view, is that this site is already underway. At this website I no longer have you to do anything.

‘s going to happen to the department of websites own and I’ll say, «Look, every week subidme ten articles affiliate, which climbs at all, in one hour is gone and publicadme two articles of text, pedidlos in writing» . And I forget.

I know this web will rise over time and those 160 € that takes these days will rise and be a month from € 170, then 200 €.

arrive Halloween and I know that membership will rise because if you look at Search Console searches of this sector when Halloween comes soar and shopping too.

decalaveras Positioning

Let’s see what level decalaveras takes positioning – remember that this site will only have put a link.

yep in Ahrefs will see that there are a few more links, one is a crawler YouTube videos, another is a SEO who is also doing an experiment TSA and we put a link.

But linkbuilding level will only have put a link, because I wanted to do something to explain.

No links on page SEO, content, a good strategy, a well-defined project … Behold number one costume skull, skulls bags, pants, tents, etc.

If you just search through videos comprobaréis that keywords have been steadily rising and will continue to rise without me having to do anything. Just putting a little content and products.

What will I say? This is a case overall success of a TSA works , which is giving me 150 € passive but will rise.

If we are to Ahrefs can see that at the level of words that detects organic is already being 1,100. And this last month has gone up 257 new keywords positioning.

We are talking about a project that has nothing and already has 1,100 words positioning with a single link fucking.

Nothing linkbuilding. No, just a link.

you analyze it.

SEO white hat

And best of all, the best of this project (I know there are people who will say that this project is a failure), but I want ye remember that what has been done here is SEO white hat all.

And what is better than Google will never knock him .

What we have done here will favor the user goes for Google, is bringing to the world a store of useful skulls.

And this will never disappear.

here are not doing or texts spineados or CTR manipulations, here are doing SEO, pure SEO.

And if you want to generate passive income, live in peace and sleep well … If You begin by following this path and going creating such websites and do them on autopilot, gradually creating content; This web already pays for itself. € 150 and gives me plenty to give me more content and continue to rise.

So much is said there that the SEO you have to do what works now, I do not see it. I do not want to do something I know for sure that within three, six, those who are going to disappear . I do not want to put my time, my job and my income at that. The

want to get into something. And this is something I want to show on this channel.

This is what has given the web in the last 22 days. I would not speak more than skulls.

In the following video we will talk about watches or recipes. Or I’ll do an interview, you’re going to see I’m going to start doing interview that will add value.

If you want to achieve this, the channel will explain it. And free. I live not teach. live my websites and my SEO agency.

Finished! I hope you liked it.

hope that you see that this is a fantastic project to start making the first liabilities Adsense and go.

See you!

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