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We are introducing the SEO Rewrite! – Project 003 Watches

marzo 30, 2020


Hello, How are you? Here Romuald Fons of the RomuTv. We continue with the series of watches.

Small advances in

What I do today is to explain a little progress we have made in and then we’ll get into the web architecture.

A web we have applied for products, including price, brand; We have also author reviews , some of you already told me he was putting no reviews starlets, but it’s because I’m getting author reviews .

I know it may seem a little weird, you write a post and say «this product will get four star». You’re not fooling anyone, you’re evaluating a product.

We also put the outstanding image which is very interesting products. And the breadcrumb.

will wonder why in and had no breadcrumbs.

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In this project is a TSA + , which has many products, many hierarchy, have to put the breadcrumbs .

important is for navigation, but especially for Google, so you understand what we’re doing on this site. So also we try the breadcrumbs also appear on Google results.

Another thing we do is to brief the web at ‘https’ because, as I mentioned is not lost linkjuice to doing a 301 redirect and ‘https’ gives you that little dot over positioning.

currently in the home have already put up texts and products. So far it has not changed much there is still to put it pretty.

future changes in web

Do you remember I told you that keyword brands watches is important?

What we do on this website is watch brands put a list of brands of watches .

Do you remember what we did in the home of decalaveras web, in the first video of TSA? Here do the same .

What better answers the question, watch brands, is a page that has a list of pages watches with a short description of each brand.

The short description is little to tell Google that a brand is a luxury brand or more sport, or any kind … and we get also allows semantic content. So just putting these texts, though not enough, now more than a thousand words, which is a lot.

We will make this page position for the keyword «watch brands», which is very important.

pages man and woman also have optimized a little more.

Pages have the brief description above, to create engagement , then you have a list of products and below we have a super-semantic word – and do something to not sing so much. Many products that will help you not see or look for pictures to accompany it, we’ll see what we do.

I show the example of Casio.

Progress and strategies in architecture web

And now let part of web architecture.

I’ve added a point of complexity to this website which in return gives us many points of SEO.

is how to generate 3 items:

  • first talk of the brands
  • Then talk about gender

  • have now added another -ESTILOS- category in the background are other tags of keywords that have many searches in this sector but they are not a feature of the watch, such as «watches man,» «woman watches», «watches», «Swiss watch» …

There are lots of keywords that have high traffic. And will also generate URLs for those Landings , because they will be Landings and will try as pages optimized for that keyword that will display products.

And how do we do that?

I am going to explain the new hierarchy or level we have added high traffic keywords you want to position our web.

To simplify, let’s group them into three groups:

– Markings: We created product categories within the WooCommerce. They are the main focus, it is what has more searches. So are our categories.

– Then we have the genre: man / mujerSon important keywords that apply to almost all watches. We will surely unisex for children, but we’ll see later.

– Finally keywords high traffic: we are not going to let go, there are many words that we are calling to be positioned. They are words like automatic, cheap, luxury, Swiss … there thirty or forty words of this kind. These are also product labels.

All this allows us to SEO magic. I’ll put different examples of structures that can be generated with this structure.

For example:

Let’s see some basic first-level URLs that can be generated here:

The three keywords molan a lot and are super-optimized each Keywords: watches – lotusrelojes – hombrerelojes – automatic

This allows us an almost infinite number of combinations.

could generate, for example, a page type: This would be a good keyword. Instead of man-lotus, lotus-man.

But we also permitsáticos/ two levels, genial./ or, whatever. You are going and seeing the subject and where to walk.

Possible problems of our strategy

the trickiest part is that with the way that we have to generate super-optimized URLs is to create a page and make a call to products with the shortcode.

One good thing about WooCommerce is that it allows us those calls super easy way. With the same shortcode we can make a call with a certain category with gender tag and keyword tag you want.

In this regard, Woocomerce is our friend, we solve it.

The problem is that because there are infinite combinations, if we begin to generate pages, we run the risk of generating 18,000. And that you can cause choking our server.

I say this from experience, because I did it on the website of Generate 18,000 pages url between combinations, but with prior appointments and provinces, and generated tremendous pifoste then WordPress could not, or required a very powerful server. So, what solution we have to do this?

The first thing will be how these pages?

These combinations of third level will also have unique content, not only will they be the products but also will make a brief description .


not be 300 words or texts long as watches Super-man. Here they will be 100-120 words, but we’ll put some content.

As for hierarchy, third level are not going to get a giant text. Headed – what is important, a good text; at least, a little less.

Our hacker Pauhackanellas making by a function, is read the tags from the URL and make a call to the database that has a table with the unique content of each of these combinations .

and said sounds weird. Doing so is rarer still, but it works.

Other problems besides this one which is already solved. We will not create 18,000 pages because it would be a bit silly, will use this rewriting URLs with unique content call.

More problems: Possible cannibalization? may be that at some time decide to create another subfolder level. We’ll see me I have to look. There are ways to prioritize.

If we put links from these pages third level with ‘/ lotus’ for Google to understand that the homepage is Lotus even if it is on the first level. We’ll see how we solve it.

Another problem is poor or equal content. This do not know if I can do it from the beginning because we will not have enough watches as surely all these pages if autogeneramos be empty. Only have a short description.

But even Google recognizes a small text and position, when a user gets there if you do not find what you want, it is crap.

Surely I’ll open it when you have imported thousand and watches. Until then we will create, what we will teach, you mostraremoss how this goes rewriting, which is interesting and applicable to any other project.

See you!

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