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Why buy expired domains?

marzo 30, 2020


Hello! How are you? Romuald Fons of RomuTV here and this disgust Marcos will answer makes me a question: «Why buy expired domains? «

Why use expired domains?

Marcos on YouTube left me the following comment:

Doubts have arisen him after everything I mentioned in the post about the best link.

Y is a question that I consider logical so I’ll answer it.

Yes, if you paste helps a lot but is not the only way, you can get very good links. In fact the best links going to get in your career certainly are not paid .

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But make no mistake, having money helps, it opens many doors and if you can spend 50,000 euros in link building going get some links fucking. And so.

But that does not mean that you can not make up giving a little coconut, being original, making linkbaiting, inbound or viral …

First, to make redirections, NO.

But yes, of course. If I can talk to all the peace of the world of these things it is because I have experienced them all and still experienced.

is, I advocate making a SEO whitehat want to say that in my house do not do all that I rogueries happen and you can learn from others. I experience all .

in my house I have a PC 24 hours a day with the Domain Hunter Gatherer. Is a super tool, I will not say blackhatera, but finding expired domains to sack.

And with that do a lot of testing and have done PBNs chungas, expired domains created and ended up doing real projects. I used internal redirects for stronger links to other websites out. I put links all the way around.

That’s the beauty of SEO. And so I like transmit what I learn .

could not safely talk about this if you do not touch the spectrum.

This I do I like, I love and make these videos as well. I’m doing everything I like. So what do all the time I can. All times I have my day, even when I’m eating alone I think of what I could do. Or if I experience …

I try everything. I’m everywhere I can. I’m bidding on domains, domains scraped, creating content.

But that’s what is good and what needs to be done to then talk calmly.

not confuse. When I said, «This TSA can be positioned without links» everyone thought that I think should not use links to position and is not.

At that point it made sense to apply because based on my experience and what I’ve applied it works. But otherwise will use the links deem necessary to position or achieve my goal.

advocate for the whitehat, especially for people who are starting out and you want to make money online. Advocate to do things that last does not mean that the other will not work.

already explained, the links PBN make sense in niches that are going to end early. For example, if you want to position something from a movie because it will be a big boom, comes something seasonal or because you are in the niche of Viagra or porn. Everything has its uses.

If want to make money online and live use whitehat . Try to do my best. SEO on-page to the end and to the cape is what applies in large real projects.

And for the rest, I can talk about whatever you want. I am who I am, and for serious projects advocate the whitehat . To experience what you want to.

Yes, I try everything, I like everything. I like marketing and SEO.

the Chao!


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